Reviews for The Banner Saga: Deluxe


Great art style, music, and ideas but held back by a few issues

Legolas_Katarn | April 18, 2016 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

The Banner Saga has you leading a group of warriors and civilians to escape the horde of Dredge that have been making their way through Human and Varl lands. You have to make choices and watch your supplies throughout your journey that will effect your caravan and the lives of those that fight in battle with you, certain choices can lead to characters leaving or being killed. Certain choices and winning battles will gain you renown which you can use to buy items in markets, buy supplies, or level up your characters. The renown system is one of the things that could use work as you never really have enough or have any need to buy items from the markets, characters that you spend a large amount of renown on can be killed or leave based on your choices or from story events, and there are a lot of events and stretches of area where supplies are scarce. Running out of supplies means that morale will go down, which effects the willpower stat in battle and will cause civilians and soldiers to die every day they go without food. Civilians aren't actually used for anything though and soldiers only matter when you run into large groups of enemies where you will enter a "war" and have to choose how to fight, you should always take the option to charge your enemies with your main characters because it will gain you the most renown and lose you the fewest soldiers, making the choices very uninteresting. Even the finale of the game that has you holding a town for a few days gives you a lot of what should be interesting options but the best thing to do is to always fight on the battlefield. The battle system is turned based and has some good ideas such as characters having armor and strength, where strength represents how much damage someone does and their health, they also have a stat that shows how much armor they can break, and willpower that can be used to fuel their active class ability and that can be used to move further, increase armor damage, or strength damage. Trying to do strength attacks on a unit with higher armor will only do one damage and their armor may deflect the attack completely. It's a good system but is kind of ruined by the weird meta game it creates where you want to run around wounding all of the enemies instead of killing them due to the terrible turn order the game uses. The turn order has one of your men goes followed by one of theirs, what this means is that if you are down to two enemies left they will keep getting turns while you have to play through your six characters, some that might be too far away or too wounded to attack the enemy. Luckily when you get down to one enemy your entire force gets to move before they do. Characters that lose all their strength in battle are wounded for 1-3 days and have their strength reduced by the number of days if they take part in a battle again, it's more of an annoyance than anything else, often they will heal during your travel between fights and it seems to go against the feel of the game where anyone could be killed. Battles are often very easy as well, which makes the war battles even stranger when hundred of enemies fight your hundreds of soldiers, and you easily win often losing only losing a dozen NPC soldiers by the end. The game has you controlling two different forces throughout it and you end up not getting much time or interaction with most of the game's characters. Battles can still be fun when the turn order isn't causing problems and the game has great art, music, good writing, an interesting world, and some good choices to make along the way. Hopefully the sequel will give you more time and conversations with your main soldiers, improve the battle system, and allow for better and more detailed choices. The Deluxe Edition comes with the game's soundtrack which perfectly fits the game and can be enjoyable to listen to on its own, it is well worth the price if you think you will enjoy the game's music.


Lovely game

artisall | June 7, 2014 | See all artisall's reviews »

This game was refreshing. I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I booted it up, but I was pleasantly surprised to be surrounded in a rich world, full of color and life. The art style is right up my alley and the music sucks you right into the story. The writing is absolutely charming and anyone who likes this period in history and enjoys story driven well executed games, would be please by this title. It's different than what we're used to, but definitely a welcomed change.


Great game with great music

mahon | Feb. 26, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

Hey, you don't know the Banner Saga yet? Where have you been for all the past months? This game is one of the hottest titles now. It's a great interpretation of the viking theme, translated into a role playing game. With great story, excellent setting and memorable cartoony graphics, it will keep you entertained for long if you are even remotely interested in vikings, early middle ages, fantasy or role playing. And now this game comes with a complete official soundtrack composed by Austin Wintory as one big deluxe pack. So if you can afford it, expect to like the game and are a fan of good soundtracks, don't wait to get the game and the soundtrack separately. The Banner Saga: Deluxe has them both and I will be surprised if you don't enjoy them.