Reviews for Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall DLC


Returns Brought Shadowrun Back, Dragonfall Solidifies It

CrimsonWizard | March 28, 2014 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall is a DLC campaign for the base Shadowrun game, taking us away from the familiar Seattle setting to the politically turbulent Berlin. Mega corps, gangs, and shadowy figures are all waging war for a piece of the pie, and through it all a dark conspiracy plays out. You on the other hand begin as just a small time Shadowrunner, called back by a friend for a job that twists into the grey underbelly of the city. The gameplay itself is largely unchanged except for some extra customization options for appearance and some new guns, spells, and cybernetic implants, so let's talk about the story. While the base Shadowrun Returns had a decent enough story and mystery, most of the characters were kind of flat and didn't stick around for long. Dragonfall rectifies this mistake, giving you a team of fellow Shadowrunners to command and interact with throughout the whole game. Unlike Returns where you would routinely hire random Shadowrunners to fill out your party for a mission, in this DLC you get a loyal group consistently if you don't feel like hiring characters who don't even get speaking lines. Your loyal Shadowrun team is filled with some great characters too, reminding me of the delightfully motley crews you build up in games like Mass Effect. I don't want to spoil too much here, but it's pretty easy to get to like and care about your team, even if first appearances are deceiving. The story itself is also a really nice tale, making the ultimate threat and villains grey rather than out and out evil like in the base Returns campaign, which I appreciate. It makes the choices you make a bit harder to decide on, leaving you to wonder if you did the right thing in the long run. Watching the mystery unfold and the turns it took was a great ride, and was boosted with the great cast of the characters that are forced to fight through it all. Despite being a DLC, it's basically as long as the main campaign as well, so it will last you quite a while. Honestly, it's hard to talk about how good this DLC is compared to the main game without getting into spoilers so I'll just say this. If you liked the original Shadowrun Returns, but wish there had been some stronger characters at your side all the time, this delivers in spades. The combat maintains the fun of the main game, but having a loyal team of Shadowrunners to command makes it more special than just "Okay, I'll hire Decker B and Shaman C to back me up." So in short, yes buy this if you have the main game and liked it, it's worth completely worth it.


You'll love it if you love the original.

Kokuei | March 7, 2014 | See all Kokuei's reviews »

The game is a turn base RPG where you control a team of character. There is much more emphasis on the term RPG this time around where your actual stats matter in terms of character progression which is always welcome. The game is developed for the easy to use Unity Engine. The gameplay and story is pretty linear for what you'd expect. There's a little bit of exploring required for optional side quests which sometimes breaks the pace of the game. You're able to interact with the maps sometimes to find hidden passages or rooms with unique loot. Different classes have different uses. The game also supports Steam workshop which allows people to create custom campaigns and maps. There are dozens of campaigns fan made ready to download and play for free. All in all it's a fun ride for being "DLC". Honestly; it should be a standalone game. You'll get exactly the amount or more hours in this campaign as you would the original. Also since it is DLC; if you don't have the base Shadowrun Return then you'll need to buy that first.