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Last of great series

Demilisz | March 25, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Age of Empires III Complete Collection is a worthy epilogue for great series. In main campaign we follow a three generations of the Black family, that one way or another influence historical events that took place in New World. For the first time in AoE history we get a 3D game with physics and while main game allows to play only with chosen European factions, the expansions introduce Native American tribes and Asian empires and reintroduce some features missing in main game (like Wonders now available only for Asians) as well as bring new ones (like Revolutions).

Gameplay wise this is, like its predecessors, a classic RTS with building bases, training units, researching technologies, advancing to new eras and destroying enemies. But there is one big new feature - Europeans has access to Home Cities that can be upgraded during games (skirmish and multiplayer) and lasts until player decides to delete them. One Home City can support only one nation, but chosen upgrades are transferable from map to map.

Every RTS fan should buy this collection, it offers hundreds of hours of great gameplay.