Reviews for Fable: The Lost Chapters


It's OK

palmtreebearer | Aug. 29, 2015 | See all palmtreebearer's reviews »

It does not feel as open world as many other good RPGs. I am a huge fan of open world RPGs and was excited to get Fable. It was enjoyable, I loved the character customization and the ability to have a life in the cities. But it did not feel as open world as many other RPGs that I enjoy, and there were not as many missions as I would have liked. The gameplay was not bad, but not terribly memorable. I had some good times, but it is not an RPG that I continuously want to come back to.


Everything is stellar, except the gameplay

sycomantis1991 | May 16, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

It's as was foretold in the title thing. This game has a great setup, a huge and fantastic world, a great story with what at the time was a stunningly deep morality system. It also has some great "British" humor, enjoyable quests, and fun characters. The biggest problem is the gameplay. It's not terrible, but it's not exactly fun either. The controls are clunky and you move like you're on roller blades. The combat is ok, but gets old fast. Luckily, everything else kept me interested throughout.


Great RPG

howard195 | April 17, 2015 | See all howard195's reviews »

The biggest pull of why to buy this game is the choices. Many times you have a decision to make about how you want to see a quest play out. In quest, you could even decide if you wanted to take possession of and own a brothel, or liberate it and let the employees do what they wish. However you decide, it will affect your physical appearance and therefore how people react to you. You can even get fat if you really want. You can get married and own a house. You can rent out houses. You can sacrifice the people that trust you to evil gods if you really want. There's a lot to do, especially with all the side quests.


There's nothing else quite like it

jensen010 | Sept. 16, 2014 | See all jensen010's reviews »

Nothing compares to the atmosphere of Fable. The environments, the characters, the music, all of it is lovingly and superbly crafted. I fell in love with this game long ago, and it will never leave the special place in my heart. It is not without its minor flaws, but the charm that this game has more than makes up for any shortcomings. Buy it!


Enjoyable Experience

Jericho417 | July 31, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

You have the option of sacrificing your wife at the Temple of Shadows. Seriously, you have the freedom to kill off your spouse for a quest.That's all the information I needed to play this game, back in the day. How you play is up to you, though with the typical good vs evil paradigms. Your karma is reflected in your appearance. Good gets you glowing and such, while evil makes you sprout horns.Additionally, your character ages as you level and by using magic. There are ways of regressing a few years, but not enough to stay young throughout. Even if my character did turn out all white haired and old, I enjoyed the game. There is a good amount of freedom, though not nearly as much as other western RPGs. The story and quests were done well enough to keep me going. The combat, though, could feel... off. A bit slow at times, a bit awkward as well. As a port, it's well done. They added enough to it so that it doesn't feel like a cut-and-paste job.


Action rpg which you haven't seen

Gosen | June 14, 2014 | See all Gosen's reviews »

Something new in a genre, something fresh with fluid gameplay and fable-style (lile titles says) graphics. Everything here is at least solid and even if game difficulty and moral choices aren't satisfying enough it's still very enjoyable game. You can interact with any people and flirt with them, have love affairs, kids, just a funny social stuff in a background to enrich the story in which your here is aging. You start as a kid and end as a old guy, what game make you see that kind of thing? Is it worth buying? Well, it's not a very deep game, but there is lot of fun. For such a low price of course, but you must remember that Anniverasy Edition with improved graphics will come to PC eventually.


A great start to the amazing Fable series

bcf623 | June 11, 2014 | See all bcf623's reviews »

This game was very original when it came out, and sparked a series of top notch games. As some have said, this game is definitely showing a bit of age in the looks department, but the gameplay definitely is not. If you are willing to put slightly aged graphics to the side, then you must experience this game. It allows large amounts of character customization, with a great story, amazing combat system, and many side quests, this game will take up a very large amount of your time, and I guarantee you will love nearly every second of it. When finished, be sure to try out Fable 2, which is also very great, and is what I started with, and also Fable 3 which was not as well received, but was great when you finally got into the action.


Classic RPG game

Edreih | June 10, 2014 | See all Edreih's reviews »

This was my favorite RPG back when it was released. It is still relevant and immersive to this day. In my opinion it features a great story line, captivating puzzles, and a good fighting system. It also has a unique alignment system that determines how NPCs react to you. You can do good deeds, bad ones or a mixture of both to determine it. The weapons and magic you have available to you are quite a lot. So you can be sure to play fable to match your fighting style. Overall this is a great game that any RPG fan must play, seriously.


Legendary Classic

RedMasta4 | June 10, 2014 | See all RedMasta4's reviews »

An absolutely incredible free-roam game, a classic from the instant it was released all those years ago, but still holds its charm and quality after all this time. The morality system is fantastic, and allows you to slaughter an entire town, and make up for it by freeing a multitude of brothel workers. I love this game, and you should too!


One of the best.

bauwan | April 21, 2014 | See all bauwan's reviews »

To this day, Fable: The Lost Chapters is one of my favorite, or not favorite game in case of RPGs. In this game, you'll get to be a boy who will become a great hero or villain. Depending on your actions, you can choose to be good, evil or neutral. Mage, rogue, warrior, all in one? Your choice. There's quite a lot of customization options, really good story, great atmosphere, fine dose of humor and beautiful world, even if the graphics aren't as good as nowadays games. It's your story and it's up to you how it'll end.


Great game!

InsaneHien | April 19, 2014 | See all InsaneHien's reviews »

This game was awesome when I had it on Xbox. I easily sunk many hours into the game and kept playing it until I lost interest of my Xbox. All RPG fans should play this game if they have not done so. Plenty of customization and skills to learn. There's also many things to do in the game besides killing monsters. I just wish that Fable 2 was on PC because that is the only game in the series that I have yet to even play.



edgar123 | April 15, 2014 | See all edgar123's reviews »

I bought this game on sale and was not expecting too much. Never played "Fable" series before, but I did play other RPGs. Here's what I found. Awesome graphics, which are STILL awesome to this day. Lots of customization. In other RPGs you get basic face, skin, race choices when starting. In Fable Lost Chapters you you don't get that, BUT you do have other choices, which other RPGs I've seen don't provide. TATTOOS! Yes, tattoos. You find tattoo cards which you can then use to put tattoos on your body. You want to have that scary/awesome/cute tat you found to be on your body, don't you? Go to a tattoo artist and they will put it on you, for a price of course. Also,you can find haircuts in form of cards. Keep in mind that all tattoos and haircuts as well as clothes may or may not have alignment modifier and add to scary/attractive rating. Alignment system is rather unique. All clothes you have on count towards it. Want to be "Mr Nice Guy" and help everyone? Go ahead. Boast about your deeds, Hero. Just remember to have nice trimmed beard and awesome looking clothes. Awesome looking paladin at your service. Saintly halo not included.Want to be EVIL and slaughter people with lightning from your fingertips like the Emperor from Star Wars just for lulz? Yep, you can do it. Put on your scary robes, grow scary beard, watch your skin turn blue. Now go sacrifice some do gooder at night to get more power. Just dont expect everyone to like you. Want to date that cute girl? Great, where did she run off to? *Sigh* No dating for evil guys. Want to play as middle ground between good and evil? Who said "you cant"? *blasts guy with lightning, then heals him* There you go. Yes, you can play as half evil, half good guy. Want to help that guy with his problem, then rob him? Go ahead. Be NEUTRAL. Gameplay: Fighting. You can use spells and weapons (which can be augmented). Also you can hire followers. These guys are ok for helping with monsters. Also, good for entertainment. Hire a bandit and a Paladin, then listen to hilarious dialogue between the two. Spells can be leveled up to be more destructive/helpful. Teleportation as part of fighting. You can teleport out of battle to safety using guild seal. Unfortunately you will lose any quest progress by doing so, but you will save valuable health potions. And your life. Healing spells can remedy problem of low health, provided you have enough mana. Spoiler, you won't, because you just blasted that enemy with your uber spell, which ate all your mana. Gameplay:Weapons. Weapons can be augmented to do more damage. Also, weapons need 'strength" parameter to be used effectively. Try using heavy greatsword with not enough strength. Congrats, you just got overwhelmed by bunch of enemies. Bows and crossbows are available and can be used to stealthily kill enemies. Stealth culminates in thief/rogue art being available. Sneak up on enemy and slit their throat, OR go rob people. Hey, where did my wallet go? Overall this game is a LEGEND in itself, revolutionary and a must have.


A classic favourite

Kizales | March 30, 2014 | See all Kizales's reviews »

I've had this game on Xbox for several years now, and it still to this day is a go-to game with its incredibly high re-play value. I can never get bored of Fable.


A must buy

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | See all SinisterDragon's reviews »

I started my journey in the world of Fable with Fable 2 but after I was finished with that I decided to buy this to see where it started and this game was truly ahead of its time. This game is a classic and a game that every RPG fan should play. The gameplay is simple enough but still enjoyable as you get to choose what skills to invest in. The world itself is really imaginative and a great place to be and the dry british humour is hilarious not something you come across often in games. Unfortunately the game is showing its age and while it is still enjoyable some people might be put off by it. This game is brilliant fun and is improved upon in every way in Fable 2 so theres two games you need to check out.