Reviews for Battlepaths [Playfire]


Hack and slouch, one step at a time.

sonicchaos | March 24, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

Its rogue like nature and the loot system make this game worth underlining on the list of cool indie games. It has an original art style, not as noteworthy as it should be for such a good game, with those barely animated... everything, but at least it's not one of those derivative RPG Maker games. I think the devs were going for a pen & paper kind of look, but it just resembles a flash game, but a good flash game. The protagonist isn't exactly your typical hero, nor is he likeable, unfortunately, but that kinda works in this world. You know, it's like the boring cousin of Johnny Bravo. You're in the middle of a battle and you look at the guy just not giving a rat's bottom and... it's really not that addictive as it seems in the beginning. It's still an amazing game. One other thing I hated was the sound effects, just same old clinks no matter what the attack is and the same old "hmm" when you get hurt. That seems a bit lazy. The turn-based combat keeps you on your toes, but once you get the grip on how every enemy attacks, you quickly learn how to win each encounter. So, yeah, it's worth a shot.