Reviews for Peggle Nights (NA)


Relaxation game.

Kokuei | March 4, 2014 | See all Kokuei's reviews »

This game made by Popcap is the sequel to the 2007 classic of the same name "Peggle". Gameplay is similar to "pachinko". It was and still is popular in themeparks, family game restaurants, and casinos. Basically you insert a ball or coin on the top of the machine, and you let it drop. It'll bounce around until it reaches the bottom. The payout being cash or tickets depending on the location it is being played. A more common comparison would be "plinko" from "The Price is Right". Basically in Peggle; what needs to be done is for you to fire the ball in this case; hit as many coloured shapes to amass points. The goal is to get as much points as possible by chaining how you hit the shapes. The game is exactly like Peggle 1; think of this as a DLC. You get many more levels, challenges and new power ups. If you enjoy the first game; you'll definitely enjoy this one too.