Reviews for Strider


Perfect game except for graphics

garocco | Feb. 5, 2015 | See all garocco's reviews »

To me this game is just a street fight or a popular fight game copy. The graphics are not that bad, but it is not good at all. The game seems very repetitive, you always have the same kind of enemies and attacks what makes the game very boring. Although the graphics are not good enough...the controls works perfectly well and this makes the game more fluid and fast for the player. I recommend this game with no doubt for plays who don't care about graphics because it's very fun and provides very fun moments for all the players.


Fun and fluid

Stebsis | Feb. 20, 2014 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

I never played original Strider on Sega Genesis so I can't make any comparisons to it, but this new version does feel very old school but just brought to modern age. You play as a ninja, Strider Hiryu. There is some kind of story but it's never brought up that much, it's just there to give some kind of reason to do everything. The best part here is the gameplay and it's just so much fun

Strider moves fluidly and responds perfectly to every press of a button, there's never a moment where he doesn't do what you want, you always have perfect control over Strider so if you fail you have only yourself to blame, or enemies that can stagger you mid-air when jumping. One pretty neat thing is that there is no wait period between normal attack, you swing your sword as fast as you can hit the button. There aren't really any combo attacks though so most of the time best tactic is to just spam attack as fast as you can, though I never felt that it got boring. Along the way you get new powers at steady pace, like slide, double jump or shield that're used both in combat, platforming and puzzle solving. This indeed is a metroidvania game, though if you're looking for one, I would really recommend checking out Valdis Story which plays somewhat similarly to this but does metroidvania aspect much better.

One thing that does annoy me is that you can't rebind the keys, I found it just impossible to play on keyboard because I just couldn't get my hand in comfortable position to have access to all buttons, I had to use controller which is much better alternative in my opinion. Also environments aren't that exciting to look at, it's often quite dark and very uninspired.

Strider is fun game to play, fluid and responsive movement make platforming and combat enjoyable, but very bland environments don't make it that much fun to look at. I do recommend this, but also recommend controller.