Reviews for Air Conflicts Collection


That's an awesome collection of planes you've got there!

sonicchaos | March 25, 2014 | See all sonicchaos's reviews »

This is a great collection of flight simulation games. Well, not exactly simulation, although you can play with the settings and choose your own style, the games are more inclined towards arcade. Which is great, because even for a casual flight gamer like me it was fairly easy to get into the action and have tons of fun. Of course, lots of virtual pilots lost their lives because of me. At least we completed the missions. Anyway, each game has its own style and amazing, authentic feel, plus a huge variety of warplanes to fly. I swear, if there's one thing to keep me going through these games, I'd say it's to see what I could fly next. And to be honest, my favorite is Air Conflict Vietnam with its impressive graphics and those beautiful Huey helicopters. So that's it, an impressive compilation of Air Conflict titles that must have a place in every library. My conflict now is how to rate a collection of games. Should I base my score on the overall experience I had with the games or on the quality of the collection. I say an average of both, and that is final.