Reviews for N.P.P.D Rush: The Milk of Ultra Violet


Not worth it

penfold82 | May 2, 2015 | See all penfold82's reviews »

I get that they were going for the old school arcade game but this really doesn't cut it. With so many retro-style games coming out these days in all genres, there is simply no reason to waste your time with this one. I played for about 15 minutes then stopped because it wasn't fun. The gameplay is pretty ordinary but the big problem is the graphics. In old games, you could always tell what everything was even though they had so little to work with. This game simply looks a mess and has no old school charm. As other reviews have noted, there are next to no options and poor features (music being one of them). Only buy this if you're a hard-core collector of games or steam cards.


Crazy idea with terrible outcome.

Furrek | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

When I started this game I thought it was a cool idea but the more time I spent in the more I regret it. Why? It's painful to play. It's not old school game, it's not retro game. It tries to imitate this kind of game but without any success. There is nothing fun to do. This is not fun experience. NPPD Rush: The Milk of Ultra Violet is terrible "game". Once you will learn how to play you can beat it very fast but either you will get bored before, or very annoyed and look around internet for some tips. Anyway, don't get it. Waste of time, money and shame to have something like that in Steam's library. 5/100 only because it have steam cards.



Kokuei | March 4, 2014 | See all Kokuei's reviews »

NPPD Rush tries too hard to be an "old school" retro arcade game. The game explains nothing. There is little to no user interface. Pretty much the only thing going for it is the controls. The mouse and keyboard controls are at least responsive. PS: there is no controller support. What it really reminds me of is Hotline Miami. Why? The 1980s~ theme, top down shooter and the graphics. But does it play like it? No. Basically there is one repetitive music track that plays and it's not very good. The gameplay is boring. There are no in-game options despite being developed for PC. No volume control, no resolution options, no window/fullscreen changes and etc. The graphics are very nauseating.