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Some Fallout some Jagged Alliance?

srukor | April 14, 2011 | See all srukor's reviews »

Planet Alcatraz is a cRPG non-linear adventure, which action take place in a prison planet called Alcatraz. Whole fights are in the real-time mode, which is a little disadvantage, because when it was in parted on the turns it will reminds a Fallout series. That’s a pitty. In PA you will take command in a team with isometric view. As it was mentioned action take place in a Alcatraz where the most dangerous prisoners have life imprisonment. Our main hero is a saboteur and in first missions he has to work on his own, but meanwhile progression to his group joins another criminalists. And of course the main task is to escape the planet in the end, which is very difficult. In the game we have to decide on our own how the solutions of fights, conflicts, even a behavior of our hero which is a advantage of the game.. Before the game started we create our hero and we choose how many points we spend on each abilities and create appearance and even facial expression! We have a lot of freedom with a complex system of dialogues (quite similar as Bioware games) to convince people to our side by arguments we have or by physical strength. Whole fights are in real-time mode and we exterminate various of monsters (80 original monsters, including flying and poisonous) by the lots of white weapon and fire weapon. Cinematic trailers which cuts from time to time are competently interlaced with the story line and they are very good and makes up a background atmosphere. It’s a shame that we can not play the cooperative mode neither nor multiplayer. :-( But the game deserves to be taken into consideration!