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Hail to the king, baby

songoffall | Feb. 1, 2016 | See all songoffall's reviews »

DNF isn't a bad game. It was in development hell and it shows. There were some fun-killing things about it at release, like the 2 weapon limit. Those are fixed now. The game looks pretty good. It has some of the best customization options out there including, but not limited to, FOV angle. Right now Duke Nukem Forever is a worthy shooter. Yeah, it has all that politically incorrect Donald Trump level 'Murica craziness written all over it. As a Duke Nukem game should be. It's sexist in a tongue-in-cheek way - every Duke Nukem game is. It's over the top - well, we asked for it. The fact that many critics slammed it only because they expected it to be bad is unfair. Because, as I said, while not the best Duke Nukem game out there (and I'm still angry about Duke Nukem Reloaded being cancelled), it's definitely not the worst either.


The wait was long... way too long.

Furrek | Sept. 28, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

The first time I heard about Duke Nukem Forever was way before 2000. I read about it in some games magazine and, oh boy - I WAS REALLY WAITING FOR THIS GAME. No wonder, since Duke Nukem 3D was really great, but not as much as platformer games. Anyway, years was passing and there was only bad news... people was sure that it won't be released and, in 2010, there was info on PAX EAST. Finally game was released in 2011, 14 YEARS after first announcement. Was the waiting worth it? Sadly, I don't think so. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad game. Duke Nukem fans will enjoy it. But after so long time we got something that doesn't look like everybody expected it to be. If you never played Duke Nukem games, then be sure to not start with this part. You won't enjoy it at all. If you aren't fan of this franchise, then you can expect nothing more than decent shooter game. Only hardcore fans will enjoy it to the fullest.


Long time development for this

LrmNick | Sept. 7, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to be one of the most sucessful games ever released for these many years of development and the history behind the protagonist Duke, but the game wasn't that great, it has regenerating health called ego, some bugs, not soo beautiful graphics,bad controls ,but still a playable game, if you really want to enjoy how duke was supposed to be, buy Duke Nukem 3d megaton edition



The1337N00Bx | July 21, 2015 | See all The1337N00Bx's reviews »

I loved the past Duke Nukems and was really excited for this one, especially after being in the works for over a decade, but was disappointed. I was able to beat the game in a few hours and it didn't hold much replay value. I went over to try out the multiplayer, hoping it would have some redeeming qualities, but even that fell flat and I was bored of it within the first day. Would not recommend this game.


This game was in development hell and should have stayed there

MadDemon64 | June 20, 2015 | See all MadDemon64's reviews »

Duke Nukem is like an elderly celebrity: he is getting on in his years and tries emulating what all the cool kids are doing without understanding how to do it successfully, all the while ignoring what made him cool back in his day, even though if he did it it would make him cool again. In previous Duke Nukem games, you could carry all of your weapons and needed to pick up health. In Duke Nukem Forever you can only carry two and have regenerating health. This is not what made Duke Nukem famous to begin with, and seeing this in a Duke Nukem game is jarring. Add to the fact that the story, something that Duke Nukem was never known for anyway, is bad, even compared to previous Duke Nukem games, and that the jokes all fall flat, especially the ones that are in bad taste, and you get a disappointing package, if not a very bad one. Duke Nukem Forever is not the game it should have been. It is an insult to the Duke Nukem name but is ironically only not regarded as a worse game because of the Duke Nukem name.


Wasnt bad.

Kane987245 | June 19, 2015 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

If you are a hardcore fan of this game it is for you. If you are not, then it might be a generic game with little to no real value because of the content involved. Granted this wasnt a BAD game, it just does not bring anything to the table. Pick it up if you love the Duke and are desperate.


Long-awaited, but not worth waiting for

ph03n1x_sa | June 2, 2015 | See all ph03n1x_sa's reviews »

As a kid I would avidly play Duke Nukem 3D as soon as I got home from school. When the announcement was made some years back that a new game would be released I was overjoyed. Only recently getting back into gaming, one of the first titles I picked up, here on GMG, was Duke Nukem Forever...and man what I disappointment. Maybe it's the nostalgia, maybe it's the level of game between the two that has changed, but there was nothing really captivating with this version. I thought something was strange, so I went back to play the previous version and enjoyed it all over again. Guess you can't beat some of the classics.


Dude, it's not that bad

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever isn't anything astronomical, and isn't nearly what it should be after over a decade of development, but it's still a fun game. It's got the typical Duke Nukem attitude. Over the top, drowning I'm puns and references, huge aliens, and crazy action filled with massively destructive weaponry and cheesy one-liners. It's still Duke and it's still fun. Get over it.


Not as good as the others

andreacdc98 | Feb. 12, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is the worst games from the Duke Nukem series, which I was pretty disappointed about. The game has really awful graphics and horrible gameplay, making the player have a really bad experience. The game itself is not that bad, but the developers did not make it in a good way. It gets really repetitive after a while, which is kind of annoying. I do not recommend this to anyone, especially those who have played other games from this series, because they will surely be disappointed, just like me. The developers with more effort could have made an amazing game that all would enjoy!


The worst Duke Nukem ever made

garocco | Feb. 6, 2015 | See all garocco's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is one of the worst games I've ever played in my life, the graphics are very bad and leave much to be desired, and also the controls do not work properly. The graphics are very weak and it seemed like they were made a decade before. The level of detail is bad and textures are also extremely bad leaving the game with a horrible look. But for people who do not care about high quality graphics this game will surely be a good option. The game's gameplay is good enough to play the game, the controls responds well to the commands and the interaction with the scenario is also good. I don´t recommend this game to anyone who is looking for an action game , and especially for those who have played the old Duke Nukem that despite already being old are much better .



TheSteelShadow | Jan. 26, 2015 | See all TheSteelShadow's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is a game that tries too hard to be relevant across too broad a time in gaming, with all of the jokes misses more than hits. The gunplay can be fun at times but many of the levels are poorly designed, drag on, and are repetitive. The multiplayer is fun (albeit buggy and unbalanced), but despite all of this, there is a certain charm to it. The game is hammy enough in most places to forgive the poor writing, and some of the extras are cool enough. Recommended only for open-minded fans of the series.


It's Duke

Tranya | Jan. 10, 2015 | See all Tranya's reviews »

Okay, yeah, this game has a lot of flaws. There are noticable weird stuff like monsters ragdolling after being shot and stuff like that. And - yeah, it's cheesy as hell. But the thing is - it's Duke Nukem. He is a badass, he has his trademark one-liners, he knows who he is. And it just feels good to be a badass. It feels good to be Duke Nukem, to just kill everything with some ridiculous guns. And what I like most about this game - is that it's not serious, and it knows it. God dammit, those aliens steal and impregnate our women - how the hell is that supposed to be serious? And for this - I like this game. It kinda even feels like old Duke Nukem (well, compared to modern "military simulators"). Many people would disagree - but I enjoyed this game. It's great, and if you can ignore first 30 minutes of "what the hell?" - you may probably like it too.



Kane987245 | Dec. 5, 2014 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

If you are a HARDCORE Duke Nukem fan, then go right ahead and buy the game. If you are not, then this is not a good game for you. It is filled with the usual Duke Nukem stuff we come to expect, but it seems this time around it was more tasteless and offensive in a bad way than the usual cool factor we as fans picked up on in the previous games. Overall, avoid it if you are not a hardcore fan.


This game shattered my Illusions....

akassassinn1 | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all akassassinn1's reviews »

The return of Duke Nukem after 10 years was anticipated by many including me , but after playing this game I was disappointed , and i never beat it due to pure frustration with it, for many reasons. at first the game starts out great with slow pacing introducing gameplay elements and mixing it up with bathroom humor and other funny stuff which was cool! I enjoyed the game's prologue and the first 2 sequences , but then the game starts to get repetitive and mundane , another downer is Duek's arsenal in this game , as it's limited to 2 weapons only and you have to swap to use other weapons , nobody wants the modern shooter logic in a Duke Nukem game, besides there aren't that many weapons to choose from anyway so you'll be forced to use stuff you don't like for a while before you find something new and realize that you don't like this one either,therer's your basic pump action shotgun , an assault rifle, a rail gun , a rocket launcher and a couple of alien weapons that aren't that different from the human ones, you can drink power drinks or bear to crank up your muscle strength and use your fists in a rampaging rage, but it's not that useful when your enemies are teleporting constantly or charging at you with one hit kills, so enemies are frustrating and not challenging, making you yank your hair out in the process, other annoying thing is platforming , and since the game is a first person shooter , it feels a bit clunky as it's not well implemented, as you'll be falling to your death or back tracking to find the couch you first jumped off when you're shrunk (yes literally) to repeat a series of platforming jumps just to fall again due to the in accurate controls. some of good qualities of the game is some of it's humor , I wont ruin any jokes for you in case you want to try it out , but it's what you'd expect from Duke himself, the voice acting is great as Duke performance is awesome , music tracks are great as you hear Duke's them in rock music, small sections of the game are creative and I wish there were more of them to make it at least worth playing , but if you're a huge Duke Nukem Fan I know you already bought this game, but if you're not , save your money for the next one (hopefully they'll make up for this game).


A Game for the True Fans

emptyhaven | Nov. 9, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is a game that came out when the Duke Nukem franchise was all but forgotten. With the last of its memories still left etched into the fanbase, we held on and accepted it. One last run for the nostalgia. But we eventually learned that nostalgia is a weird and unfortunate thing. This game's jokes and one-liners are dated, and we cringe in the same way teenagers cringe when their grandparents try to act cool by rapping to Nicki Minaj, or singing along to a 1D song. The whole beefy, manly-man, misogynist act might have worked well to sell in the 90s, but the action star of old has gotten... well, old! Not to say that this game is horrible. I think it's still good. But it's the type of game that only fans of the series will truly enjoy. It's the same guy we've played as for years, and he hasn't changed. And we laugh and we shout. But in the end, we know that it's over and it's time to move on to other games. This is a good game to remember Duke Nukem by. And it should definitely be the last Duke Nukem game to remember him by. I don't think I can take another one, to be honest.


Sure it took it Forever to come to us!

KingTed | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all KingTed's reviews »

After so many years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever is finally here! The problem is that it was in development hell. New developers. New engine. New ideas. Things that got scrapped. Things that got improved. It's never a good thing when a game is stuck in limbo for so much time. Finally, people from Gearbox got their hands on it and tried their best to make a real game out of the mess. The result is Duke Nuke Forever. It's not really beautiful. The Level design is quite dull. The game doesn't seem to know if it wants to be a modern shooter "à la Call of Duty" or to remain true to its Fast FPS roots. But some features are good (The Ego system), Duke is really funnier than ever and it's so good to fight Pigscops again! An average game. Not really good but not a disaster. Well, let's just hope that Gearbox software will create a new Duke Nukem game.


They are incoming

FrozenFireCZ | Aug. 28, 2014 | See all FrozenFireCZ's reviews »

First off I'd like to start by telling how much I enjoyed this game. Was very entertaining and fun. By it's name ironically yes it did take 'forever' to make this game, 12 years to be precise. When it was announced back in 2011 people were really excited. It was all over 'the promise that was made 12 years ago' was finally going to be fulfilled. So people got excited, suddenly people that didn't even know Duke Nukem became a Duke Nukem fan just to be on the 'Hype Train' by knowing the game took 12 years to develope they skyrocketted their expectations, what wasn't known was that The Game Company actually went bankrupt in the process of the making of the game and had to postpone it. Even in the game you can see in what conditions they developed the game. Sure it took long but at least they were man enough to finish what they started. If you weren't a fan of the game before It's not surprising not to like this. But for the real fans it had everything. Duke's Egoism, Beer, Women, Nudity, Violence, Fun... So yeah I enjoyed the game very much as a real fan.


Not the greatest, but not the worst.

PrimalHunter779 | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all PrimalHunter779's reviews »

Duke Nukem: Forever is the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D, a classic game from the 1990's that inspired hundreds of games, mostly due to it's entertaining gameplay, well designed levels, and humour. Duke Nukem: Forever had big shoes to fill, and while it doesn't live up to the hype surrounding its release, it's definitely an enjoyable game despite the flaws. This game has you once again playing as the Duke, living life as a celebrity after crushing the alien invasion in the previous game. The intro of the game has you reliving an awesome fight from the previous game before navigating your house and heading to an interview. While you'll notice the dodgy animations and skewed voicework, you'll also notice the astonishing amount of interactivity and abundance of items in the environment. Numerous posters and various memorabilia concerning Duke Nukem is scattered around the levels, and displays an enormous amount of fan service. You can interact with a large number of items in the environment, including pool tables, telephones, DVD players, toilets, vibrators (?), food, arcade games, weights, basketball, frisbees and even an actual turd (?). This lends itself to the novelty and humour of the game and was definitely one of the standards. While the actual combat in the game isn't awful, it does feel clunky and dated by today's standards. Many of the weapons lack punch, and end up feeling as if you're firing a glorified water gun. The only satisfying gun in the game is the shotgun, which is relatively to find and locate ammunition for. The rest of the guns are clumsy and spongy to use on enemies. Unfortunately, the level design is also quite linear. There's little exploration to be had, and it's relatively easy to find objects like ammo pickups. The constrictive and repetitive level design gets repetitive pretty quickly, and the blandly grey environments don't help this very much. The boss fights in this game are surprisingly solid, and reminded me of old school games like Doom 3. These fights are entertaining and bombastic, but frustrating in that you can only damage them with a single weapon type. This limits the players style and actively forces you to play the game in a specific way. The game's real problem is the lack of creativity and restrictive mechanics, which contradicts the content found in Duke Nukem 3d. The best way to experience Duke Nukem: Forever is the same as a popcorn action movie; turn your brain off, play it once, and don't look too carefully into it. The fun moments in this game make up for the bad ones, and the nostalgic value of this game probably elevated my score slightly. 7 / 10


Not the Absolute Worst

Rcoder97 | July 3, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever brought hope to fans and crushed it. While this game isn't everything people hoped for, it's not terrible. The graphics are technically the best ever for a Duke Nukem game, the campaign is an exceptional length, and there are tons and I mean TONS of little bits and gags to mess around with. The level design isn't the best concerning the fact that a lot of the surroundings felt bland. The shooting is subpar but the pistol is my favorite thing to use, it just felt the most reliable. The turret stage is fun, the mini racecar stage is fun, and the bosses aren't too bad to fight. Duke shoots more one-liners than bullets that get annoying over time. Because of this I played the game with the sound off a lot. All in all this isn't the worst game, it's got its moments but it's still not a great game.


this should never have seen the light of day

damienjameswebb | Feb. 20, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

the big issue with this game is that the way we play games has changed over the years and this style of humor and game play is just not the top market anymore. so, when it was announced that the Duke would make a return, a lot of people were expecting just a really raw, dirty, testosterone powered FPS (the kind we play now-a-days).... what people got was a classic Duke Nukem style gameplay with a new glossy coat of paint.... really... that's it. the graphics ARE GOOD. but i just couldn't do it.... the stupid campy style of acting and gun play worked well for me when i was younger.... but now it just felt like it was trying too hard to be something that it already was at one point, and trying to get NEW players into the mix who just didn't understand the type of humor that existed in the early 90's didn't work well for them. sorry, but i'd rather play the classics than this dolled up garbage.


It is a great game

KatsumihD | Feb. 9, 2014 | See all KatsumihD's reviews »

This game was planned for like 14 years and was finally released. So many had high expectations and hated this game as it came out,because it was more fun and a parody of the old games. The story is okay,the graphics are nice and the multiplayer is pretty funny,especially with some friends. If you have some money get this game and enjoy it,don´t get a negative perspectiv of something you did not try.


Duke Nukem The Return of the King

mulletov | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all mulletov's reviews »

This game gets a lot of hate and I can understand why. Yes most fans had to wait over a decade for it to finally release and by the time it eventually came out, the world had moved on. I played Duke Nukem 3D back in the 90s on a 486DX2 PC and it was awesome at the time and I was a fan. I knew about all the delays for DN Forever but I was not sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for its eventual release like hardcore fans. I picked up this game fairly cheap and enjoyed every moment. There's a lot of variety here from driving a monster truck to being shrunken down to a miniature Duke and platforming out of tough situations. Go in with low expectations and you will have yourself a great time. Go in with the mindset that most of the gameplay was probably planned out back in the 90s and they just gave it a shiny new coat for present day tastes. This game is extremely playable and enjoyable. If you like Serious Sam, The Expendables, and Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, this is right up your alley. Consider it a throwback to the simpler times of FPSes. You can just turn off your brain and blast everything in sight.


Not a bad game, just too high of expectations

mugaro | Dec. 24, 2013 | See all mugaro's reviews »

People were expecting this to be the revolutionary, genre changing game that DN3D was, and it was just an average, linear modern style FPS game that didn't take any risks. For that, it got a lot of hate, most of which I'll say is undeserved. The SP campaign is pretty straight forward and very linear. You get extra health, or ego, by doing certain stuff like lifting weights or playing pinball. It has the standard modern FPS layout: regenerating health, 2 weapon system (though you can make it 4 in options), checkpoints and no keycard system. A lot of the game is based off of potty humor and pop culture references, but people forget that DN3D did the same thing. The enemies are all aliens, a few boss fights here & there. Give it a shot, it's not as bad as people say it is. There's a free demo on steam, look past all the hate and rate it for what it is.


Not as bad as people say

commanderhavoc | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

Sure, DNF was in development hell for over 10 years, but it is still a fun shooter at its core and does provide some of that infamous Duke Nukem humor that we've grown up with. The world is once more in danger from an alien invasion and it is up to the Duke himself to stop these alien scumbags from kidnapping all the chicks and dominate the world. And of course, Duke will have plenty of weapons to fight this threat and even at some points get shrunk to a very small size like in Duke Nukem 3D. There's also a single player DLC for the game that takes place directly after the ending of the main game and features the return of an old enemy of Duke. Too many gamers had too high expectations for the game and that is why it has been so hated by many, I personally had a lot of fun with it.


A little above average maybe, but not great

Gmen | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

The game was never going to bowl one over with impressive graphics. It’s horribly dated and the developers tried to mask this by adding in pseudo-modern technology. The physics are a bit iffy too, and the animation almost laughable at times. The soundtrack is probably the game’s one saving grace, composed by the returning Lee Jackson who shared the music duties with Bobby Prince in the prequel. And to add to that the sound effects have some nice touches, such as the three beeps that accompany the detonation of a pipebomb, resembling the intro of Grabbag, the game’s legendary theme. Duke 3D was known for Duke’s awesome one liners, but here in DNF, much like Manhattan Project, the voiceovers of both the character and NPCs sound rather corny with horribly dated references – a direct result of poor writing. And a lot of what made Duke 3D fun, like non-linear level design, and lots of gadgets like jetpacks and scuba gear, are mysteriously missing here, making for a largely linear campaign with only a few interesting bits on offer. Duke 3D was also known for its interactivity, and DNF has this in spades too, from playing games in one of the clubs on the strip, to picking up objects, and generally just fiddling around to prolong game time. But DNF also quite cleverly combines this with the ego bar introduced in Manhattan Project, so certain actions boost the ego bar (health), such as lifting weights or a few other more adult-themed actions that I probably shouldn’t mention here. In the end, DNF doesn’t really know which audience it’s appealing to. On one hand it cannot hope to entice the younger generation, and on the other it doesn’t live up to its original purpose as a worthy sequel to DN3D which would endear fans of the series. One can only think that if it had been released years ago, while it was still under the control of 3D Realms that it might have turned out better, but time and too much fiddling around ruined what might have been a great game. Instead, it’s merely mediocre.


Hail to the King Baby!!

DarthEaglePrime | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all DarthEaglePrime's reviews »

I remember back when they first announced that the game was comming, going to the local retailer to see if it had come out yet. The responce was always the same: "Not yet. Maybe next month." i have loved Duke 3d and this promised. When I played it it reminded me so much of Duke3d. I believe it was a pretty good sequel to the original, It was funny and I had so much fun playing it. I actually never got to the online part but I felt the story was good. The graphics are pretty decent if you dont compare it to other AAA titles out there.


Not that bad like others say

cor_sleep | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all cor_sleep's reviews »

I'm an old pc gamer. I'm from Doom, Duke Nukem era. Duke Nukem was one of my favorite FPS. Now here is polished version of Duke Nukem. If you are looking for something new from the past Duke game, then this is not for you. The game play has not changed much from the old one. but You can still find something makes Duke what it is. I mean badass macho protagonist is still there, and sexual humors, and pig cops.. oh I almost forgot the stripers. and tits.. which I really enjoyed xD. And multiplayer is still active. You can customize your Duke little bit. it's kind of cute. Conclusion Grahpics not bad even some parts of the stages are beautiful, Gameplay cool enough, Multiplayer is still fun and active. Well.. I wrote this much but what I really want to say is, If you like boobies, BUY NOW.


My favorite game

Duke64Nukem | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Duke64Nukem's reviews »

If i want some fun competitive multiplayer i just play this . I think the critics were very harsh on Duke . This game is awesome . Could be better ? maybe so , but to play as Duke again in these times is so awesome


The King is Back

CoillyZ | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

This is not the best game ever. Hell, it isn't even the best Duke Nukem game. But people treat it like it's a terrible game because it can't live up to 13 years of hype. What did people expect? A cutting-edge cawadooty shooter with amazing multiplayer and story on par with The Last of Us? Many reviewers gave this game a 6/10 or lower, but I researched and most of those reviewers weren't even 10 by the time Duke Nukem 3D released. They don't get the references and they don't have the attachment to Duke that makes the game special. But, I have to get to the game. It is a pretty solid shooter with decent puzzles and voice acting. Everything is good, but nothing is great. The game works without flaw, but there is a lot of space for improvement.


My favourite Duke Nukem game

Jimmysil | Sept. 17, 2013 | See all Jimmysil's reviews »

For me this is the best Duke Nukem game. There were some before and some after but nothing compares to this one. I have spent hours watching my father playing this game when I was just a little kid. Then I played it by myself. I recommend to play this game only with keyboard, because it's originally made for that. We got used to play shooter games with mouse, but in this game you don't need it, and you can still play it very well.


Fun game even if it didn't live up to the hype

BlockAgent | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

This is a Duke game through and through, make no mistake. A victim of too much hype prior to release, possibly. This game is very fun and humourous just like the original. Any duke fan will have a good time playing through it.


Duke Delivers

TonyTurismo | Sept. 6, 2013 | See all TonyTurismo's reviews »

***First of all I'd like to thank Obama for this amazing experience.*** Duke Nukem Forever is one of the greatest games to ever grace mankind. It is clearly too high-brow for the average person, as the humor and grandeur that is Duke Nukem Forever seems to be completely ignored and, as a consequence, instead it is critized and bashed over and over by people that simply do not understand it. Do not let poor judge of character hold you back from buying this amazing game just because "the man" told you so. One that cannot understand, will be doomed to live in ignorance. I'm giving it a 99 because there's clearly room for improvement in the sequel (as in, hopefully there is one).


This game...

doubttom | Aug. 25, 2013 | See all doubttom's reviews »

I wasn't one of those people waiting around and excited for this game. I wanted a shooter to play and I had played Duke Nukem in the past, it didn't blow my mind but it was a shooter so why not. This game is fun. Sometimes. Other times the design is pretty bad and you really wonder where all that time and resources went. If you can get past some frustrating bits there are a few cheesy jokes to chuckle at and the action picks up nicely at times. Don't expect too much though.


its duke nukem what else?

malagchonga | Aug. 19, 2013 | See all malagchonga's reviews »

this game isnt the best one and after 12 years they couldhave made it better, but its the typical duke nukem game and its good old trash action. This is the mother of maskulin hard gaming , womanysing game its fun and its good.


Don't understand the hate towards this game...

MikeJ777 | Aug. 18, 2013 | See all MikeJ777's reviews »

If you like Duke Nukem and shooters, you should get this game. It's fun and very Duke. The graphics look great on PS3 and PC (I won both versions) and the gameplay itself is very amusing.


Fun, but lacking

darkyhbk | Aug. 10, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

After the decade-long wait, Duke Nukem Forever was bound to disappoint. And so it did : it had to be a really out of the ordinary experience to justify all that time it spent in production, which it isn't. The game has all that vulgar and over the top substance which made its predecessors shine, but aside from a few moments of brilliance from the producers, they come out as shallow, uninspired and badly placed. Some jokes are good, but out of place, so are a number of one liners, and despite some pretty fun situations in which Duke finds himself in - such as when he's shrunk and driving an RC - are too short and too few to count too much. The graphics do not impress in any way. They're not bad, but they're not good either. The sound is the biggest plus, which mainly consists in Duke's original voice and some of the music on the soundtrack, which fits the overall game atmosphere nicely. However, while the gameplay isn't outright boring, offering enough variety - although more diverse enemies and better bossights would have been a real blessing- it doesn't quite reach the heights its predecessors did, and were expected from this game. Apart from a few situations and locations, which obviously benefited from the long production time, much of the game feels rushed, shallow and unfinished. DNF is by no means a bad game, and can offer you quite a bit of fun. Unfortunately, however, it's simply not enough.


Not half bad...

Avesomeofthat13 | Aug. 8, 2013 | See all Avesomeofthat13's reviews »

This game is so wacky and odd, that the story is hard to follow. It cuts and chops between different areas, with little detail on what's happening. I love the comedic aspect to this game, and the idea that Duke is a 'roid raged' Arnold Schwarzenegger with an attitude. The game isn't brilliant, and I expected more from it - which was due to all the hype the adverts were causing. It's fun, but there's no story to follow and mindless killing can become boring after a while.


It's varied enough to be entertaining

Forceflow | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all Forceflow's reviews »

Of course this was slashed in the reviews. No game could live up to that long of a wait. And yes, it constantly bounces between locations, gameplay styles and comical tone. But it's this variation that keeps it interesting. You can basicly see all the patchwork they did to make this Frankenstein-y cross-section of FPS history. The guns work, the baddies go down, and the length is just fine. Most of the humor is tongue-in-cheek pop culture references, but the over-the-top-ness makes it enjoyable. Pick this up at a low price, sit back and enjoy.


Not bad but not brilliant

tomdoughnut | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all tomdoughnut's reviews »

This game is definitely not as good as it should have been. I like it but since we've waited this long for it, it should have been a lot better. The missions are a bit repetitive and the game play can get slightly boring but the games a lot of fun and the silly comments and interactive objects make this game a good laugh.


Surprisingly quite good for $10

biodole | Aug. 1, 2013 | See all biodole's reviews »

Anyone who expected this game to be more than Duke Nukem 3d, with modern graphics/sound, is kidding themselves. This game is EXACTLY like the old style of shooters - so much so, that it turns some people off. It's quite entertaining, humorous, simplistic, and satisfying to play. The hard difficulty is also actually hard, opposed to some of the newer games. Give it a shot when it's on sale if you like the older style shooters. To the COD kiddies, this is not your cup of tea.


Icon Reborn..?

lok0812 | July 31, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever isn't a revitalization of the early days of the first-person shooter genre or a middle-finger to the increasingly complex and sophisticated nature of video game entertainment. It's a muddled, hypocritical exercise in irritation with solid shooting mechanics and decent encounter design. There's some dumb fun to be had in Duke Nukem Forever, but the game tries hard to ensure it's only fleeting. There really isn't much to be had in this game since it is really just another generic shooter.


Why so hated?

OmittingCoder | July 27, 2013 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

This game has so many bad reviews it's crazy. I thought the game wasn't half bad but it is definitely not worth $60 New. This is a decent price for it. The game is pretty fun actually and since I am a newcomer to The Duke it was kind interesting. Multiplayer was fun too. The only problem with the game is that it felt kinda stale. Worth 10 to 15 dollars.


Not worth the wait, but a decent game.

borgiswa | July 26, 2013 | See all borgiswa's reviews »

The game isn't actually that bad - it's holds it's own as an arcade-style shooter in the vein of the old Duke Nukem franchise. I did have some problems with the game, such as the health regen and the fact that the game seemed quite easy (that might just be me though) - but I was able to overlook that because I found the game fun. For a game 10+ years in development, I do not think it lived up to expectations - but we had planted our expectations very highly. If you are a fan of fps games, I recommend at least giving Duke Nukem Forever a fair trial.


Not that bad

Demilisz | July 21, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever gets a lot of bad reviews. Not without reason as this game comes out many years too late. But it is still a good game that one can enjoy. You must be prepared for a low level, sexist humor and gameplay that tries to mix old school and modern gaming. Levels are linear, there is a limit of how many guns you can carry at once, but there is also a good deal of interactive objects around. You can enjoy this game, just need to catch Duke's climate. Kill aliens, save babes and chew bubble gum and don;'t try to figure out why you are doing this.


So this is a thing.

meezo | July 13, 2013 | See all meezo's reviews »

If you're a fan of Duke Nukem, you might want to pick this up out of a sense of fond memories. You will most likely be disappointed. You will quickly notice that some of the original charm is there, but Duke simply hasn't aged well. The level design is sub-par, the combat is dull, and the story is even worse than you'd expect. It's a short trip, no more than a few hours at best. There are some moments that are great, but those are far and few amongst a long line of boring gameplay.


What happened?

TGAlan | July 11, 2013 | See all TGAlan's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever. 15 years in the making and yet here I am, considering if it couldn't have used a couple of more years in development. The truth is though, 5-10-15-20 years it wouldn't have mattered. The problem here isn't lack of development, it's the direction of the development. All the fluff is there though. Playing this game you will never doubt that this is a Duke game. Scantily clad women are everywhere and you will rarely walk more than ten feet between the various pop culture references, jokes and other nonsense. If anything Gearbox deserves some credit for getting that part of the franchise right. The humor is there, the silliness, the crazy. What they got wrong, is the mechanics. Playing Duke Nukem Forever is like playing every FPS made in the last 10 years. Gearbox certainly did. They added every cheesy feature the genre has ever experimented with. You got your vehicle sections, your turret sections, your button mashing quick-time events and so on and so forth. Any sense of the fast paced, old school style of FPS that made Duke Nukem 3D the icon it is today is long gone. Instead we have a Duke that's become old and arthritic. This Duke isn't the badass Duke of old. This Duke leans on stamina bars, regenerating health, limited weapon slots, scripted events and linear maps. Instead of the sprawling maps of Duke 3D, that had you running, jumping, flying and swimming all over the place, looking for secrets and keycards you play through entirely linear and fully scripted sequences and fights you do not allow you to progress until you've killed what the game wants you to kill and listened to whatever irrelevant dialog the game wants you to listen to. The entire experience is slow and dull and there is little to look forward to besides the naked ladies and the occasional proper joke. Duke Nukem 3D was a masterpiece of adolescent insanity, of old school fast paced shooting, of innovative map design. Duke Nukem Forever has captured the adolescent part but lost everything else in the shuffle. What's left is a mediocre shooter with a bunch of nudes thrown around. Duke Nukem Forever is not a very good game. It's a game that doesn't stay true to it's old school roots doesn't even compare to the original. Even by modern standards it brings nothing new to the table, just a bunch of rehashed concepts and ideas. Nothing is new, nothing is better than what's been already done. All in all. For those that have been waiting, hoping for a good old school style shooter, this ain't it. And for those that just want a decent modern shooter to pass the time, this ain't it either. They might get the crude humor right but everything else, just ain't Duke.


Not an old-school, but not the new

JohnySVK | July 11, 2013 | See all JohnySVK's reviews »

I will start this review with the positives: Duke is back! On the newest Unreal Engine, with old enemies and some new friends. Duke hasn't changed at all he still looks the same, he still sounds the same and he is still kicking ass. Sadly that's it. Now the time has come for negatives: The graphics are mostly bad, caused by the long time of development in different studios. Some levels looks really good, but the older ones from other studios aren't changed and the game looks schysofrenic in graphic way. Gameplay is just average, Duke's health(EGO) is automatically regenerated and you can carry just two weapons at the same time. These aren't the mechanics that I want to see in old-school game. Verdict: There are more negatives than positives about this game, Duke is back, but for what cost. Duke Nukem Forever is not a bad game but it's too average for a franchise like Duke Nukem. So 50 for the game and another 8 because it's Duke.


Overly Hated

D3struction | July 7, 2013 | See all D3struction's reviews »

This game has gotten so much trash, its not even funny. I picked it up a while ago on a whim thinking it would be a cheap way to laugh at a bad game that was overhyped in development. What I got, was not that, I ended up getting a really good game that i couldn't understand why so many people hated. Its not the greatest game in the world but, it makes me enjoy it even more since i was expecting so little from it. There are a few annoying parts where you cant skip dialog and people talking but, overall its a really fun shooter where you do what duke does best: killing aliens, which is broken up nicely by puzzle sections. I've 100%'d this game and had fun doing so, should definitely give it a try when its on sale cheap.


Turn your brain off and enjoy your immature youth once again

Maghook | July 4, 2013 | See all Maghook's reviews »

I went into this game with extremely low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. This is a good game. It is not mindblowing, it is just another run-of-the-mill shooter, about as sophisticated as Call of Duty. There is hardly any story. It's all immature fart jokes and tits. You can pick up shit and throw it. This is what you should expect from a Duke Nukem game. The controls are tight, the level design is interesting but borders on tedious. The action is fast-paced but lacking. It won't take you long to finish. It's definitely not a memorable experience but it's not as bad as the gaming hivemind makes it out to be, it even got a couple laughs from me. If you want to truly enjoy this game, turn off your brain, pretend you're 12 years old again.



drafek | June 21, 2013 | See all drafek's reviews »

For hardcore duke nukem forever fans this might be a disappointed game, The game took years to make, the trailers that were released over the years weren't really in the game. The game does have some funny but also some dumb voices. I enjoyed the game though, eventhough it isn't duke nukem as we know him it's alright.


Hey, I laughed...

Supraballs | June 19, 2013 | See all Supraballs's reviews »

And that's really what this game is about. Are you coming for actual good gameplay here? Not me. Duke Nukem is known for his wisecracks and complete chauvinism when it comes to the ladies. There are some cool spots to this game and to be really honest, I don't think the game is that bad. It's really short, offers very little challenge and some humorous spots. If you are into that, you'll find this to be fine. However, this game did take way too long to come out and should have been much better. Duke was finally put into an awesome graphics engine where he should have had awesome success, but it didn't happen. There was a serious missed opportunity here, but again, the game is decent, just give it a shot.


Not that bad for a game that was delayed countless times

spycid | June 17, 2013 | See all spycid's reviews »

Surely the gameplay, graphics can't match up to today's games, but I kinda liked the gameplay. There was variety in it and the puzzles were easy but still I liked them. Worth a try for Duke fan. This game is not a train wreck as people say, there are far more worse game than this which had a lot of hope which wasn't fulfilled.


Mmmm...Duke is back?

kalil | June 7, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

The story is simple. Duke is the king of las vegas, aunts have all you want and spends his days doing nothing. Until the aliens come to take revenge on duke. After it's all shot here and shot there. Gameplay: First, it is an attempt to mescla between CoD and Duke nukem. In what sense? It is action without more, a few puzzles, no card to enter any hidden room. You can only carry two weapons (from when duke can not take all and for having weapons? The weapons are the same for Duke 3D. I'm not saying take them out, but agregen new ones? System life? No kit. The life bar turned into a bar of ego. cures you being out of the line of fire (another attempt Cod). Graphics: after 3 changes motorres graphics were very bad. Misuse of the Unreal engine 3. Sound: Translations appalling. The voice is more of a gorilla than Duke. The weapon sounds do not convince me at all. The noises they make to teleport bugs are incredible and help to know where they are. Innovation: lack. It took little new to this game, are the characteristics of CoD as to carry 2 weapons. Anyway, nothing new.



parcelu | June 7, 2013 | See all parcelu's reviews »

When Duke 3D arrived, it was a landmark of a game. It was one of the first fps games that let you aim up and down (huge at the time), it was crude and hilarious (Hmmm... don't have time to play with myself..), it was the most graphically impressive game of the time, it was hilarious and brutal, it came bundled with awesome map building and modding tools, it had a jetpack for midair firefights, one of the forefronts of multiplayer games, the list goes on. Basically if you weren't old enough to appreciate it at the time, you probably never will. That's not an insult, it's just a fact... technology at the time was just becoming impressive and Duke just made everyone crap their pants at how cool it was when it came out. Is Duke 3D still cool? Absolutely, but I can't blame someone in their teens being unimpressed by it today. It's like expecting someone who grew up with an iPhone to be impressed with what VGA monitors brought to the table (yes... I grew up with monochrome monitors...). Duke was the Guns and Roses of the gaming comunity, and we all hope he comes back with all the swagger and glory he had back then. The good news is that since he's a video game, that's totally possible, and I hope it's as awesome as we have all hoped. And as the trailer states... "after 12 f*#$ing years it better be!"


Could have been better

rossa14 | June 2, 2013 | See all rossa14's reviews »

This game had been under development for quite some time before it finally saw the light of day, 15 years in fact. After all that time you can understand gearbox wanting to get it out the door so it can make some money; unfortunately, boring gameplay and a story that is nothing to write home about makes this one game that can be OK if picked up cheap, but not at full price. Maybe it would been better received 10-15 years ago when the expectation of gamers was different? We will sadly never know.


Average at best

wildster30 | May 31, 2013 | See all wildster30's reviews »

Well there's little to say about this really. From the community's point of view I'd say that this is a bitter disappointment as the game fails on nearly ever level where it should succeed. However expectations aside this isn't that bad a game, the storyline is weak, the gameplay is simple and the dialogue is as cheesy as it gets, but overall that makes a decent experience. Worth a try if its on sale or if like me you can get it in a bundle offer, but don't go out your way to try it.


Not half as bad as people say

SeverinMK | May 28, 2013 | See all SeverinMK's reviews »

As somone who hasn't played the original Duke Nukem, in my opinion this game isn't half as bad as people say. The graphics are ok, nothing special but what would you expect from a game with 12 years of development? Gameplaywise it plays like an ordinary shooter but some elements like Steroids which turn you into a "melee machine" are very fun. The variety is nice too, sometimes you're in a casino, in a desert with a monster truck etc.The story is dumb but fun from time to time but what I really like about the game are that there are a lot of hidden things to increase your ego (health in this game) may it be a mirror in which you can admire yourself, or a porn magazine. Also there are a lot of eastereggs to other games. Overall I think it's a good game and not as bad as people say, if you can get it for a good price - buy it.


Fun game but lower your expectations

britishlad | May 10, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

Duke Nuken is in FUN a hell of a lot of fun but you wont see anything new or revolutionary here the game however you do get some features that don't really appear in modern first person shooters such as puzzles (though none of the puzzles are original) The ganeis just outright fun The aliens are back and its up to Duke to save the day as usual yeah there is not much story here but a great story is not really needed in a Duke game. The graphics look okay is some sections but pretty bad in others such as the las vegas streets and the desert The game has very funny dialogue and makes digs at other games such as halo The vehicle sections have been blasted by the reviewers, its really not that bad and for me was really enjoyable, at times you shrink to a miniature size for a completely unknown reason and making your way around the kitchen as "mini duke" jumping over plates and avoiding fire from the cooker is hilarious. The boss fights are interesting and this is a very challenging game you wont find a harder shooter out there than Forever. The last stage of the game which introduces an extremely frustrating underwater section just has no place and hurts the game. Overall Nuken is a very fun shooter, but don't expect a classic


Could have been.... mediocre

Onefatcow | May 8, 2013 | See all Onefatcow's reviews »

Where to start... this game was one of the biggest bombs I've ever seen dropped on the community (although recently Aliens: Colonial Marines has come close). One of the things you'll immediately notice is the graphics, they're terrible, and seem even worse when you actually compare them to another game in the current age. You'll also notice a rather disturbing development, you can only wield a mere 2 weapons at once, creating a situation where you're forced to choose 2 weapons, and carry them through the rest of the game.


Huge let down

Infiltrator | May 6, 2013 | See all Infiltrator's reviews »

This game was so disappointing, The original Duke Nukem was so much fun as it was original, humorous and to top it off was a great fun game to play. This thing fails on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin, The graphics are poor but that can be excused as you don't buy this game for the graphics. The game is incredibly linear, The humor dated and really just identical from the previous game 14 years ago, hell you don't even get to use any weapons till you have stumbled around in incredibly boring story line for 20-30 mins, To top it off the controls just seem clunky. Perhaps this is one sequel that really would have been better off left unmade.


Not as bad as everyone says

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

Cheesy pick up lines, seemingly simple gameplay, and bad storyline. All this describes Duke Nukem Forever in a nutshell. Even though this title didn't live up to it's expectations, it still wasn't a horrible game, the gun fights were somewhat satisfying and the game levels were just so outright hilariously bad that it was actually a little enjoyable. The multiplayer mode was fun for a little bit though, until the game kept crashing, I wasn't sure if it was because the multiplayer was just bad or my internet connection was was most likely the multiplayer that was bad. But the little multiplayer I did get to play, I actually did have a little fun. Just ignore the bad reviews and try the game out for yourself.



Mark2IT | May 2, 2013 | See all Mark2IT's reviews »

I played Duke Nukem 3D more than 10 years ago, and I have to say, Duke Nukem Forever is not THAT bad. I loved the variety of levels (Sometimes you're in a casino, sometimes you drive your Mighty Foot, sometimes you're underwater...) , the weapons are awesome, and so are the enemies (Even though I expected something better than the last boss battle). After beating this game more than 5 times, I'm still having fun. The only thing I hated was the health regen. I recommend this game to anyone who loves Duke Nukem. Otherwise, avoid. It's an old schoolish fps released in recent days.


CoD Nukem Forever

Guardian412 | Feb. 3, 2013 | See all Guardian412's reviews »

Duke Nukem 3D was one the games on I was grown up. The gameplay was great, the story, while it didn't take itself seriously, it was fun and sometimes hillarious, the level design was great, the weapons and the enemies were memorable. Now all of these things are missing from Duke Nukem Forever. After so many years of waiting this game seems like a graphically updated, poorly executed mod, created by people who have never played with the original and do not understand the magic of the series at all. The story, the character and his phrases are so dull and painfully unintelligent, even by Duke's standard, that it literally hurt every time I heard them. The conversations, the phrases are not funny, but they're ultra-ultra-ultra dumb. The levels are also painfully straightforward and scripted like if you would play with the newest edition of CoD. I rarely give review rating under 65% as I usually try to find and usually I do find at least one redeeming point, even in bad games, a reason why I used to tell in my reviews why you should at least give it a try. But I haven't found a single redeeming point in Duke Nukem Forever. Hmmm. Okay, I'll try to find one. Let's see... Duke Nukem Forever starts fine with the game's exe, and you'll find yourself redeemed and satisfied when you'll see the uninstall.exe's progress bar, which works perfectly from 0% to 100%. If you like to run game exes, but foremost uninstall executables the most, Duke Nukem Forever is definitely for you. Otherwise do not waste money, not even a single cent on this title. Buy a box of lemon lollipop instead. Even that one is much sweeter than this game.


He's back and he's all outta gum.

andrewbeechwood | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all andrewbeechwood's reviews »

Now I beat the game. What can i say. It's Duke Nukem. It's the old school FPS. (not really because your health restores. Ah, not Health but Ego Bar - it's funny because you can increase your ego by doing some activities like weightlifting or watching magazines with babes). You can feel the DN3D feeling, run with the gun... Yeah, guns. Why only 2? (you can increase that to four in the menu) It's Duke Nukem, the King... He can carry that all and still running fast :P Graphics are... various. Once is nice, once is bad, but who cares about graphics, it's Duke Nukem. The humor is classic DN humor. - Lots of allusions, crappy jokes (but you laugh anyway :D) etc. If you liked Duke Nukem 3D that's game for you but if you prefer Call of Duty, Battlefield etc. that's not for you. But watch out, he's gonna kick your ass. :P



Mindestens | Jan. 27, 2013 | See all Mindestens's reviews »

After so many years of waiting the King is back. And the king is naked. It's nothing even close to the experience from the original, instead of giving you the pleasant opportunity to bring death to your enemies and destruction to anything around them wielding a lot of cool guns, it gives you standard 'two weapons at the same time, because we're trying so hard to be realistic, booo-hooo', which maybe does fine for bazilions of meh-CoD-like games, but the Duke Nukem wasn't just another clone of CoD. Until now. But the fact is, weapons in DNF are just a random choice of ordinary equipment you've seen in all shooters for many years now, without anything giving you a real fun. The graphics are outdated, gameplay isn't rewarding, the game is short and unappealing.


Dissapointing return of "The King"

lushteinas | Jan. 17, 2013 | See all lushteinas's reviews »

Most of you have heard the story of DNF's development hell. Stuck there for almost 15 years Duke finally came out... And most of us in the end wish he rather died with dignity. Over all those long years the game picked up the worst of it's genres diseases. The two weapon system, regenerative health, "action bubble" type of levels. Instead of having just the right amount of corny and campy and sometimes even immature humour, DNF goes just over the top with it. There is always a limit, and this game just trampled it. The shooting mechanics are nothing to write about, because the guns don't feel satisfying except maybe for the classic shotgun. Avoid this if you want a shooter, an action game or if you want Duke. Sadly, after this reception Duke might not come back for another game. And that is probably for the best.



xydanus | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Development process of Duke Nukem Forever was not pretty, but it finally came out. Duke is still same man he was in first Duke Nukem game, but maybe his time is over. Single player FPS genre has not shown much new stuff for a long time. Duke is not anything you have not seen before. Game offers bad humor and maybe 6-8 hours of gameplay. Gameplay is one of the rare pluses in this one.


Only worth playing for nostalgia value

backslashio | Jan. 14, 2013 | See all backslashio's reviews »

Everyone remembers Duke Nukem 3D. It was amazing, it had level designs which linked brilliantly together with its environments, the shooting mechanics were compelling and there was a general bad-ass vibe from start to finish. Now here, we have Duke Nukem Forever (or Did Not Finish), after so many years of waiting the outcome is not only a dated game but has merely become a fan service viewing with many frustrating mini-games and very little focus on guns. The gun mechanics are terrible, there's no precision shooting, the weapons lack oomph & destructive power, ammo is severely limited, you can only carry a small amount of guns at once. Besides that there's barely any shooting to be had anyway! Instead of killing bad guys you'll be a miniature Duke driving around in a toy racing car, hopping across a burger joint, lifting weights or playing awful pinball/pool/air hockey for the sake of achievements/increased ego health bar. Its like playing a baby version of the real Duke Nukem to the point where you'll forget why you even like Duke Nukem in the first place. Play it for the nostalgia and leave for everything else.


Not verry fun.

Bugmenot133739 | Jan. 12, 2013 | See all Bugmenot133739's reviews »

If you play this expect a lot of bad jokes from the Duke, also there are alot of naked girls and stuff. It's a standard FPS game, but for me it's just plain boring. Better play some of the old Duke Nukem games.


Balls Of Steel

Lekes | Jan. 5, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

There are a few things you gotta keep in mind when you are playing this game. Duke Nukem...Duke Nukem...and Duke Nukem. Many of the reviews I have read simply don't seem to understand Duke Nukem or the intentions of this game. This game was everything it was supposed to be. Do not expect candy and flowers. Expect Duke Nukem to be Duke Nukem with bad jokes, harsh language, and plenty of explosions. This game follows along the same lines of game play as 3D did. It is pretty linear, another outrageous storyline, plenty of fun gunfights and bossfights that are classic Duke. However, that being said. This is not 3D. This is not the groundbreaking game 3D was. Has its flaws like all new games but that doesn't make it the awful crap most people here are trying to make it seem. If you can take maturity and classic politically incorrect humor than you will like this game. So in summary, if you do not have "Balls Of Steel", you will not like this game as it was not created for an audience like you.


Get Duke Nukem 3D instead.

zhack075 | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

Honestly, this game doesn't worth it price. It's a standard FPS, there are a lot of naked girls, some funny joke sometimes but it is boring as hell moreover the vehicles phases are completely useless and bring no fun into the game. I think if you really wanna play Duke Nukem, go back to the old Duke Nukem 3D which is still great !


Duke Nukem Forever - review

carlyle | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all carlyle's reviews »

About gameplay, Duke Nukem Forever incorporates and expands some of the concepts introduced in Duke Nukem 3D. The shooting action is in fact interspersed with a large number of puzzles based about the setting, platforming sections fortunately "optimized" so as not to be too frustrating and explorations in search of air ducts to cross, objects on which to jump to reach a platform at the top and so on. Duke can sometimes run into some sort of biological alien device that reduces the size of an action figure, and in this form must strive to find alternative routes, taking advantage of boxes, shelves and so on. During the early stages of the game, the protagonist is the miniaturization of an absurd sequence driving a RC car, while conflict with invaders of normal size must be avoided in such conditions. The phases of driving back later, with a whole chapter in which the Duke moves to the edge of his powerful bigfoot, routs and their enemies by jumping from one canyon to another using the boost of the vehicle, then stop whenever the fuel runs out. And then, last but not least, there are just firefights, certainly "old school" from the point of view of the approach but equally challenging and enjoyable. Duke Nukem Forever is able to give a lot of good times, but the comparison with the more famous FPS will inevitably be merciless, just pay attention to boundary elements and so many details to be aware of the differences in terms of polygonal models, and drawing distance detail.


After waiting all those years...

Darder | Dec. 9, 2012 | See all Darder's reviews »

We finally got our DN game. Not the greatest, but still tons of fun, with all the humor inserted in the game and the brutal action. I enjoyed playing it from start to end, and would have liked it if there was more. Give it a shot!


Not the best, not the worst.

Dsc | Dec. 8, 2012 | See all Dsc's reviews »

Honestly, when DNF finally came out all of these years I expected it to be received poorly due to over a decade of hype, and for the most part I think that was a correct assumption. Personally, I think the game was pretty good, if obviously a little outdated in many aspects. If you were a fan of Duke 3d, then you'll like DNF as long as you're not diving in expecting a masterpiece of a game. DNF, as I mentioned, is not an amazing game, but it's not a bad game either, it's just one of those games that came out a little too late, but will still be appreciated by fans of the old games. So all in all, if you liked the old games, give this one a go, if you've never played the old games, you could wait for a sale to pick this one up to give it a shot.


Not as bad as everyone says it is

crazybear86 | Oct. 11, 2012 | See all crazybear86's reviews »

I have to admit I was not one these gamers who were waiting for years and years to finally play this game. Still I tried it out when it got released and I have to admit: I actually enjoyed it. Sure the graphics are totally outdated (textures, effects and environment), the gameplay is absolutely old school (with all its ups and downs) and the artificial intelligence is kind of stupid. The sound on the other hand is pretty great - the voice of the Duke fits perfectly and I even enjoyed the humor (but this is purely a matter of taste). There are lots of different things in the environment with which you can interact with (even some minigames) and the boss fight are - although not challenging at all - fun. Overall I have to say that I enjoyed this game a lot more than some of the modern day shooters (homefront, battlefield 3 or Fear 3) and therefore did not regret my purchase.


DNF finally...

Damien_Azreal | Oct. 10, 2012 | See all Damien_Azreal's reviews »

Lets face it. It's not as bad as people make it out to be. 14 years of dreams and expectations can do a lot to how someone views something. To the point that only seeing the face of god would make it good enough. DNF is one of those things. It's a fun shooter that tries to mix elements from older games with elements from newer shooters. Bringing Duke back into the gaming landscape as he once again fights back an alien invasion from the Vegas strip to the Hover Dam offers up various environments and gameplay elements. And while Duke's gameplay is varied, it's the lack of constant shooting that annoys so many. From the platforming, the puzzle solving, the driving sections... these things make DNF for me. And while the game does lack story, has some technical limitations and some rough spots. Considering all it went through to be released... I'm happy and grateful it came out and I got to play it. It's not the second coming of the shooter or video games. But, it is a simple and fun shooter that doesn't take itself seriously and just tries to entertain. And for anyone who's a Duke fan, and can go into it with an open mind... it's worth the time.


A few funny moments, a lot of missed opportunities

das_regal | Oct. 2, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

I'd like to start by saying that the multiplayer is absolutely abysmal. I played about a half an hour of it and was horrified by the clumsy animations, terrible map design, and ancient game play archetypes. Do not buy this game for the multiplayer. The single player is a bit better. Interacting with the world is kind of fun. Flipping light switches brought me back to the old days of PC gaming. The shooting is dated, the enemy design is lackluster, and a lot of the humor is far too juvenile. Still, it's not terrible on the whole. Unlike the tacked on multiplayer, it is passable and even sometimes enjoyable.


The joke isn't funny anymore

sweetcuppincake | Sept. 28, 2012 | See all sweetcuppincake's reviews »

Duke Nukem 3d was actually somewhat groundbreaking when it came out. The cheesiness of Duke's one-liners would sometimes elicit a chuckle, but that's not why people played the game. In the time spent trying to develop DNF, that seems to have been forgotten. There's nothing innovative about this game. Maybe there was at first, but by the time it released, there was nothing fresh or exciting about DNF. It's not particularly fun either. The one-liners are pushed to the front and dialed up to a cringe-worthy level. Maybe it's because I've grown up some, but the humor of the game just falls flat. Combine that with the fact that the gameplay is rather bland and feels like it's for an outdated game and you have a fairly standard FPS. Every once in a while you might be in the mood for a brainless shooter, but even then, there are better options out there.


It´s not that bad

Sharptap | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all Sharptap's reviews »

I waited years for this game and when the wait finally ended the game wasnt so bad, it still Duke Nukem. It´s enjoyable even though it is not the best game. Killing in this game is fun and the multiplayer can be good too. I dont understand why people hated this game so much. It´s a good old school like FPS and I hope everyone can enjoy as i enjoyed this adventure full of chessy quotes and swearing.


Not as bad as people may claim

dark2025 | Sept. 24, 2012 | See all dark2025's reviews »

I really didn't find this game to be terrible. I played Duke 3D just prior to DNF, and must say Duke was just about as cheesy and as offensive as he was before. It's not great - the 'jokes' often miss and ends up being just offensive and horrible, as well as things like having quick time events and a cliched story. That being said, the gameplay itself is actually decent. Sure, there's not much new here but at least the environments are nice and diverse, the gameplay pretty varied with different segments thrown in (not all work that well, but at least they're a change of pace). It's fun if you just take it as a mindless shooter. I think the reason for all the negativity was just the hype built onto the decade plus years of development, added with the nostalgic love for the older Duke games, causing many to be unhappy with its mixture of modern shooter mechanics (e.g. regenerating health) and more linear level design. It's definitely worth $5 to try it.


A disappointing game for Duke Nukem fans

panz3r88 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is not the original FPS that many fans waited for so long. There are still some fun parts and the charisma of the protagonist is the same after many years, but the game is only a linear FPS where you have only to go from the start to the end and kill everyone. There are not bugs or glitch in the game, but after a few hours the game becomes quite boring and repetitive.


There's a reason why they didn't release it for over a decade

schroff | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

Gearbox ended the streak of vapourware awards this title received. The game had great marketing - who can forget the "balls of steel edition"? People knocked on it for things like the graphics and out dated cultural references. Leave all that aside, the game itself is terrible. This is Duke and not Halo, which 3D realms wanted to emulate. Just to make it modern they limited his weapons and later increased it in a patch; however it was too little too late. This game wasn't meant to be played that way, maybe Gearbox will make something of it in the future. The firefights are dull not to mention very distant from each other, pig cops take forever to die (see what I did there?) and the awful humour. Nobody was expecting sophistication from the game but tossing turd around in the shower? Over reliance on nymphs for humour? Let's not forget the strange level where the women were held captive and being impregnated .. what an awful level. The only thing good about it was the cameo by Dead Space's Isaac. By this point I felt this wasn't worth my time ... and yours.


Underrated Game

Starkie785 | Sept. 13, 2012 | See all Starkie785's reviews »

The game isn't actually, that bad. It has a lot of variety of situations and scenarios, from driving a Monster Truck on the desert of nevada, to playing with shrunk Duke. The shooter aspect is average, with old-school essence. It doesn't has an impressive technology, but the most important factor, the fun, you can get a lot of it.


Not as bad as what the review says. It's a generic and OK FPS.

xboxer | Aug. 28, 2012 | See all xboxer's reviews »

It's an average FPS game. Nothing fantastic. It's a been there done that formula with a Duke Nukem theme. The story is about some muscle guy saving the planet from aliens. You get from point A to B shooting everything along the way and listening to some lame humorous crap from Duke. Basically, if you go into this game without expecting too much and accepting the fact that it's a brainless shooter you won't be too disappointed.


An average shooter

Cooberstooge | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

If you go into this knowing what DNF isn't, you'll find a pretty decent FPS experience. The characters are decent, the graphics at times look great, and the game itself controls well. There are no bugs that I can see, but you can easily see where all the different devs worked on the game. Parts clearly made within the last couple years lead into stuff that looks like it's from 1998, which I find suitable to all the dev time this thing had, because it in some wacky way pays homage to it. Guns are nice and varied, and you can carry more than just two by altering a setting, despite what some claim. The Duke is his crazy usual self, sporting randomly disgusting one-liners and acting like he's some kind of god. Babes abound, which is to be expected - heck, the game wouldn't be the same without them. The multiplayer scene is pretty dead at this point, but any games you find are sure to be fun. It's more of an old-school style of play, which is nice for us old codger gamers out there.


This is not Duke!

maciej2601 | Aug. 7, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to be a continuation of a series of Duke Nukem no and ... like to continue but it is not the same: (. I remember the Duke pocinało for hours for the tripe, cut jokes the main character and ... boobs. DNF is no longer funny and because it is the longest game ever created was expecting something better! please correct the Duke!



Raoin | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all Raoin's reviews »

Duke Nukem forever is far from successful as a shooter or as a franchise game. The storyline has its moments, but do not really engages the player at all; further it don't even encourages a replay experience. The gameplay is just awkward for a shooter. If you don't have a bit of persistence and patience the awful gameplay made the game painful. I'd not reccomend Duke Nukem Forever.


An awful, ugly mess

fable2 | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all fable2's reviews »

After a development cycle of 14 years (1997-2011) Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived for Duke Nukem fans. A lot happened during the unusually long development cycle. How has the game really fared since release? Commercially it has sold well. Duke Nukem Forever features Duke taking on aliens from the past Duke Nukem games. This includes the well known pigcops, alien troopers, and bosses. It doesn't take long to face your first boss after talking to ladies and planning an appearance on a night show similar to David Letterman's show and Jay Leno's show. You soon have to cancel the appearance because you find out that aliens are causing trouble. There is a lot of fun to be had as there are breaks in the action so that you can be entertained by the strippers. It's not as much fun as you may expect as it is somewhat monotonous. The stripper models look out of date and could have used more polishing. The game tries to add humor but at times it is not as funny as it's trying to be. Duke sometimes has to use a shrink pad in order to solve puzzles. The puzzles are not very exciting but they are fun the first time around and having a shrunken is a cool idea. On other levels you will have to drive a vehicle to reach a specific point. It can feel a little repetitive as you run out of gas several times before you finally can stop driving and you're back on your feet. The puzzles are, in essence, plain vanilla. It is nice to have a shootout with aliens while driving. Otherwise, the driving would have felt even more monotonous. The graphics feel like they are behind the times. The textures look a little dull and could have used more polishing. The details on the NPCs are also dull. Therefore, the quality of the graphics feels uninspired. After more than a decade in development the developers could have used the latest graphics engine to make the graphics feel up to date. There are problems associated with the darker areas in the game because they can be hard to see clearly. A better graphics engine would have made the darker areas easier to see. I think the best moments in the game are the boss battles. You will have to figure out a way to defeat each boss as each boss requires a different strategy. The battles against the other enemies seem to drag on without any feeling of inspiration. The levels are quite linear and there are save checkpoints. The save checkpoints are reasonably placed so you will not have to go back too far if you die. I will give Duke Nukem Forever credit for one thing: it runs well. I experience no crashes or other glitches. There are superior games on the market with crash problems. Kudos to Duke Nukem Forever for being able to run in a stable manner. I believe that fans of Duke Nukem Forever will run to buy this game. However, they should not expect greatness from this game. If they expect greatness, they will be sorely disappointed. It is a mediocre game, although some will think it is worse than mediocre. It would have been a better game if the graphics had been up to date and if the gameplay had not been so monotonous.


Not that bad, but it doesn't live up to its predecessor

hellinperson | July 25, 2012 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is an average FPS, with outdated graphics and it isn't the best shooter out there. It has some flaws, such as performance glitches and the two-weapon limit. Despite its flaws, this game can be sometimes fun and enjoyable, but old-school Duke fans will feel dissapointed with this game. DNF is worth picking up at a low price. So if you want to play it, wait for a sale


Flawed but with fun moments

CJV | July 23, 2012 | See all CJV's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever it's not a great game, it's immature, has no plot or immersive atmosphere and get's repetitive. But even with this flaws it's still manages to have some fun moments, with some good boss fights and some funny moments. Its campaign it's about eight hours long, and it tries to have some variety, with vehicles, underwater levels, shrink ray levels and some very basic puzzles. Unfortunatly it doesn't have much enemy variety and some segments of the game like the vehicles sections are poorly executaded. Overall, it's a linear shooter with some good moments but forgetable.


A pretty decent shooter.

Refyref | July 20, 2012 | See all Refyref's reviews »

When Duke Nukem Forever was released, What I heard everywhere was "Don't get it, it's not worth your time, even free". So now I bought the game, and I can finally see what everyone was mad about. I have to say, the game isn’t bad. Actually, it’s quite fun. Mindless fun, but fun nonetheless. There’s nothing actually great about the game, it actually has flaws popping up all the time, it’s a patchwork of designs from different eras, and the difficulty isn’t properly managed, yet it’s still fun going through it. I think the biggest problem with this game, is the missed opportunity. After all this time in development, it turned out just to be OK, which disappointed many people, I guess.


Picked this up to pay homage to Duke Nukem 3D

Gaugler323 | July 19, 2012 | See all Gaugler323's reviews »

I wouldnt call this game great. But as a fan of Duke Nukem 3D, this game has a certain appeal to me that wasn't lost while playing. The graphics are pretty bad, and the game doesn't run smooth... but I find Duke Nukem entertaining... maybe just in a nostalgic kind of way. I recommend investing your money in Serious Sam over Duke Nukem Forever. To me, Serious Sam 3 is what Duke Nukem Forever should have beem.


Avarage game, but with it's moments.

Rumpel123 | July 18, 2012 | See all Rumpel123's reviews »

This new Duke Nukem-game isn't the best shooter in years. The graphics look a bit dated and the gameplay isnt very special. But the Duke delivers what everyone knows him for. A bit of sexism, a lot of Duke-alike verdicts (everyone knows "Balls of Steel"..) and a lot of blood (Sometimes you cant see anything cause your vision is spoiled with it). The Story is ok and there is a nice way to upgrade your "Ego" aka your health. For upgrading it you have to push heavy-weights or get lots of points in flippergames and things like this. If you like the old Duke and are looking for more of it, it is a good buy. Otherwise it depends on your personal taste*. *(You can throw poo on your friends and enemys)


Not exactly the best

Ninjer | July 17, 2012 | See all Ninjer's reviews »

Duke Nukem was about carrying every single weapon (they did implement this after a patch though in DNF) and shooting shit up everywhere without any care and a hint of adult humor. This game took more than a decade to release because of complications, but I seriously felt it was a cash-in. After a while, the game felt like a chore. Multiplayer is also dead, so don't bother with that.


More fun than most give it credit for, seriously.

PM_DMNKLR | July 14, 2012 | See all PM_DMNKLR's reviews »

I know almost all of the "old-school" Duke fans are still in an uproar about the supposed fail that is DNF, but really they just need to stop whining and move on. I'm one of those old-schoolers that have enjoyed ALL Duke Nukem games, especially this one. Do yourself a favor, and if it's cheap enough (right now it's on sale for DIRT CHEAP!), then get it. It's loads of fun (heck, I had fun drawing and writing on the dry erase board, for ~2 hours straight, lol), and can oftentimes be a great way to just let off some stress, and in a failry productive way. The DLC's for it are just icing on the cake too, so if you get it, get those as well.


Fun game

orange22 | July 14, 2012 | See all orange22's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is Doom with added political incorrectness, or "same old, same old" as far as the character is concerned. That's not necessarily a problem – the old adage about things not being broken is one many developers could pay more attention to – but what do you get for 15 years of patience? There are some flaws though, performance might not be the best. I, myself meet the recommended requirements and the game doesn't run very smooth.


It's no master piece, however at the right price......

weehamster | July 13, 2012 | See all weehamster's reviews »

I have to say that I actually enjoyed this game overall. No it isn't a great game by a long shot. However, this game can be available at a good price and if you get it then, it can be worth getting. Some give out about the graphics, which aren't the best and the humour can be a bit crud at times. However the gameplay can be fun, which is what I feel is important about a game. It could have been better, but then again, so could have most games out there. So, please switch off your serious side for a few hours and give this game a go. Overall, I'd give it a thumbs up :-)


Very underrated

Cynaris | July 13, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

First of all, Duke Nukem Forever is still a fun throwback, even if some changes are going against that. The game starts out somewhat slow, but don't let that stop you from going on, because once the action kicks in, it drastically becomes better. The game breaks the pace with puzzles, some platforming, and driving sections, and most people did not like these sections, but honestly, did anyone complain about them in Half-Life 2? If you want a fun ride, through a decent length campaign to save the hot chicks, - because let's be honest, we are all in for that - then grab the game, and shoot some nasty aliens. Don't expect too much from the graphics department though, the game didn't really age well in that term.


Another avarage shooter...

SuicideMachine | July 13, 2012 | See all SuicideMachine's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever, a game legendary for its long development process. What's the end result, then? Another average shooter, that does very little to distinguish itself from the rest. It's sad, really - but that's what it is. Surely, some are going to say - "some levels look great and there are some great ideas in it after all", but that's part of the problem - the game presents extremely uneven quality! Indeed, there are some levels that look great, but then - next level looks mediocre, when 2 levels later, you play the level, that looks absolutely abysmal with its brown, yellow and gray color pallet. And sadly - you could say the same thing about every aspect of the game. Some weapons are fun to shoot with, others are not. Sometimes, there is a smart puzzle in a level, but after that you "play" extremely generic quick time event. It's a mixed bag - nothing in it is outstanding and yet, nothing is completely terrible. If you don't mind QTEs, scripted events, "tunnel" level design or you're in for some achievement hunting - you should enjoy it...


RIP 3D Realms

wooglah | July 8, 2012 | See all wooglah's reviews »

After playing "Prey" and seeing what DNF was supposed to look like, I can only say that it is sad to see it unfinished and unpolished like this. I guess we could have know that Gearbox would not spend their lives trying to make it *perfect* as 3D realms would, but they should not have taken the game because of the marketing stunt in the first place, if they just wanted to get rid of it and start the work on Borderlands 2. One more kill for the old times, Duke!


It's an alright game!

aqnickdan14 | July 6, 2012 | See all aqnickdan14's reviews »

Most people here are saying this game sucks, but I'd like to disagree. This game is full of childish humor(which you have to love, am I right?!) and plenty of enemies that are recurring from Duke Nukem 3D. The graphics aren't the best but they are still pretty good! There is pretty much no story behind this game, which is why people are saying it's so bad, all you do is just save girls from evil monsters. I like the game and I suggest it for anyone who wants a good week of gameplay.


A great game to waste a day on

StewartX | July 4, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

If you have read other reviews you might get the impression that the game is no good, I would have to disagree with that. Most people judge this game on "10+ years in development" or "sexist" etc etc. However if you take it on face value it is a fun game and with its cheap price definitely a must buy. Graphics are a bit dated compared to current games but well within the acceptable range. Gameplay is entertaining from start to finish. I myself have already completed this game three times and the expansion pack twice. I can't say that I've done that for any other game. Mulitplayer is just your standard deathmatch, nothing that makes it stand out. Story - What story? It's just a beefcake guy saving babes and blowing stuff up. If you are after some fun and got a day to waste I'd highly recommend this. Hail to the King, baby!


Let's spoil Duke with some realism :/

Finka_Karfein | May 25, 2012 | See all Finka_Karfein's reviews »

The new Duke Nukem Forever is fun, especially because they stuck to the adult (yet childish) humour I remember from Duke Nukem 3D. And there's more of it. Like the remnants from Doom trooper or Isaac from Dead Space. The graphics aren't the best, audio is well done, voice-acting rules, ego meter is a great idea but... why put there a limit of carried weapons? After a patch it's 4 but it still needs... 8 more to go? Fortunately, multiplayer saves the game. There are funny modes like Capture the Babe and great people to spend time with. Overall, it's a must-have for Duke fans and... let's say, worth-have for others.


Not great but still underrated

softwareo | May 23, 2012 | See all softwareo's reviews »

In my opinion Duke Nukem Forever is a bit too underrated game. The expectations were probably way too high after the game had been in development for such a long time. Despite all the shortcomings of the game it’s still very enjoyable. I would say it could be really bad for anyone not have played the original game but for us older guys it’s sure brings back good memories. I still can remember when duke3d was the best game ever made :) The new version compliments the old one pretty well too. There’s nothing in Duke we haven’t seen before but if you did enjoy the original as a kid the it’s you duty to give this a proper try. You just might enjoy it as much as I did.


just terrible

ternfast | May 22, 2012 | See all ternfast's reviews »

After such a long period of development, its hard to believe that the result could be this bad. The game looks ugly, its boring, and apart from a couple of cool action sequences, its totally forgettable and bland. avoid.


Bland, Uninspired.. it just really isn't fun.

albeenox | May 16, 2012 | See all albeenox's reviews »

There are brief moments in the game, where I can see a glimmer of what I really wanted out of this game... Some of the big boss fights are enjoyable, some of Dukes quips hit the mark, but overall, the levels and the gameplay are just nothing special - and to be honest, I found myself getting bored. BORED! in a DUKE NUKEM GAME!! Something has clearly gone wrong! Visually, its not a very pretty game - either in design or technical quality. The levels are dull, and the set-pieces are generally forgettable. Tonally, the game seems to be all over the place as well, going from cheesy (old duke), to serious (cod) to surprisingly dark and mean-spirited at one point in the story. It doesn't make for a consistent or enjoyable gaming experience. The best I can say about DNF, is that (at least for however long you can stomach playing it), its functional. You point your generic gun, you fire it, and things fall down dead. Rinse and repeat. This is a game that was too busy trying to capture the heart and soul of other popular games, that it ended up forgetting to develop one of its own.


[FR] Pas si décevant

SomeRandomBaron | March 4, 2012 | See all SomeRandomBaron's reviews »

Au lieu de pointer les défauts de ce jeu, que l'on connait tous (certains ont disparus avec le récent patch), pointons-en les qualités : C'est un jeu qui reste grisant. En effet, les dialogues de Duke (VO) sont assez marrants, les clins d'oeils sont bien pensés. On gueule sur l'auto-regen alors que c'est devenu une norme (COD, BRINK,...) (puis rien n'empèche de ne pas attendre le regen), on gueule sur la plateforme alors qu'elle varie le jeu (même si la séquence au Duke Burgen m'a un peu frustrée) Ce FPS est, selon moi, aussi plaisant à jouer que des jeux comme Bulletstorm, on s'amuse et on se rend ciompte que notre grosse frustration est simplement de la déception, comme les fans de Fallout ont eu pour le 3 et ceux d'Operation Flashpoint sur Dragon Rising., que le jeu ne soit pas du vrai Duke Nukem. Bref, ce jeu n'est pas pire qu'un autre pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas le gameplay réel de la série (un peu comme moi). Le héros a une personnalité marquée qui amusera le joueur(alors qu'on a l'impression d'être un robot/Mr toutlemonde dans n'importe quel autre FPS). Il sera vite oublié contrairement à DN3D mais c'est plutôt une bonne pioche pour un jeu au développement aussi chaotique et sortie quasiment par obligation. Mais si ce jeu à une suite, celle-ci risque, selon moi, d'être excellente.


Expectations were just too high.

GAMERamble | Dec. 1, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

So in the end, Duke Nukem forever didn’t turn out to be the uber game that everyone was expecting. For what it is, though, I still had a lot of fun playing it. The game was longer than average, which is always a plus and there are some good ideas packed in there as well. I could have done without all the murky underwater scenes, but while annoying, it didn’t ruin the game for me. Bottom line is if you approach this game with the mindset that it is going to suck, then it obviously will. If, on the other hand, you take it for what it is, a fun, but flawed shooter, then you’ll have a good time. The important thing is to try it for yourself and form your own opinion and not just jump on the game-bashing band wagon.



Mondu | Sept. 16, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

Considering this game took over a decade to make it's a pretty terrible game. I imagine the only reason this game is selling is because of the Duke Nukem series name, once people actually play this game themselves they will be severely disappointed. The story is boring, cliche and predictable, which I suppose is to be expected as it's a Duke Nukem game, but it's not fun either. Everything feels same-y. Walk to point B from point A via a straight and linear path while shooting enemies and prattling off some obscene comment. This isn't the Duke we have been waiting for.


Fail to the King

lonewolf80 | Sept. 15, 2011 | See all lonewolf80's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever is Gearbox and 2K's take on a Duke Nukem sequel, which had been trading hands between developers for around a decade. Gearbox promised fun over-the-top action, along with some adult humor. However, what we got was an unpolished excuse of a game, one that disappointed long time Duke fans. The game's original two weapon limit (now increased to four) seems off. Unlike the original games of the series, Duke is limited by his small array of weapons. The game seemed as if it was developed off a previous generation engine, and animation and graphics seem to be lacking polish. The developers try to make up for their unfulfilling repetitive gameplay by inserting an excessive amount of nudity and "dirty jokes". If you're not a big fan of gameplay, and are in it for juvenile jokes and pixel porn, Duke Nukem Forever might just fit you. Otherwise, stay clear.


not quite worth the wait.

nintrower | Sept. 7, 2011 | See all nintrower's reviews »

Duke Nukem is incredible, the original one, that is. he was the OG parody icon and his self absorbed mannerisms fit in with the times, and DN:Forever could have been great but it fell short. it couldn't figure out if it wanted to be an oldschool FPS or another COD-along. the shooting feels inconsistent the weapons aren't satisfying and the graphics are sub par at best, albeit thats what happens when you use several different engines during one Dev cycle whats worse is that the game never really hits the way the 3D did the comedy is outdated and it took potshots and games that it wished it was as good as exept maybe halo haha. al in all if your a fan youll probably like it, and its not bad, but its not good either w


I'd Hesitate To Call It Terrible, But It Is

Korrd | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all Korrd's reviews »

DNF could have been... well, it could have been *better*. I won't say it could have been a *great* game, because that's perhaps a somewhat unrealistic expectation. What we got, though, didn't even come close to living up to potential. I wasn't offended by DNF. Quite the contrary: we all knew what to expect of him. I think in that regard, Duke's attitude and behavior just weren't *interesting*. We all knew who and what Duke was 15 years ago. Unfortunately for DNF, that's really all he brought to the table. Duke Nukem 3D was a groundbreaking game. It employed a lot of features that hadn't been seen before. I remember being amazed and delighted to look at a TV screen and see other parts of a level in real time, or laying a pipebomb minefield to kill a friend in LAN, of shrink-raying bad guys and squishing them under a boot. These were brilliant gameplay elements that made me look at games in a whole new way. Fast to forward to DNF, and all we got is a rehash. Nothing really new to speak of, just the old stuff regurgitated, and all of Duke's eccentricities brought center stage, as though that was all DN3D was about and all Duke has to offer. Hell, maybe it is. Maybe those great features I loved in DN3D were just accidents and it really was just about Duke and chicks and dirty jokes. Maybe the game, like Duke himself, really never had the potential to be anything more. Or maybe the Duke torch was picked up by people who lacked the creativity to do anything interesting with him, and we got stuck with DNF as a result. Either way, I committed a gaming sin while playing DNF: I couldn't even bring myself to finish it.


Too much of everything, not enough of what matters.

Ascadia | Sept. 1, 2011 | See all Ascadia's reviews »

I was a huge fan of Duke Nukem 3D but I gave up on the release of Duke Nukem Forever about 2 years into its delay cycle. What can I see, I am quick to write things off as Vaporware. However when DNF finally made its appearance on PC and consoles I was happy to see it. I thought I was going to be treated to an old school FPS with over the top action and great level design. Instead I got a corridor shooter that plays like a documentary of the past 14 years of FPS evolution. Instead of sticking to what they did well, they tried to fold every "neat" idea from every other FPS... actually that's not entirely true, they just tried to fill the game with a whole bunch of neat ideas and no one in a position of authority seems to of had the balls of steel to say "no" to any of them, so you have a collection of mini games and bad vehicle sections breaking up all the linear shooter action. There is no pacing, no connection between the levels, no real exploration... kill dudes from point a to b then complete some dumb mini games, go for a drive then shoot some more guys in a closed off environment that tunnels you to the end once more. Its Duke Nukem... I wasnt expecting it to be the best FPS in the world, but I was expecting it to be an FPS... rather than Mario Party with Strippers.


Could do without, but could do with

trinest | Aug. 21, 2011 | See all trinest's reviews »

Many of the recent entries into the series have been quite "shallow and predantic". The only thing it feels like which will sell Forever and other games in the Duke series is the Duke Nukem name, which is a shame. What has been produced could easily be not noticed by a gamer and still have a good collection. However at the end of the day if you where to buy this game, it is a nice experience, with the feeling that the PC version was always in the rear view mirror however. On the flip side some version updates have enhanced some of the issues which the PC version had, which means that one day the non- vanlia version would be amazing.


Not worth it

gossip5 | Aug. 21, 2011 | See all gossip5's reviews »

Duke nukem forever is a long awaited sequel to one of the most awesome shooters over fifteen years ago. However, many say that it cannot live up to it's hype. However, the game is set for a different audience. It has crude adult themes and jokes, and is set to put trivial things in your face and do them for more "ego" or health. While many say this game never lived up to its hype, it surely was a big dissapointment to some and a great game to others. However, this doesn't mean this game has it's flaws. Before the latest patch, the game forced you to only carry two weapons which made the game extremely lackluster paired with the shooting. This doesn't mean that shooting is extremely solid, but it throws too much of trivial things and shooting onto your plate for you to chew. This game has little to no replayability even with the multiplayer that doesn't really suck you in. This game isn't worth it even if you're a diehard duke fan. It throws too much of something in your face for your enjoyment and is generally not replayable to be fun.


The Duke is back... But was it worth the wait?

Neohoodman | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all Neohoodman's reviews »

Everybody interested in the game knows about its development cycle. The game, which switched developer quite an amount of times, has been in development for 12 years, officially. And it shows. The game is filled with gameplay and jokes that would've done well back in 1999, but fall flat compared to other games to this day. The story's fairly standard - The aliens are back, and they're stealing our chicks. It's up to Duke to stop them. The gameplay is your standard arcade first person shooter - No silly iron sights, Duke can shoot without aiming! The game has you travelling to all kinds of locations to stop the alien bastards; each location having a certain gameplay gimmick (a monster truck, platforming in a fast-food restaurant) to keep it varied and interesting to a certain degree. Where DNF falls flat is the lack of polish. When Gearbox Software picked up the franchise to bring DNF back from the dead, they didn't pay any attention to quality control. Animations look pretty stiff from time to time and the driving parts control very awkwardly. The main notion was "as long as DNF gets released". They got it out of their way, so hopefully we'll get to see a true sequel to Duke Nukem. All in all, DNF is a game that should be checked out, just to see what the fuss is all about and with all its flaws can be enjoyable from time to time. The game tends to drag on and with about 10 hours you'll have finished the main story.


Sick of unrealistic expectations

gaff84 | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all gaff84's reviews »

So many critics blasted the game. So many customers blasted it in reviews. What is clear to me is the people who are so disappointed with this game must have never played the original. Of course the humor is crude. Of course Duke is a completely ridiculous character (who is derivative of 80's and 90's cheese-ball movies). Of course the game plays like a game did 10+ years ago. IT IS DUKE NUKEM... and I don't think I'd really have it any other way. People are failing to understand or recognize the source material. I don't know what people were expecting. That being said, there were some obvious cons, but in my opinion, only in relation to Duke Nukem 3D. First of all, you can't kick (but you can perform finishing moves on incapacitated enemies), you can only carry 2 weapons at a time (compared to all weapons being in your inventory), and you have a regenerating health system (called ego). It kind of detracted to the original feel, but were mostly necessary (in my opinion) to modernize the format, and especially in the regenerating health situation. It prevents people from running around a level looking for health packs (or getting stuck and not being able to progress because you have too little health to fight a boss, etc.) I think people just got their expectations too high and thought that it was going to be something revolutionary. It was a very solid Duke experience. Duke is as misogynistic, crude, and egotistical as ever. His persona might be dated, but that is certainly not his fault. He appeals to the gamers who played the original Duke 3D. I'm not ashamed to admit that i had fun with the game and took it for what it was. Tongue in Cheek. 80/100


Not as good as expected

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Duke Nukem Forever was supposed to deliver something innovative and fun in the game industry but it only failed, badly. Even if it took years and years to develop the game nothing good game out of it. There isn't much to say about the gameplay, it's just going from point A to B and shoot to kill. The graphics are somewhat dated, the story is really bad, the jokes in the game are horrible, the sound is maybe the only good thing about the game but it's totaly not worth the price that it has now, it's a waste of money on an disgusting, lazily made, unentertaining videogame.


Fun for the whole family....

dschofield | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all dschofield's reviews »

if you're family consists of only 18+ males that understand that this game was made to be brutaly male. Fans of Duke 3D will instantly have feelings of nostalgia plusing through their veins the instant they hear the opening tune. All the over the top guns, one liners and boobs you'd expect from Duke Nukem Forever are there just begging to be played after 14 years of gathering dust. If you go into this game not expecting 14 years of perfection tweeking, altering and sheer obsession of detail from the developers you'd have a clear view that Duke hasn't really changed. Yes the graphics and level design is far from perfect. But the whole time i played it, i didn't think once about it. I was having too much fun shooting shit! If you like explosions, big guns, punching, stomping, shooting, taunting, decapitating, dismembering, executing and road killing your enemies then you'll love Duke Nukem Forever.


Doesn't live up to the hype

Quizn0s | Aug. 13, 2011 | See all Quizn0s's reviews »

Duke Nukem 3D was one of my favorite games of all time. It had fun shooting mechanics, humor, a likeable character, and plenty of secrets to find in every level. I, like most other fans of 3D, went into this game with quite high expectations, despite the poor reviews. Of course, not many games can live up to 15 years of hype, and Duke fares no better. However, the single-player is a fun throwback to the old days of FPS games, and worth playing through at least once, maybe twice to find things you may have missed. There's plenty of campy Duke humor, although sometimes it goes a little too far and immature (throwing a turd around being a good example). The shooting takes elements of old games and new ones, and not always for the better. While you think the game wants you to run around blasting everything away with rockets, the regenerating health system found in games such as Call of Duty discourage this strategy. This ends up making the single-player somewhat average, although it is nice and long (around 15 hours for me). The multiplayer, on the other hand, is fun and fast-paced, especially with a full game played with mutators like infinite ammo and snipers only. Unfortunately, the game is plagued by lag and disconnecting issues, and I couldn't find many games with a ping below 150. When you can find a good game though, it's great fun. Overall, the game ends up being a pretty average shooter with some redeeming qualities. Fun nonetheless.


Ex Duke's Bro

emperor20 | Aug. 12, 2011 | See all emperor20's reviews »

I don't like the standard this console generation has made on games these days. Apply it to old games that played very differently and you anger the fanbase it accumulated over the decades. You now have a corridor shooter with a Halo inventory system, from a franchise that prospered with a multitude of weapons, a large square map filled with vertical depth, varied and numerous groups of enemies, and secret rooms. The content it added, such as turrets and driving, are just tacked on and repetitive. Turret sections don't change things up and you become glued to and forced to repeat the same actions you did or die. Driving is the same as corridor crawling using fists, only with ramps. Failing that only sets you back behind the ramp or take a U turn for some good backtracking. Now repeat that dozens of times throughout the game.


Crude, lengthy and behind the times.

Rzepak01 | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all Rzepak01's reviews »

After becoming the poster boy for vaporware, Duke is back. Was the wait worth it? Did the ridiculous development time result in a game on par with Duke 3D? In short, no. Duke Nukem Forever is lengthy, crude and outdated on the day it was released. The hero we all love is back with one liners galore, but thats simply not enough to make a game great. There are parts of the game that feel old as soon as you see them, overall the game feels somewhat uneven, which is understanable but nonetheless a bit jarring. One thing that can be said about the games levels is that they are varied. Shooting, driving and turret sections keep the game moving at a pretty fast pace. The classic Duke weapons feel and sound pretty good, but the same cant be said about the alien weapons that you pick up later on. Theyre simply boring and sound weak. The driving is passable but in the long run it can get pretty boring, its certainly not as bad as the driving required in Borderlands but its no Halo. The turret sections are incredibly boring. They are without a doubt the worst part of the game, worse than the out of place puzzle sections, which are simple and seem wrong in a Duke game. The story is the standard alien invasion so its not worth getting into. The multiplayer is in one word terrible. In the time of Modern Warfare and Team Fortress 2 the Duke mp it feels lazy and featureless. In the end if you were waiting for this game for all those years the game is playable, but extremely forgetable. The RC car section is pretty fun though.


Nostalgic but disappointed feelings...

newn | Aug. 6, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

This is just one more example that current games suck compared to the old ones. After 14 years, they released a game that was attempted to merge with the current disappointing games. The only three things i liked was sound, graphics and the old "Duke" jargon. I recommend buying it only if you played old Duke games, it will show you how 'far' they've come and give you some nostalgic feelings from "duke" talk. Although I would recommend waiting for a sale, it's definitely too costly for what you get.


Duke's back

Harjyot | July 26, 2011 | See all Harjyot's reviews »

Duke finally returns after all those years. The game is average at best, and tries to incorporate too many modern fps elements, like regenerating health. The visuals are also mediocre, but that is to be expected considering the extensive development cycle this game went through. Considering the wait many have gone through, it is not wrong to feel more than a little disappointed. All in all, a decent game that has nothing remarkable to set it above the other shooters in the market.


Duke is back with a facelift

tangoak | July 26, 2011 | See all tangoak's reviews »

After having tried demo of Duke Nukem Forever I was disappointed. Then I started to think about it and thought that is how Duke Nukem Forever should be. Duke Nukem Forever feels like the original Duke Nukem 3D from 1996. Only the graphics is better. Duke is same tough guy as before. He has many god one-liners and makes fun of many things. Too bad that this game haven't evolved since the Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem Forever is only a generic shooter with bad AI. If you're fan of Duke Nukem then this is a game for you and can add 10 more points to score. For others there are many other better shooters.


Seriously poor game

SaadKhawaja | July 24, 2011 | See all SaadKhawaja's reviews »

Truth be told this game is just utter disappointment. About 4-5 hours of campaign with extremely poor graphics, humor, sound, and atrocious AI. Some set pieces are nice but for me it is a really bad game. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone for any price.


A HUGE dissapointment!!

Xbomborz | July 23, 2011 | See all Xbomborz's reviews »

After 14 years, yes, 14 YEARS of development, this game is absolutely, mind-blowingly bad. Why the developers couldn't put some more effort into this game, I have no idea, but the massive amount of glitches, terrible story, repetitive gameplay, and an overall unremarkable game are the products of their work. 2K, I am disappointed in the product that you have given to your consumers. The project ultimately just should have been scrapped.


A fantastic journey of rebirth!

thebeast | July 10, 2011 | See all thebeast's reviews »

Everyone who played the old Duke games will without a doubt love this one as well. While it has the nostalgia effect, it also comes with mediocre gameplay components. These being the outdated graphics, along with the gameplay bugs. Apart from that, it has old school gameplay from being tiny to flying around, which are similar to UT2K4. I would recommend you play this game if you love Duke or the old school gameplay. If you are a fan of CoD or similar shooters, stay away as there is nothing to see here.


What we needed.

Exbigg | July 10, 2011 | See all Exbigg's reviews »

I am a Duke Nukem fan, and I got this game a few days after it's release. I saw all reviewers hating this game, and i was kinda' scared. But then I bought this game. The game is awesome, we got what we expected. Great FPS game, Duke Nukem-Style humour, destructive weapons, awesome cutscenes, good (linear) story, boss battles, lots of easter eggs, nudity and bad language and much more. This is review of singleplayer, which gets 95/100 points ( because of bugs and stupid A.I.) . Now to the bad part: Multiplayer. No comment. So, we got a must-have game for all the Duke Nukem's fans, a piece of garbage for those uninitiated. 95/100



hotmando1 | June 28, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

The game is buggy, multiplayer is boring because you die seconds after you respawn, it is not fun. Graphics are nothing like you see in screenshots. I had some texture errors as well, very annoying. Load times can be extremely long sometimes. Game is twisted and creepy at the "Alien" paraody part. Not needed. Wall boobs are not needed as well. Game feels very sexist even though that is "duke's life." Gameplay feels very mundane. Turret scenes are done way too much. No health bar? No buy. Not duke.


Oh Please NO!

GMGReviewer | June 28, 2011 | See all GMGReviewer's reviews »

Duke fanboys please get off his 'stick'! If it wasn't for the years of anticipation and the well known name, the game would be a dud. To describe the gameplay in one word it would be 'linear' and linear in a bad way. The game can't get anymore generic then it already is. Everything about the game is what you expect in a game that is half a decade old. There's nothing about it that stands out except for the mature content it has throughout the whole game. The game is not bad, but its not good either if you compare the quality of it to others alike (FPS). So apart from the mature theme, it's just beh. Both the singleplayer and multiplayer. The good thing is the mature content will keep you playing! It's silly, but its true! You would keep playing to find out what Duke's going to make fun of next and what creative ways the developers can do with boobs. The two weapon limit isn't a big deal knowing its a balance issue and production is reasonable due to the lengthy development cycle. Can't believe they didn't even start from scratch. But for it being a full price game (at $49), its rated low.


not impressive :(

Babelfish343 | June 27, 2011 | See all Babelfish343's reviews »

I am not a fan of the original game, so please do not read on if you loved it. The gameplay is very buggy, and the game looks like it was made about 6 years ago or so. Certain platforming parts are completely unnecessary and spoils the overall feel going for it. I must say that the humour shines in this game, if crude jokes are your kind of thing. The egocentric Duke is funny, however probably not as lovable as the game makes him out to be. The guitar music is entirely forgettable and generic. A good game if you are a Duke fan, otherwise i do not recommend this at all.


Return of the duke or we have a turd in the punchbowl...

LocoMrPollock | June 18, 2011 | See all LocoMrPollock's reviews »

I was very disappointed with the return of The Duke. The game is buggy, ugly, runs like crap and has atrocious load times. If you can somehow get past all that, what you're left with is a sub-par cookie cutter fps with no redeeming qualities whatsoever, aside from the occasional one liner that gets a chuckle despite it being a pop-culture reference that is 10 years old. The second half of the game is obviously unfinished and you'll find yourself all alone in a polygonal wasteland with the barest of textures and scenery. These parts at least look like Duke 3D, which is far superior to this turd of a game. I don't know what else to say, avoid this game until it's $10 or less and then treat it as an archeological project and you might get some fun out of it. -Pollock


Exactly what I expected.

Jamiman | June 12, 2011 | See all Jamiman's reviews »

For every Duke fan out there, this game is awesome. The crazy, over the top stunts, action, and constant one liners make it exactly how it should be. There are so many references to other games, from Halo to Half-life, and little quirky things that really make the game. The game is nicely broken up, and although the start is a little monotonous, after not very long you are thrown in at the deep end, and having a whale of a time doing it! Highly recommended game for anyone who likes shooters, a bit of a laugh, and doesn't mind a bit of nudity/bad language!


The Duke is back!

iIDevvz | June 10, 2011 | See all iIDevvz's reviews »

After 12 years, the duke is finally back. It begins good, with Duke "pissing around", and going to put some awesomness in his quotes. The graphics are nice too, but not for a 2011 game. That is bad, because it is a really nice game, but graphics doesn't matter. Gameplay is awesome. No CoD shi*t, but some awesome quotes, awesome gameplay, awesome "ego boost", and awesome interactive items. Those interactive items, and pretty sick too. You can touch like: alot of the things in Duke's house. So, if you want this game, buy it now!


Hail to the King Baby! (Oh yea I said it!)

emwearz | June 9, 2011 | See all emwearz's reviews »

Duke is back! From the first level, which recreates the final boss fight in Duke Nukem 3D, you know you are in for some classic Duke action. The one liners are there, and in full force, you will constantly find yourself laughing at what comes out of Dukes mouth. The interactivity with world items that was in Duke Nukem 3D is all there, and you get rewarded this time around, every time you interact with new object you raise your maximum ego, which is Duke health. The engine itself is very smooth and enjoyable, the shooting is broken up with torrents, driving mini RC cars when shrunk and much more. Even if you have never played Duke Nukem 3D, I highly suggest this fun shooter, and if you have, you cant help but think, its finally time to kick ass and chew bubble gum!