Reviews for Titanfall


One of the best online shooter

WetCouch | Sept. 11, 2014 | See all WetCouch's reviews »

Really. It's just one of the best online shooter games. Finally someone made a game, with great graphic (not the best, but still beautiful), amazing speed and dynamic of gameplay, and some innovative functions, like titans. And most important thing: parkour. You can get to every place on the map, and totally surprise your enemies. Or you can enter giant mech, and duel your enemies in impressive fights. And those titans, aren't what you know from other games or movies. They are also fast and dynamic. For me, the greatest problems of this game is: small amount of weapons, the campaign is a bit crap, and there should be a bit (two or three) players more per team. At all, this game is connection of modern shooters like Battlefield 3/4, oldschool, fast and dynamic games like Quake, with a bit from Mirror's Edge (parkour system), and titans. Impressive.


A great shooter

SNAPLOAD111 | Aug. 15, 2014 | See all SNAPLOAD111's reviews »

Titanfall is a futuristic shooter game, with great graphics and great sound. The game was developed by 2 co developers of call of duty, and you can tell that easily by the style of the game, and the gameplay itself. The graphics are good, but I feel the graphics could be better. The game is very big when it comes to hard drive space - more than 50gb! It is a lot, but if you are a cod player this game is for you. One more problem that I have with the game is the campaign, that is still based on multiplayer, and I think that single player story could have been better. I am telling you right now, for this game you need fast and constant internet connection to really enjoy the game. Overall the game is great. If you like shooters, and you are a cod player, I think that you would enjoy it. I give it a rating if 85. It is good, But it's not the game of the year.


Interesting multiplayer experience.

MafuMafu | July 11, 2014 | See all MafuMafu's reviews »

It's a great and smart multiplayer game. I had tons of fun. BUT, it would have been amazing if this game had a single-player campaign. I always enjoy them a lot and I like to know better the story behind those MP maps. Great graphics, great gameplay. So, buy it. Titans are guaranteed fun.


Really fun multiplayer FPS

Stebsis | June 24, 2014 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Titanfall is really great multiplayer shooter. The freedom of movement is really the thing that sets this apart from any other shooter right now. Of course the titans play a big role, but mechs have been done, so has parkour but not in this kind of multiplayer environment. What this game does lack are interesting unlockables, you only have the very basic weapons, skills etc. and nothing really exciting or new. I do recommend playing Titanfall, it's incredibly fun game if you like mp shooters, but if you want interesting story you won't find it here, campaign is throwaway and waste of everyones time.


Good, but would have loved to have a single player campaign

Nusu | March 24, 2014 | See all Nusu's reviews »

I enjoyed the multiplayer a lot but it just felt like something was missing. It would be nice to have more customization options for your titan. The single player campaign just didn't do it for me. I was just playing a normal match but some people were talking over it, you just can't connect to any of the people in the story.


Adding the third dimension to shooters

Traldera | March 20, 2014 | See all Traldera's reviews »

Titanfall is a game that can only be accurately described with one word - different. It takes all the aspects of modern shooters we have had in recent years, and throws in the wildcards that are titans and vertical movement. These small changes add up to a huge difference. The most notable part of titanfall is not the titans, which are just infantry which took the wrong route through a shrink-ray, but the parkour system. When the movement system is mastered, a typical map made of a housing cluster turns into a high paced playground of movement. The player can move quicker than anything else on the battlefield, titans included, and get to their target quickly. The movement system allows you to make your own path through a map. With this, there is no such thing as a boring map. It is quite simply genius. The game is not without its faults. The dated graphics engine is noticeably worse than the competition, and can sometimes hinder gameplay due to overly opaque smoke effects coming from the nozzle of your gun when trying to aim. The campaign, which does exist but only within a multiplayer setting, is also poor. The story is barely worthy of being called a story. Other problems such as the horrible matchmaking is due to be fixed in an upcoming patch. If you are a fan of the modern military shooter you will like titanfall. If you are a fan of genre classics such as Unreal Tournament you will like titanfall. If you have an open mind and are willing to fully explore all mechanics this within the game, you will love titanfall.


Great blend of old and new

PapaLazarou | March 20, 2014 | See all PapaLazarou's reviews »

I started out being really skeptical about this title. I wondered if it could do anything new in a market saturated by modern military shooters that I've grown so tired off. At first the gameplay looked a lot like COD to me, so I wasn't immediately interested. But my interest surely piqued when I got to play the beta. I couldn't be more wrong in thinking that this game was a clone of another game. Titanfall is both very unique and very recognizable. Let me explain: Titanfall aims to take the best of old school and modern competitive multiplayer FPS design. It takes the fast movement and jetpacks from older games like UT, Quake and Tribes and mixes it up with loadouts and gameplay mechanics that could come out of a modern military shooter. Oh, and it also has parkour resembling Mirror's Edge and huge Titans you can take control of. In that aspect the game is very unique. You can play as both a pilot, who is very fast and very mobile. He can wallrun and double jump to stay out of danger. And there is also a Titan you can play as. A titan is very strong, has a powerful arsenal but is less mobile. Both playstyles are very balanced, which has to be applauded. I've already put over a dozen hours into this game and plan to play a whole lot more. This game is just pure fun and I recommend it to anyone looking to try out a competitive shooter that is different from the tried and true.


Good, but not amazing

silviapuiu | March 18, 2014 | See all silviapuiu's reviews »

Titanfall is just a multiplayer game, with great potential, but it was nice to have also single player. I give it an 80, because I am disappointed about that. I am not a great fan of multiplayer, but I gave it a chance and I can say the graphics are very good, sounds are realistic. The mechanic of the game is good, but sometimes servers have some issues. Titans look amazing and they make all the game impressive, despite its flaws. In my opinion, the game is good, but there were possibilities for it to make it better, in comparison with similar games.


Best online shooter of all time!

killermanjaro | March 18, 2014 | See all killermanjaro's reviews »

This game is amazing, there's not other way to describe it. The games mechanic of mixing online multi-player with AI grunts and Spectres works perfectly, leaving you with always something to shoot at. Some might say the AI isn't challenging (and it's not), but that's not the point of them being there. The AI's presence is there so your never out of the action, gone are the days of running around a map for ages with nothing happening because you can't find anyone. Being easy to kill helps you always feel good playing this game, there's never a round where you feel you've done badly. And it gives players of a lower skill a chance to still be in the game, I've seen some people finish top on their team with only 3 human kills but a ton of AI kills. They also reduce Titan cooldown, so again everyone has a way of getting one sooner. Don't feel that going after the AI is all you'll do though, as even with such large maps you will always find other players quickly, and its still more rewarding to take them out. It's more satisfying and reduces your Titan cooldown even quicker. There are still various perks, guns, Titan loadouts etc, to keep players busy, and its just about playing around to find a setup that suits your play style. The other addition is Burn Cards, which give perks for use once per life, varying from reducing Titan respawn, to amped weapons. In terms of gameplay this runs perfectly, I've not come across any lag or disconnections. Graphics are really impressive, the backdrops in particular have a lot going on, and each map is interesting and no two feel the same. I run at 1080p with a solid 60fps and haven't had any slow down or drop in frame rate, even with massive battles involving multiple Titans. The transition from being on foot to boarding a Titan is seamless, the free running / jetpack system works well, moving around in a Titan isn't awkward. Everything just works well in this game, and its fresh to have a shooter where you don't ever seem to get spawn killed. The other great thing with this game is that every match feels epic! Every battle is fun, if you win or loose there is then a secondary objective to get to / or stop the evac drop ship. And there are plenty of wow moments in every match, ejecting from a Titan thats gone nuclear, making a kill after jumping wall to wall from buildings, taking out three Titans in a row by jumping from one to the next, something will always happen to impress you. Not once have I found myself annoyed during a match, even when an enemy kills you in mid air after you've both ejected from your Titans, you just nod and go "that was cool!". I've never had a 'bad' round on this like with other fps games, but even when you don't do quite as well as you hoped, you don't get annoyed, but instead just disappointed with yourself as you feel you let yourself down. The only thing I feel this game could have done with is Titan personalisation, custom paint jobs or emblems. And maybe a bigger variety of Titans (currently there are 3), a larger range of weapons wouldn't have been missed either. That said I can understand that being a new franchise and new idea of a game, it probably made sense not to chuck a load of things in without seeing how it all went. These are probably things for Titanfall 2 (please be a Titanfall 2 at some point!), or they may come in the form of dlc with the extra maps, I have the season pass so will see what comes of it. Some might complain about the lack of a map voting option, but personally I hope it stays this way, the game picking the next map at random is much more fun and it means you don't get people just voting for one map all of the time. (Think about how many times you've player maps like nuketown on COD because no one voted for anything else!). All in all, not real major things going against this game. To sum up, the game looks nice, it plays well, maps are interesting and different to each other, different ways of getting yourself on the scoreboard for people of different skill, epic Titan battles, plenty of loadouts available, oh, and best online shooter of all time! This game is a must buy for everyone, it's a refreshing change to the normal fps game out there, and I can't see myself playing anything else for a long time. I would even suggest people who aren't normally into fps games give this a try. And remember, "Life's better with a Titan".


Shooter of the year

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | See all SinisterDragon's reviews »

This game will win shooter of the year. I'm just saying. Its intense and fast paced gameplay is super addictive and make some truly movie worthy moments. The Titans themselves add a lot to the standard FPS gameplay (which is exciting enough as it is will all the wall running and futuristic weapons). When you're in a Titan you feel like a god and you just wipe the floor with your opponents. A multiplayer mode is all you need as it is good enough to keep you playing for months and months and months. Go buy it now. Stop reading and just buy it. You will not be disappointed.


Prepare for Titanfall

gforcesa | March 16, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Some of you might think its a bit like CoD and i would agree.But i see something in it that makes me think it's quite different. Oh maybe it's the fact that you can fight with Titans. Titanfall is finally here and from playing the beta i was pretty impressed with it. It was smooth as it was on release date and i really enjoy it. The gameplay is really smooth just like most good FPS's. For example:You see an enemy Titan, you go up to a roof of a building and you jump on top of his head, after that you tear out his door on the top and start shooting to help your fellow Titans bring down the enemy faster. The graphics are good, but i wont say the best since it looks a bit like CoD. It's quite a good game and you'll get into it pretty quickly. So what are you waiting for ? Prepare for Titanfall