Reviews for Disciples 3: Reincarnation



rslancer | Sept. 22, 2014 | See all rslancer's reviews »

For those unfamiliar with disciples, its a lot like might and magic. The fighting system is similar and vets of M&M will be right at home. I prefer this though because the graphics look a lot less cartoony. It just seems more realistic (if high fantasy had to be real that is).


Finally a worthy successor to Disciples series!

Mixxer5 | Feb. 21, 2014 | See all Mixxer5's reviews »

When I first played Disciples 3, I've been- to say at least- unimpressed. Missions were long and boring, story (which was never in series a piece of art) at best mediocre and plenty of important features from previous games were missing. Thus I've barely finished first campaign, unable to force myself to keep playing. Luckily someone clever decided to release this- Disciples Reincarnation. It's basically Disciples 3 Gold Edition, with ton of bugfixes, additional features and reworked story. And finally it's worth playing. I've about 60 hours played and I hadn't finished last campaign yet. It's worth noting, that it was 60 hours pretty well spent. Downsides? Few- - as always, after a while player gets used to every unit and there's nothing new to discover or interesting in fight - artifacts lack depth and power, rarely giving power to justify their name - final boss (appearing in 3rd campaign) is sadly a bit of Deus Ex machina... plus fight with him is hardly most exciting thing in the world (reload, reload, reload x1000, until he lies dead). All in all- worth buying!


Ultimate version of good game

Demilisz | Feb. 19, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

If you love a Disciples series, but was very disappointed with third installment, give this version a chance. It is what Disciples 3 should be from the begining. Most of bugs is squashed, combat system is much more better and similiar to this from first and second installment, leveling system is much better. It may be quiet expensive, but at least now game is worth the price (especially that it includes Ressurection expansion). Disciples 2 is still the best game in whole series, but Reincarnation is much closer to it than Renaissance ever was.