Reviews for XCOM: Enemy Unknown - The Complete Edition (NA)


Perfect 100!

mahon | June 11, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

The XCom series (also known as UFO) is considered a milestone in video games industry. Maybe not a breakthrough in itself, as it only put some elements together, but it did it in a perfect way. Since then many attempts have been made to create a worthy successor for the first two games of the series. And most of them failed, that is until XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released. Although not exactly a perfect recreation of the originals, it finally managed to do the franchise justice. The game combines some tactical fights, strategic planning and management of your organization, and this all is set in a world invaded by aliens. But I am sure I don't need to explain it to you, as most gamers are familiar with the franchise. It's enough to say that the game is as good as it gets and probably the best game of the genre currently available. While the Elite Soldier Pack and Slingshot Pack are just minor additions, the Enemy Within makes the game awesome. With addition of the new options, the game becomes a perfect 100/100 for me.