Reviews for Mighty Quest For Epic Loot - Diamond Supply Pack (NA)


Alright game

Qwertyfour | March 6, 2014 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

In this game, defense is definitely the more challenging side of the game---this is where you make your own castle, which other players will be able to see and raid. As you acquire more gold and "life force" crystals, you can upgrade your castle, gaining access to stronger monsters and traps. Figuring out combinations that will actually work is quite challenging, and it's worthwhile to raid other players' castles just to see what works. There are a few monsters that are massively stronger than the rest, which is a little unfortunate, but again, that's beta for you, and all signs point to steady improvement in this regard. And when your castle finally does start defeating players, it's very satisfying. This pack does add a few pay to win elements, but it's all in all very worth it.