Reviews for Blackguards - Untold Legends DLC


If you liked the game, get more

michalmichal | May 21, 2014 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Blackguards may be a hit or miss choice for many gamers. Some will love it for the dark mood, story and characters, while some will be disappointed with the outcome of Daedalic's venture into the RPG genre. If you don't like the game, I will not try to convince you to get a DLC for it. But if you liked the atmosphere, story, RPG elements or strategic parts of the game, you might want to add some more content to the game. The Untold Legends DLC pack adds new quests for these who liked the RPG aspect of the game, and new battle maps for these who like xcom-like strategic combat. Then there are some new weapons and additional tracks to listen while playing. All in all, it seems it's a decent DLC pack.