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Two old shooters that haven't aged well but can be fun

Legolas_Katarn | Dec. 21, 2015 | See all Legolas_Katarn's reviews »

Incoming Forces includes the title game as well as the 1998 original Incoming, after installing the game you can choose which of the two that you want to play. Incoming takes place in the year 2009 and has you controlling vehicles and turrets to defend Earth from Alien Invaders. For the time the game was well received for its graphics and sound design, neither of which have aged well. A level might have you starting out defending a base as a stationary turret, then having you pilot an aircraft to a waypoint destroying the enemies in your way, and then turn into a top down RTS style game where you select your units inside of your base and choose what attacking units they should focus on or where they should move. The gameplay can still be enjoyable but is very simple. There are also more exclusively action focused modes without the RTS like sections. Unfortunately, the Steam version doesn't seem to work for some people and the mouse controls lag and are not usable in the normal game, there is two keyboard and a joystick setting and you can edit the controls. I don't know how you can or if you are even able to do the RTS parts without the mouse so you will have to change the controls and then slow down the time to complete those sections. The sequel Incoming Forces takes place after Incoming and includes cutscenes and a story and has you taking the role of an alien race being attacked by hostile humans that have accused you of dealing with the aliens that attacked them. The gameplay is similar to Incoming but you are not switched to different vehicles by the game and instead have to do it yourself. Just about everything has been improved in the sequel, although the tank controls can be awkward when you are trying to aim and steer. Neither game has aged well but you can still have some fun with them, there are better options out there though and the problems that Steam has with the first game make it more difficult to play.


Still good

Demilisz | March 25, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Incoming Forces is a sequel to great Incoming, a beautiful shooter from 1998. While in Incoming we was protecting Earth from Alien invasion, this time role is reversed - Humans are attacking Alien's worlds and player must repel them. Yes, Incoming Forces is one of few games where player is fighting against humans, not for them. To repel the invasion player can control flying aircrafts, alien tanks and even stationary guns destroying enemy units on four different worlds. Each vehicle handles a little differently and mission's variety is good enough to not feel bored. This game, as well as first one, is perfect for someone looking for good old shooter where plot is nothing more than excuse for total destruction.