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Batmobile: Arkham raceway.

coldrefreader | Dec. 2, 2015 | See all coldrefreader's reviews »

Batman: Arkham Knight is a dense and enthralling action-adventure game with a winding, if predictable, story that does make you feel like the Batman both inside and outside the Batmobile. There are too many Batmobile gameplay segments, however, making this predominantly similar in theme to that Batmobile-focused Batman arcade game. This is unfortunate, as the presence of the Batmobile ensured a much larger, multi-layered Gotham City that looks wonderful and was crafted with an unnecessary level of detail. The combat and stealth are the same as before, but their adjustments and brevity keep the familiar Batman sections just different enough to feel new. As intended, the Batmobile is a nice change of pace, even if its numerous sections get old and nearly overstay their welcome. From start to finish, there is constantly something interesting to take in and someone interesting to take down, making Batman: Arkham Knight the inspiring ride we deserve for the duration of its 10 to 25 hour experience. Until next time, hero


The unbrushed diamond of Arkham

Sloxi | Nov. 21, 2015 | See all Sloxi's reviews »

Ok, so I'm a big fan of batman, but I will try and be as objective as possible. I have a pretty good rig so I will not dwell on its performance and I am sure that you guys are well acquainted with the optimization. Let's start with the story. I hear a lot of people talk about the story as a disappointment but I think that's because they're still under the influence of the performance. Remember Arkham Origins? It was received as the worse arkham game in the series, even not part of the original trilogy. Now the people start to change their mind like: Oh it was actually good. Without spoiling anything I will say that Scarecrow is the big baddie in this one. He rallied almost all of the rogue gallery from the past games (with the addition of some new guys but if you haven't played it I'm not gonna spoil anything). Anyway, he threatens to release a fear gas on the city so it's once again evacuated. It's up to our caped crusader to once again save the city from doom. The story isn't anything special on paper, but the real gems are the many twists and turns this game has. The only thing I would change are the events leading up to the big reveal of the Arkham Knights identity. Everything else was just perfect. It has some of the most emotional moments that I ever witnessed in my 15 or so years of gaming. There isn't more I can say about the story without spoiling anything, you'll just have to play it, but, I urge you, do it slow, savour the moment, because I would give anything to be able to play it again for the first time. They really outdid themself with the gameplay in this one. The biggest addition in this game in my opinion is (no I don't think it's the batmobile, we'll get to that later) the gliding mechanics. The way you can glide trough the beautiful Rocksteadys representation of Gotham is just mesmerizing. You really do feel like the batman. I had the game since the release date and i would still just fire it up and just glide and bomb dive and glide and bomb dive and... you get my meaning. Anyway I digress. The freeflow combat is more fluid and responsive then ever. They added some new moves (you can pick up a thug from the ground and continue beating on him, you can punch a guy on the ground withoug lossing your combo) and some new animations (for example the animation of batman fighting differs when you're holding the crouch button and when you're fighting standing up, it's so cool). Now, what kinda batman would SPOILER ALERT Bruce Wayne be if he didn't have some new gadgets that make the predator parts very diverse. They added the voice synthesizer which you can use to emulate the voices of Harley, Arkham Knight etc and give orders to their thugs. Aaah the batmobile. I liked the batmobile, but that's because I played the main missions far apart. If you run trough the game and do only main missions you'll get sick of the batmobile mainly because of the tankfight that are all virtually the same. Hell, i even got sick of it at one point and to tell you the truth i was very relieved after one mishap with it. All in all it's nicely implemented in Gotham, I just think the game would be better with just a little bit less of it.


Fantastic game, bad port.

rattleraptor02 | Sept. 4, 2015 | See all rattleraptor02's reviews »

First thing I need to say about this game: it's awesome. It has it's flaws, obviously, but the story is good, the world feels incredibly alive even if there's not any citizen in it, and the gameplay is absolute joy. The cons? It's been ported so badly. Bad framerate, full of bugs, barely playable, or at least it's what I heard. I experienced those issues too, but not that much to totally ruin my experience. And the good thing is that now that I've installed windows 10, I have no idea why, the game runs significantly better, so if you're a hardcore gamer I advise you to upgrade. And finally later this month the patch should arrive so the game will be fixed. But issues aside, the game feels great from the beginning. As soon as you start gliding in gotham, or driving the batmobile for the first time (yes, geting there later on), the game makes you feel like batman even more than the predecessors. The stealth is made even bigger and more challenging, with more things to do, and the combat is suprisingly better than the fantastic one we had in the other games. The story may have it's flaws, but it's entertaining no doubt, and I really liked it, The side missions will make you busy for quite a long time and the open world feels huge even if it's not actually that big. So the game sounds perfect right? Well there is a flaw, the batmobile. God there's just too much of it. Using it to drive is great, the problem is the tank combat. It's not bad, not at all, but there so many of those battles that it gets so boring till the end. "Oh no,another one of those?" So the game is fantastic to me but it has 2 issues, one is the actual status of the PC port, and the other is the tank combat. So consider the rating a 90 if the game is fixed, with the last 10 points stolen by the batmobile.


Very well crafted story

gforcesa | Sept. 1, 2015 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

First of all don't buy thing game until its fixed because it has a lot of framerate issues on high end machines which is sad.I did play that game on PC (sadly) and could't wait for a patch to be fixed.A part from the awful frame drops at somepoints i really enjoyed the story of this game and i think it to be the best one since Arkham Asylum.While playing the campaign i felt goosebumps roaming through Gotham City and its streets.One great thing is the bad ass Batmobile.Drive through Gotham city, chase criminals,solve Riddler's riddles and so many other challenges.I want to speak about the story and do a big review on this but for the big fans of Batman and the Arkham games I simply don't want to spoil the fun for you.DLC's are also pretty good especially The Red Hood one which is by far my favorite only down side is they are like 10-20 minutes long depending on how you decide to play it.After all this i can't say anything bad about the game(well except the ENTIRE GAME that needs fixing) and would gladly recommend playing it after a fix comes out.


A broken mess

Murderbot735 | June 25, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

I bought this because GMG had 40% off, and I don't really mind waiting for the game to get playable - at least not if it takes too long for them to do it. But if you buy this and expect to play it instantly, that's a bad idea. For some people it works, but for what seems like most people it doesn't. Too me it stutters like hell when I'm in the Batmobile, the frame-rate (that usually is locked at 30, but can be fixed), is extremely inconsistent and sometimes drops to about 30 when flying or - again - driving the Batmobile. Except for all the technical problems the game is good, but it's very hard to enjoy as it is. There's also a lot of motion blur, which can't be turned off.


The great Batman on a bad realization

Armannn | June 23, 2015 | See all Armannn's reviews »

I am not very happy to give this game a bad rating, but it simply does not fit to what I expected. From the very first moment when my installation finished and in the next 2 hours I didn't expect myself sitting in front of my PC trying to figure out a way to launch the game. I understand that today is the actual release day, but it took me 2 hours to find a way to launch the game successfully. On the other side, sometimes it happens that I get problems regarding the textures. I am pretty sure that the black-metal texture is not supposed to be seen on Batman's outfit. Of course, his outfit's textures should be black, but the reflection is not supposed to be like it's metal. Beside all the negativity, there's a positive thing. Despite so many problems, bugs and glitches, the game can still be enjoyable if you at least try to forget them. For that sake, I am giving this game a 75 rating. What I hope to see soon is a fix for all that.