Reviews for Assassins Creed Brotherhood


Probably my favourite in the series

Gmen | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

The Assassin’s Creed series has been with us now for more than six years, with a new title arriving each year. But for me, Brotherhood was about the best – it was certainly the last one I have bothered with so far. You play as Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II, and a lot of what made said game good was improved upon here. You can upgrade your weapons and receive new inventions from an old friend (you should recognise him!) to help give you an edge in combat and in other areas. About the best feature in Brotherhood is being able to train new assassin recruits and send them on assignments, which will gain them experience and skill points which you can use to upgrade their abilities. You can buy properties in the city to generate income, which in turn will aid you in being able to acquire more powerful weapons and items. I find there’s definitely more interaction with the world around you, and your actions matter more than ever. Playing as Ezio makes you feel like a powerful mafia boss, which essentially, he is – but he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Think of this as GTA: Vice City, but with horses instead of cars. Combat and manoeuvring your character about is still a weak point here as it had been with every AC game before it. Graphically Brotherhood doesn’t look a hell of a lot different from either Assassin’s Creed or Assassin’s Creed II. A lovely score composed by one of the masters, Jesper Kyd, never fails to disappoint and is one of the highlights of this title.


Not as good as I'd hoped.

Thousandforms | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all Thousandforms's reviews »

I'm new to assassins creed and I spent a good while looking at which one I should start with without trading off graphics etc. I chose this one and well really I'm kinda disappointed by it. Firstly: The number of cut scenes is truely annoying, sometimes inbetween cut-scenes you may only have to do one thing: 'press any button'-why?! and sometimes you just walk one more pace and it's yet another cut scene... secondly: puzzle-esk things, at the beginning, the part in modern-time, the puzzles are repetative and boring.. they lacked inspiration, or action. Thirdly: I was dissapointed to find out that all of those cool fight scenes- well theres only really one 'fight' button.. other than the dodge and grab, it's just x for attack and LT +X for counter attack.. I was just hoping for more.. Finally: My version is on uplay: I cant say whether this one is or not as I don't think I bought it from this site, but uplay sucks, it takes forever to download things, update, etc. slooow. I havent given up on it yet, so I'll give it 40something... At least running across roofs is fun.....!


My Favourite So Far

Stuman31 | Nov. 25, 2013 | See all Stuman31's reviews »

Of the Assassin's Creeds I have played, I would say this one has been my favourite. Going into it i actually thought it was just going to be glorified DLC, but it is an entire game to itself. There are a few new additions (like having the ability to call on other assassins) that do develop this game past the previous one. Though this does really improve in no way graphically to the series, and is much more of a sideways step it is a lot of fun. However, like all the Assassins Creed games, you get used to a very similar game play. Which makes playing the games back to back rather dull. But if you were only going to play one Assassins Creed game, this is the one id pick


Assassin, lots of them...

Gojko | Oct. 11, 2013 | See all Gojko's reviews »

This is the third part of the game... ok not third, but part that is going between second and third. Encio is back with new task, better graphic, but also with mod for multiplayer game. You get new responsibilities, but also opportunities. You have to spend time training recruits, but also you can call the tasks companions for help. Graphic is better in this part, it's much more smoother than in others. Sound... what sound... ah that sound, I was thinking is nature around me. Recommendation for all players.


A Sequel Which Is Only To Get More Money

lagendofdoom | Sept. 28, 2013 | See all lagendofdoom's reviews »

I would call this game "Assassin's Creed 2.5", they did add a couple of improvement but still it is an Assassin's Creed 2 which continues its story and only for the storyline its worth to play this game.... I was already bored in the middle of Assassin's Creed 2 so in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood a literally played out of boredom and even the story was not enough for me to enjoy this game... it was really repetitive in so many ways that I had to ask a friend to help me complete this game.


Slightly disappointing sequel to a great saga.

asiersua | Sept. 25, 2013 | See all asiersua's reviews »

I won't say this game is bad and you shouldn't buy it - quite the opposite, actually, if you're into this series, you must get this one to at least follow up with the story. However, it kind of fell flat after the huge changes that came about with AC2. It's set in a similar environment, with the same main character, but a few years later. It introduces new mechanics which are quite fun, but all in all it doesn't change much from AC2, and if I had to pick, I'd definitely get the second one instead of this one.


Fun but a little disappointing sequel

KingMassive | Sept. 3, 2013 | See all KingMassive's reviews »

Assassin's Creed II is one of the best games ever made and deserves a good sequel. Luckily, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is that, even though little disappointing. It improves on some aspects of the previous installment but it does lack in terms of size and originality. ACII did so many things that the first game didn't that you'd expect Brotherhood to outshine ACII but it sadly just doesn't get there. It goes backwards on some things, doesn't really improve on anything besides graphics and offers more of the same that we already saw in ACII. But even with it's flaws it has one major addition to the series, the great and addicting multiplayer. But in the end, if you liked AC and ACII, you won't waste your money with this sequel to Ezio's story, even though you won't be wowed like in ACII.


A good, fun sequel

ConorEngelb | Aug. 7, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

Brotherhood is exciting. Carrying on from AC2, the story is well-paced and blends together well with the gameplay and environment (which is beautiful to behold).


It continues.

jackyboi1014 | June 11, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

Amazing Game. Update to the graphics engine improves so much on the look and feel, auditory sounds in the cities make it so much more lifelike than in the past two games, the HUD has been slimmed down and the optimization of the game is just amazing. New interactions, attacks, items, weapons, city economies, additional parkour elements and a brand new story-line delving deeper into Desmond makes this much less an upgrade with the same characters and different story-line, but a fully new game with four times the facets as the previous one. The multiplayer has been flawless since release day, being able to choose your own character skin and just the simple way to play multiplayer with the quick tutorial is so much fun and before you know it 2 hours have gone by in extreme fun.


an improvement on AC2

maddocks2379 | May 12, 2013 | See all maddocks2379's reviews »

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood follows on straight after AC2, where Ezio believes his job is done and he can relax. Well he's wrong and the borgais army destroys the manor. Ezio has to bring together his own brotherhood of assassin's to defeat the borgias. The game is a definite improvement over AC2, i preferred the 1 large city and buying shops to increase cash flow. The option of calling assassin's does make it a little easier but its a fun addition. Combat is still a little average and too easy. Graphics are good, character textures are better and rome looks great. Its a good AC game


Pretty awesome...

Kaieh1234 | April 24, 2013 | See all Kaieh1234's reviews »

Ezio is back once again, with his merry band of assassin brothers to bring justice to the world once more. With this game, there is an addition, you can recruit and train your own disciple assassins, and send them on mini missions to improve on their abilities and let them level up, they can also be called upon if they aren't currently away on a mission to aid you in a fight, and after a short cooldown period, they can be called upon again, it's a pretty nifty feature. the money and the properties are still present from AC2, the graphics are as beautiful as ever, they also added a multiplayer, which for me personally, ruined the game, as I detest playing online, as I'm not the greatest gamer in the world. It's definitely worth a purchase if you liked the previous games!


Solid improvement over AC2

Knurek | March 9, 2013 | See all Knurek's reviews »

I must say, Assassin's Creed 2 surprised me a bit by how, well, good it was. Brotherhood, being direct story sequel to that game, takes the general framework and adds a lot of polish. No more blindly searching for collectibles - you can buy maps for just about everything you can find if you want to. The battle system got some much needed improvements, most important of which is the ability to call a squad of CPU controlled assassins. Which removes a lot of tedium from the game, and quite frankly, never gets old. Missions are more varied, with some setpieces being honestly brilliant, and there's quite a lot of side stuff to do as well. Yes, the story is still borderline stupid, economy in the game is beyond broken (you max out your gold around 2/3rds of the game), Desmond sections are still not that fun (and there's a lot more of them this time) and the last two or three missions are simply not fun but the whole thing is (almost) constantly a pleasure to play. If you played AC2 and liked it, get this one as well. You won't be disappointed.


Great sequel

Stebsis | Feb. 13, 2013 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Brotherhood may not be the big leap that AC2 was from 1, but it's still a damn great game, the second best Assassin's Creed. The biggest change is the setting, now there's only 1 city, Rome, and it is big. In AC2 you had this little place, Monteriggioni Villa that you could upgrade to get you better weapons, armor etc. from stores, but now the whole Rome is your playground. You can buy properties all around the town like bank, horse staples, and weapon and clothing stores. You can then purchase goods from them and all will add to your hourly income that you get and can withdraw the money from the bank. It's a great system and even though you sometimes seem to have a bit too much money, you still can't really abuse the system because at the end when buying all the stuff you need and want it balances out. Rome itself is just a beautiful place, though not as good looking as Venice. There're hundreds of little things to find and quests to do. Once again you play as Ezio Auditore continuing your quest to figure out what the heck is going on in the main plot and trying to figure out what the point of Desmond is. Well, seriously, you start right from the same point where AC2 left off, so I urge you to play it first as it's also a superb game. Story is pretty good and diverse missions in a big city are fun to do. The best part added in Brotherhood is the multiplayer, and this is odd for me as I don't usually like multiplayer as much as single player, but here mp just adds to the single player experience. It's really different from anything that I've ever played, there are couple of different game modes, for example in one you're divided into 2 teams of 4, and other team has to hunt others down. And in other mode you need to assassinate given target, but there're also others hunting you and as you do better in the round, the more people are gonna come after you. These are heart pounding minutes as you try to blend in the crowd while at the same time trying to hunt your targets as quickly as you can. Nothing really has gotten my blood run like Brotherhood multiplayer in a long time. If you liked AC2, you will like Brotherhood. It's a great sequel to Ezio storyline and multiplayer just adds to the experience.


Assasins creed 2, story continue!

crazyspike | Dec. 24, 2012 | See all crazyspike's reviews »

Continuation of Assassin's Creed 2. History of Ezio is going to be much more crazy, good main quest, tons of items and side quest to be completed. Graphic is very good, sound as always in Assassin's Creed Awesome! This part have multi-player when you compete with others players for best kills (score). In clear mind i can recommend Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Have FUN!


Assassins Creed,... perfected

MarkDeejay | Nov. 8, 2012 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Wonderful game. Beautiful graphics (with improved faces) and long lasting, open world gameplay. The game has some great new additions as well, in comparison to ACII. Running around also feels more natural this time. I continued playing this even after I finished it, and I don't do that very often. The multiplayer is great as well, very tense. Loved it.


As awesome as 2

schroff | Sept. 14, 2012 | See all schroff's reviews »

Ubisoft Continues the high of AC2 with this one. It's set in only one city this time - Rome. Ezio is a made a master assassin in this one and has guilds of assassins whom he trains in mini games\side quests and they return the favour by granting the rain of arrows ability which clears out an area of enemies - immensely useful for 100% syncing. Introduces the execution mechanic too. There's little to criticise here ... maybe that the game gets repetitive again but you don't notice it due to the fast pace. Cesare is an awesome bad guy and enjoy the colloseum part of the game, ezios singing is hilarious!


Assassin Creed 2 with many new features

panz3r88 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

If you have played Assassin's Creed 2 you will like Brotherhood, where many new features expand the very good gameplay of the previous chapter.The most important characteristic of the game is the possibility of recruit assassins for the guild, train them and call them to help you during your missions. In this chapter the number of secondary mission and their variety is increased. You will always have many things to do while you explore Rome. When you are tired of single player you can try the multiplayer mode that is quite original. There are various modes where you must assassinate one player and try to hide from other one that try to kill you.


Great story, Great game

EneSanyi | July 25, 2012 | See all EneSanyi's reviews »

I think Brotherhood is the best Assassin's Creed yet. Why? Because of the big changes from AC II. The game looks very nice, the animations are good too. The acts are fine at Ezio's story, AND Desmond's at the first time! The fights are good, but a little bit easy. The atmosphere makes this game great. You believe you are in Rome, and you a are a master assassin. The game time is between 10-20 hours and you're not bored while playing Ezio Auditore's fantastic memories. The multiplayer has got potential, but there are just a few players on PC. I recommend this game to everybody who likes medieval games with a little fight, a little sneaking, but start with Assassin's Creed II because of the fantastic story.


Assassin's Creed 2, with small refinements

Cynaris | July 20, 2012 | See all Cynaris's reviews »

Brotherhood is a lot like Assassin's Creed 2, the setting remains, the soundtrack is very similar, and the gameplay and variety hasn't changed much. However it does introduce 2 major things. You have your own Brotherhood where you train Assassin's by sending them on missions. They improve, and will help you whenever you call for their aid. It is a fine and well executed addition. The second one is your Villa. You are now taking over a small town, bringing shops back to life, improving your own residence, and increasing your income. It doesn't have much effect in the end, as you'll drown in money, but it is a nice addition nonetheless. The game is still thoroughly enjoyable, and recommended to play.


Great just not perfect

Bibber | June 20, 2012 | See all Bibber's reviews »

The sequel to what in my opinion was one of the best games of 2010 and a great game in it's own right. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood starts off where Assassin's Creed II left off, with Ezio and the pope in a vault under the Vatican in Rome, which is a good start, but how is the rest of the game? Gameplay The gameplay is still solid and hasn't changed much apart form adding some extra weapons, assassin recruits and a few tweaks to the HUD. The controls especially those for free running still work great, especially with a mouse and keyboard. That doesn't mean there aren't any gameplay issues, during some puzzles for example the game takes control of the camera, which makes them more difficult than they actually are. Also the combat in Brotherhood is still too easy especially when you have some recruits. Story It's difficult to fully understand the story if you haven't played ACII and don't read any of the background information the game supplies. Brotherhood's story is shorter than that of ACII, which makes sense considering Brotherhood takes place in Rome and ACII has more cities. The story itself is okay, it's not great, but it isn't really bad either. Sound Great voice acting and music, the music in this game creates a nice atmosphere but isn't that memorable. Graphics Looks pretty good, my only complaints are the seemingly small number of NPC models and the blood that doesn't really look like blood. Bottom line Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a great game and despite some minor flaws is still definitely worth buying.


A very good game.

arkantos | May 1, 2012 | See all arkantos's reviews »

This game is not as long as the previous one, and for most of the time you will be in Rome, as the previous one you will be able to buy and open shops of your own, which will give you money for a better gear, there's even a Facebook application which integrate with this game called "Project Legacy" that will help you to unlock bonus in-game.


Just can't get enough.

meiji | Nov. 20, 2011 | See all meiji's reviews »

The Sequel to AC:II. In my opinion this game has definitely lived up to it's brothers and sisters. it is by far the Best so far. The story has just gotten more complex and 10 times as interesting. Go as Ezio Auditore and save the world from a cruel fate by blending in, utilizing your swordsman skills, controlling the town, and more than ever before. And while your at it, grab some friends and play some 'hide and seek' in multiplayer!


Not as Good as the Second

Mondu | Sept. 16, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

Personally I feel the 2nd game is the best out of the series, Brotherhood improves upon the model of Assassin's Creed but doesn't really feel like it adds anything new. The story is basic and not as indepth, which I found disappointing, Combat has been improved slightly but it is still easy as ever with the 2 button system for countering. You can rennovate the districs in Italy in order to unlock new places of interest and shops which can sell specific items or give you quests to carry out - changing how the city looks with each rennovation you do. The newest addition is the assassin recruiting system, allowing you to recruit townsfolk once you save them from guards. Unfortunately I feel this could have been carried out in a more exciting way instead of dispatching a group of guards every time. You can then send these recruits to carry out missions and in time they will level up to become master assassins. Overall, AC:BH is a brilliant game and one which shouldn't be missed. Well worth the price and one of the better games this generation.


Best of the Bunch.

Deucalion | Aug. 20, 2011 | See all Deucalion's reviews »

Now personally I feel that the entire Assassin's Creed series is worthwhile for the story alone, only made sweeter by the sandbox type gameplay. Brotherhood manages to continue where the phenomenal AC2 left off, in both story and mechanics. Graphics, controls, combat, and more all have seen an improvement from AC2. Also, surprisingly the way the world can be managed has seen a large improvement too, with far more options for how and what shops/buildings to upgrade and even adds in ways to shape how the assassin's recruits train. The campaign is roughly 20 hours give or take depending on exploration. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys sandboxes and historical fiction/mystery type games. (For the best experience I recommend playing the other games in the series first.)


Go Ezio

Ratmandu79 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all Ratmandu79's reviews »

After the success of AC2 this is NOT what i expected. after ubisoft announced the series as a Trilogy the fact that they releaswed another game in Ezio's era threw me just a little but OH MY what a great move it was. really pushes the story forward and with a third Ezio installment due at the end of the year, this second episode just keeps getting bigger. and better.


A great game but has its flaws

gossip5 | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all gossip5's reviews »

Assasin's creed brotherhood is the next installment of the Assasin's creen series. In this game, you can command your very own crew of assassin recruits and send them off across europe to do missions. This game is graphically stunning to the point where Rome, the setting, seems to pop out. This game has its flaws however, with reptitive missions such as the warmachine/Leonardo ones, and with the quirky hud getting in the way of the game. This game also has multiplayer. A new addition to the franchise, the modes are just a cat and mouse with a little of this and that thrown into it, but it won't stop you enjoying a game where you stab someone in the back while you hop down from a building. Get this game, while it's not the best of the best, it's still worth a shot.


Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Review

mevidek | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all mevidek's reviews »

AC:B seemed to me before I got it, a game that moved away from AC's origins, and ignored everything the first to games built up. Oh, how wrong I was. AC:B is a great game, providing better gameplay than any other AC game to date, and paves the path for future AC games, which is good. Very good. Identical graphics to AC2, AC:B doesn't really expand on this front. However this aside, there is a ton of content to explore, including a story that is 20-50 hours long, with numerous items to collect, cloaks to purchase, Followers of Romulus' hiding spots to discover, and borgia towers to destroy. Not including the puzzles left but Subject 13 across Renaissance Italy. Improving almost entirely, AC:B is a winner. Introducing a new Assassin recruiting system, this game is much more about personal actions than it advertises. A strong multiplayer that isn't as good as some others, a good storyline and good core gameplay, AC:B is one game you need to get!


Most Refined Assasin Creed title Yet

faraany3k | Aug. 17, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Assassin's Creed 2 was widely lauded as one best title in years. It was unique, innovative and improved each and everything that the original Assassin Creed was missing. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is a direct sequel to |Assassin Creed 2. We still play as a young Assassin named Ezio Auditore, who finds himself in a political power struggle of between two historical factions, Templars and Assassins. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood improves each and every aspect of Assassin's series even further. Attention to detail in each and every aspect of game is groundbreaking and never to be seen in a video game before. Storyline, historical accuracy, voice overs are done with Hollywood standard perfection. The game fundamentally plays same like AC2, but it mainly differs in small ways that add to overall enjoyment factor. Side-quests now are actually fun, varied and there are a ton of them. There is also an economy system in place aswell. We are to buy certain types of weapon shops, Armour shops and banks in the game, which then earn us profit overtime during our gameplay. Another brand new feature and a prominent one is new Brotherhood system. In order to increase our influence over the city, we recruit new Assassins which then work for us both in game, and we can give them contracts which they do outside game world. These contract work like a probability game. For example if the contract is easy and we send enough Assassins we end up completing the contract, which then rewards with in-game money.They can be also called in game. We can call them in game aswell to help us clear a guard post. They clear the path and then vanish and can be recalled for a fight after a limited cool-down. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is first in the series which has introduced a multiplayer portion aswell. Multiplayer mode has a innovative game mode where we need to freely roam in the city and hunt and assassinate other Assassins while keeping our self safe. This Cat and Mouse encounters provide an intense and exhilarating experience. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is essentially the best in the series. And if you are already a fan of Assassin's Creed franchise. You cant miss this one.


Fantastic Game.

Altezzoso | Aug. 16, 2011 | See all Altezzoso's reviews »

Assassins Creed 2 was a fantastic game. This is an even more polished version with some nice features thrown in. I was very sceptical as to how recruiting assassins would work but this mechanic was easy, fun and very useful. Another part of the game I was expecting to be poor was the multiplayer but it is excellent. Sometimes it can take a while to find a game but it is well worth the wait IMO. The gameplay is largely the same as AC2 which is no bad thing. The story is good in my opinion and makes you want to play more just to learn more about it. It is well paced and is never boring. Graphics are superb but that is no surprise. Content is rich and the economic system in the game is really nice. All in all this game is great and well worth your money.


Fantastic Adventure game

MadArthur | Aug. 13, 2011 | See all MadArthur's reviews »

I must admit, the first Assassin's Creed was rather boring and uninteresting. It lacked a lot that the second one made up for, and Brotherhood further improves the series. In AC:BH, you continue to live the life of Ezio Auditore, through many perils and challenges, interesting twists in a story full of vengeance and deception. The gameplay is fundamentally the same. You run around and stab people. But a lot of depth has been added. There are many new counter attacks, weapon attack variations, and animations to give combat a slightly new feel, and there are a lot of tasks to complete around the city. The story, while short, is very interesting. I enjoyed it thoroughly. At this point there is not much more I can say without spoiling the story, overall it's a fantastic game, I would recommend it to anyone.


Must buy!

ktbtren | Aug. 11, 2011 | See all ktbtren's reviews »

This game is awesome! The single player is improved yet again just like the previous game did to its predecessor. This time you have even more missions to do and this time around you can replay any mission you’ve completed , at any time. The biggest addition to the single player this time around is your Brotherhood, in which you have fellow assassin’s that you train by sending them out to do missions on their own or use them as allies against the guards or your assassination targets. The game offers more than 40 hours of gameplay just in the single player campaign. The game also introduces a multiplayer mode in which you have to use your observation skills more than anything if you want to finish on top. Merely killing your enemies will yield little points. To earn high score you’ve got to kill your target discreetly while avoiding your own pursuers. The multiplayer feels very developed and not just a “slap on” job. There’s level progressions that unlocks new abilities, perks, death and kill streaks as well as new characters and character basic customization. Sadly sometimes it takes a while to find a session to play, even up to 10 minutes and other times it takes less than a minute. Overall this game is worth it with rich single player and exciting multiplayer you can’t go wrong.


Another great sequel!

newn | Aug. 10, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

This sequel is even better than AC2. Although they are quite similar, except the graphics is better. Combat is a bit different, though I liked the combat from AC2 more. Maybe it's just because I played it more than I should have. I think that the combat mechanics appeared to be more realistic in AC2. Maybe not exactly more realistic, but much harder. In this sequel the combat is much easier than AC2, but it's still very interesting and fun. Besides - easy combat is more fun if you want to relax. The story continues from AC2, Ezio Auditore da Firenze is now in Assassin order and can do a lot more with his skills. That might explain the easier combat by logic too. This game is definitely worth the full price, but I recommend buying AC2 first, then buy and play this sequel because of the story. Besides - you might stumble upon a discount for it while playing AC2 and save 10€!


Way better than expected.

GAMERamble | Aug. 8, 2011 | See all GAMERamble's reviews »

Released shortly after Assassin's Creed 2 and continuing the story directly, my initial thoughts were that Brotherhood would just be a glorified mission pack to showcase the new multiplayer mode. Since I had no interest in multiplayer Assassins' Creed I thought that this game would hold very little for me. I couldn't have been more wrong. Instead of one or two new memory sequences, Brotherhood carries the story forward with a single player campaign that is comparable in length with the last two games and arguable even more feature packed. Expanding on what was good in the last game but falling short of a full fledged sequel, Brotherhood nevertheless has a lot to offer to fans. As the name implies Ezio can now recruit fellow assassin's and call upon their assistance in battle. Their help can really turn the tide and make some missions a bit too easy but it's definitely a nice new addition to the franchise. Their numbers are tied to the amount of districts you've liberated and there's a cool down period when making use of their skills but its still easy to misuse them in order to make Ezios life easier. You can send them off on missions so they earn money and experience making them unavailable for the duration but these typically don't last more than ten minutes. Thieves, courtesans and mercenaries are still available for hire but I found myself making less use of their services. Faction buildings can be opened up to increase income and put more members of one of these three groups in the area. There's also loads of side missions associated with these groups and even the shops so if you area completionist you'll have a lot to keep yourself busy with. Speaking of which if you want to complete a mission with 100% sync you'll now have to fulfil some extra criteria like only killing the target, not swimming or not touching the ground. Fail to adhere to the rules and you'll only get 50% sync rate upon completion. This in a way balances out the assassin assistance you have at your beck and call.For the first time in the series there is a multiplayer component which for the most part seem to work pretty well. Provided you can find descent opponents the deadly games of cat and mouse will serve as a nice diversion from the main quest and extend the life of the game. While the game was loads of fun to play it does fall short in certain areas. The mission where Ezio has to lead twenty mercenaries disguised (badly) as French troops through the city felt like herding cats due to the game not being very consistent with where it allows you to go. A few steps to the left might get you a "failure" while a few metres to the right is fine and vice versa. The same thing with missions where you have to tail people. Chase missions can also cause some hair tearing with tons of enemies literally appearing out of thin air next to you when you thought you have escaped. Not cool, especially with a timer ticking down and a checkpoint that tells you to "become anonymous" in order to continue. All I can say is that smoke bombs and arrow strikes are your friend. While Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is not the big leap forward that Assassin's Creed 2 was I don't think that ever was the intention. The multiplayer mode may have been hogging the limelight but I was surprised at the amount of content included with the single player. This game offers a lot of value for money and certainly whets the appetite for Assassin's Creed 3.


Great Sequel to AC2

IganX | July 22, 2011 | See all IganX's reviews »

In first place, I must say that this game continues the story of Ezio Auditore, started in AC2, so if you haven't played that game, play it first! Now, this game on its own is pretty well done. The graphics and visual effects are great as in any AC, the storyline is complex and makes the game addictive, the gameplay has been improved, for we get to use even more weapons and equipment, and the management aspect has been developed with the feature of training your guild. This being said, this is a game with an awesome singleplayer mode, but its multiplayer can seem to be cool in first place, but its repetitive and gets boring quite soon. Overall, this is a game which you will like if you played any previous AC, but don't get it only for the multiplayer, for it isn't that great.


This game redefines "improvement"

dukenukem | July 18, 2011 | See all dukenukem's reviews »

When I first heard about "AC:Brotherhood" my thoughts were mixed. On the one hand, I was excited. On the other hand, I thought "meh, they are going to cash in the success of AC2" and forgot about it. Then, I saw it in action on a friend's PC and thought "It's actually quite good". Turns out I wasn't wrong. The game redefines the word "improvement". Almost everything that made AC2 great is here in a refined way. The varied missions are here. The combat has been improved. The graphics are better. There's a lot more to do, from recruiting assassins to finding new memories which will help you understand better the story (which is quite good albeit somewhat far fetched). Add a multiplayer mode which feels right at home with the franchise and you've got a winner. This game deserves to be played, it really shows that Ubisoft has come a long way since the first Assassin's Creed.


Better than AC2, but, play AC2 first, for the sake of story

Gh0st233 | July 14, 2011 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

This game is pretty similar to AC2, but of course, there are some changes. The combat is much more fluid, and you can now execute 20 enemies in 10 seconds, which in AC2 would take a long time, and would be pretty hard. This game, however, is not any easier than AC2, especially if you want to achieve 100% synchronization. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood continues the story of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, as he now has his assassin order and is much more experienced than he was in AC2. The game itself is really fun and intense at some points in the story. I would recommend buying the game when the new one comes out and the price drops. I think you should be able to wait a couple of months.


An excellent sequel to a great game

sesprit21 | July 6, 2011 | See all sesprit21's reviews »

Assassin's Creed 2 was such a big improvement from the original Assassin's Creed, that it left a lot of people wanting more. Well, here's the new installment in this epic franchise. I am pleased to say that it brings just enough new things to the table (Rome, managing your team, engaging new characters and stories) to suck you right in. The multiplayer is a bit clunky, however they managed to fix a lot of issues. All in all, if you are looking for an epic game with a beautiful setting, interesting characters and stunning visuals, you just can't miss Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.