Reviews for South Park: The Stick of Truth


If you like South Park, You are going to love this game!

BlockAgent | Feb. 29, 2016 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

I love the TV show, but have never liked any of the South Park games, until this one. It looks just like the show and is a blast to play. It plays like a classic turn based RPG. The graphics are great, the sound and voices are wonderful and the the gameplay is very enjoyable. The writing and story are just as entertaining as they are on the TV show. I also encountered no glitches at all during my playthrough. This game wont disappoint you.


As funny as it is fun to play

Vausch | Nov. 7, 2015 | See all Vausch's reviews »

This game is basically like playing an extended episode of the show, or rather one of their trilogy episodes. The trademark anything goes humour that made South Park so controversial is there in full, giving fans just what they want. The game takes place as you, the new kid, show up to South Park when the cast is in the middle of a LARP game based on sword and sorcery. You are recruited by Cartman and begin the quest to protect the titular Stick of Truth, giving those who hold it control over the world itself! Or let you make up rules, either or. The gameplay is quite solid. It's a turn-based RPG with the ability to block with correct timing, varied classes for your preferred play style as a Fighter, Mage, Thief, or Jew (basically a Monk for you classic RPG fans). The upgrades and abilities are coming constantly and keeps your tactics changing throughout, and the other characters that form your party all have fun and unique moves (though you are not able to customise them). The only real negatives I would have for this would be that some characters get very impatient when you're setting up for you moves, Stan in particular. It can also sometimes get obnoxious to have to leave a character, go back and find the one required to help you in a certain scenario, then drop them and go back with the one you want to keep around. Having up to 2 others in your party might have helped. All in all, the game is very solid with a fun an hilarious story, great gameplay, and serves as a nice treat for fans of the show and turn-based RPGs in general. I can't wait for the sequel!


More Then Just Fart Jokes... Kinda.

tycouture1 | Nov. 2, 2015 | See all tycouture1's reviews »

It goes without saying that Matt Stone and Trey Parker put out a product that if it doesn't offend you out of watching it right away has a lasting impression which has lasted for quite a few years now. Although this game had it's ups and downs during its release process when it finally ended up coming out it did so with a bang. Looking passed the crude humor and vile over tones this game at its heart pays homage to classic RPG gaming in a way that RPG games haven't done since the PS3 era. Not only is the combat elements of this game done in such a way that it doesn't ever get old, every other aspect of the game (minus the story which I'll touch on in a second) is everything you'd want in a turn based RPG. Items, skills, characters, side quests, you name it South Park SOT delivers in spades. To the point of the story, if you don't like South Park the cartoon you'll be hard pressed to enjoy this game, however, if you can either A. Ignore the story of B. Enjoy South Park this is as close to playing your favorite cartoon as you'll ever get. Finally as this review was written well after it's release I still recommend this as a must play over any amount of time as it is truly that good.


South Park takes on the gaming world...and wins

Zaggeta | May 8, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

South Park has always been a great show due to its complete lack of political correctness. This is why we love it and the game follows the same line. The story is reminiscent of the best of South Park, guaranteeing hilarity that never gets old. Gameplay wise, the combat is a modernised version of the old JRPG instanced combat tying together reflex and tactics. The combat is not the games strong suit but is not bad. Exploration will be especially fun for any South Park fan as they explore the depths of the town they have watched for so long. A must have for anyone looking for a laugh and a decent RPG to boot.


Respect my authority

KingTed | Feb. 20, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

The Stick of Truth is what happens when South Park makes a RPG parody. The game system is pretty straightforward and simple but it's still fun. The story is short but it's very pleasant thanks to the fact that you create your own avatar that will be the new kid in town. Good fans service and enjoyable mechanics are what define South Park : The Stick of Truth.


Great and Funny RPG

lachking | Dec. 22, 2014 | See all lachking's reviews »

South Park The Stick of Truth is a very interesting game. On the one hand you have a simplistic RPG with turn based combat, a rather basic class system and cartoonish graphics, but on the other hand you have a brilliantly crafted representation of the TV show with some of the most wicked sense of humour ever seen in a video game. I have played quite a few RPG games, and although the gameplay mechanics of the Stick of Truth are a little basic, this is definitely one of the better ones I have played. The game captures the South Park theme magnificently and you feel as though you are participating in an episode of the show. What the game lacks in depth it makes up for in presentation and style of humour. Just like the show, this game is absolutely hilarious. Simply put, this is the funniest game I have ever played. There are many different types of jokes and profanities and these really set the scene for the gameplay elements the game provides. Although the game is relatively short (compared to other RPG games) and you will likely see most of what the game has to offer through one playthrough, this is a great game that is definitely worth your time.


Absolutely fantastic game!

seamzo | Oct. 4, 2014 | See all seamzo's reviews »

This game is the greatest licensed game to ever be created. It looks and feels exactly like the show, so if you're a fan of the show you'll love it. It's also a great RPG game. So it's one of the greatest shows ever, mixed with some of the greatest RPG elements ever, what else could you want?


An 8 - 12 hour long South Park episode

999flame | Sept. 22, 2014 | See all 999flame's reviews »

The Stick of Truth is, in essence, an extremely long episode of South Park in which you control a character and to be honest it's absolutely BRILLIANT. If you're an existing fan of South Park then you should definitely pick this up because it's incredibly fulfilling, and it's a pretty good RPG by itself. The plot is typical South Park-type comedy mixed with that stereotypical RPG feel. All in all, the game is deserving of an incredibly high score.


Finally a great South Park game.

Furrek | Sept. 22, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

If you are fan of this epic show you probably know how previous South Park were - some platformers, minigames, racing, tower defense. Sure, for an absolute fan, everything was great. South Park: The Stick of Truth is first serious game in South Park set in South Park universe. I would never expect that RPG based on this kind of show can be so awesome. Mostly, I can recommend this game for fans of serial - because it's full of gags, characters, situations from EVERY South Park season. You will also hear a great music that was used in show. If you are not one - you will also enjoy it, because it's a solid RPG, with a humor that will makes everyone smile and jokes that always cross the road. The only thing that makes this game imperfect is that after you finish the game, there is almost nothing to do. But well, you can always replay the game as other class. It's, in my opinion, best game that is out in 2014 year.



Maltanis | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all Maltanis's reviews »

A simple rpg with classic turn based mechanics, smooth gameplay and great fun to play. Combined with the first class story you really feel part of a south park episode. The only downside is the lack of replayability, although there are 4 classes to choose from, the story is, for me, the champion of this game and the difference in the classes makes it difficult to pick up again.


Does the Show Justice

papazdo | Sept. 2, 2014 | See all papazdo's reviews »

Censorship kinda ruined the Aussie release for this game slightly. If there is any way of playing the uncensored version I recommend. Many of the Nazi voices in the game are removed, and instead just awkward silence. For the cut scenes, just youtube search. Other than that, this is the best TV to Game translation i've ever seen. Feels like a 10 hour episode of South Park. Gameplay is fun, funny and not too challenging. The game had no a low chance of being good... and ended up pretty great. These types of game rarely work out. Matt and Trey can do anything. Obsidian nailed the look. The only complaint I would have is that the humor of the game feels more like Season 1 - 3. Where recent South Park seasons have become quite clever in providing interesting the social commentary. Not a big deal, hopefully there is a South Park 2. I'm a massive fan of South Park, and this game does the show justice. I'd give it 100, but there could be improvements.


Take the truth in your hands.

hateah | July 26, 2014 | See all hateah's reviews »

that's one of the best RPG 2d games. There are all of the characters in south park, yuo can choose between characters as u unlock them. You have to follow the main story and do all the quests. There are a lot of weapons between u can choose, a lot of upgrades u can make for ur skills, you meet new friends which are helping you in the whole game and it's funny as hell! There are some just ridiculous scenes, it's indeed worth the money. The graphics are just like the animation! It's like you are watching the animation.. The voices are amazingly same as on the TV. You fight with your friends against different enemies in almost every quest you have to finish, you can use skills to them, first you and then your ally, and then the enemy have the chance to use their skills. If you die you can use your ally and control him.


A must play for South Park fans!

TheTwerkBot | July 17, 2014 | See all TheTwerkBot's reviews »

To be honest, what got me into the south park series was this game, so I'll recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of South park! The graphics are typical 2D graphics, a bit cartoon-ish graphics, as you would say. But the music is great, from the series itself. The story is funny, with many references. But it is quite a great RPG turn base game. Overall, I recommend this game.


if you like RPGs and Southpark you'll like this

mirta000 | May 16, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

The game plays like an early final fantasy RPG. You select your class (your class can be Jew), you get a buddy to fight along your side, you get set on the main quest line and then you're free to go out and explore! When exploring you'll occasionally run into turn based combat sequence where you select what abilities to hit the badies with and then the baddies hit you back. What really makes this game amazing is the story. It's exactly what Southpark is - part social commentary (trough out the whole game you're collecting followers on a social networking site which is a big part of the game), part over the top crazyness (fight space aliens that are trying to probe your backside!), part dark humour (even some of your attacks are quire vulgar). Cons? For an RPG the game is short. It's around 10 hours for full completion with all of the sidequests and collectibles. Whether 10 hours is worth 40 pounds - that's your decision. Though time-money ratio is still significantly better than of any movie in a movie theater. Pros? It's exactly what Southpark stands for. Game developers got the main writer of Southpark to write it and it shows. No inconsistence. No boredom. If you're a fan of Southpark then this game is a must have! Overall it's an unforgettable experience.



ob9410 | April 20, 2014 | See all ob9410's reviews »

It starts as simple role playing kids and then suddenly aliens, nazi zombies, and the government are suddenly involved. It has the graphics of the show and the arrival of the foretold "New Kid". However there are some very graphic scenes. You can become friends with a school kid all the way to becoming friends with Jesus! But of course as an RPG it has magic, one of which is the dragon shout!


Best South Park game so far

MarkDeejay | April 16, 2014 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Ah, South Park The Stick Of Truth. It took a year longer to release than it should've, but it's finally here. Is it the South Park game we've been waiting for ? 'Yes, absolutely !' is what I would say. Let's start with the graphics. The graphics are similar to the TV show, meaning they are 2D and have a bit of a grainy look. It's like watching the 2D show, there are basically no differences here. Gameplay wise it's similar to games like Paper Mario. You walk around the town completing quests, searching for loot and taking part in battles. Quests are handed out by the people of South Park and normally consist of defeating certain enemies or finding specific items. Most of these quests are simple and relatively easy to complete, which fits the game in a way, but thankfully the main quest has a bit more variation and depth. Note that the whole game can be completed in 10-15 hours so it's not the biggest game we've ever seen or played. And that's a good thing, because near the end of the game it starts to overstay its welcome with its repetitive nature. 'Why', you ask ? Well, the battles are turn-based and except for some stronger enemies halfway through and near the end they never become exciting or very difficult. The special powers and summons are fun to use but you've probably seen most of it, or maybe all of it, within a couple of hours. And the fact that summons can't be used for boss fights is slightly disappointing. The humor is just fantastic, as is the voice acting. You can tell a lot of work and love was put into it. This is one of the reasons you should play The Stick Of Truth. There's some hilarious stuff in it. One small thing that doesn't really affect my opinion of the game but should be said anyway is the fact that some of the collectibles can't be collected anymore once you've finished the story. So, to all completionists out there; make sure you grab everything before wrapping up the story. Anyway, to wrap up my review: South Park The Stick Of Truth is the South Park game we've been waiting for and if you even remotely enjoy the show you owe it to yourself to play it at least once. You'll have a good time with it, believe me.


Humor over gameplay

damodarko | April 7, 2014 | See all damodarko's reviews »

The Stick of Truth is South Park at its best. It is in essence an interactive episode of the show; packed full of edgy humor and all of your favorite characters at their best. As a game there is nothing really special about it, it's basic but functional. Although, the entire map is revealed to you at the start of the game, I have to give credit, they really use the space and pack each few steps with content. However, don't expect to buy this game and expect it to re-invent the RPG. If you are a fan of the series, this is a must have. I laughed my way through the entire game and I hope this is extended regularly with DLC. Hopefully, they can keep this laugh a click series alive with new and regular content.


Game of the Year !!

wolferatus | March 30, 2014 | See all wolferatus's reviews »

This game is amazing, if you like South Park then this Game is a 1000000% MUST HAVE game!! If you don`t know who or what is South Park, but you love funny games and rollplay games, this is a must have too!! Pro: A lot of fun Long Playtime Many Quests Funny Story Funny Costumes, Weapons, and items A lot of crazy and funny Boss-fights Realy good and funny Music locks like the real TV Show Wonderful made Map (Canada is well done) Contra: Hitler Voice is funny but after a few times its annoying and if you know german, it makes no sence what they add as voices! Hitler said much more then only the few things in that game what would be much better but yeah, maybe they didn`t know german too :) A little Contra, only English Voices, for peoples who don`t understand english its maybe not so funny, the TV Show was translated in many languages. I give this game a 10 of 10 points, i would give more if there would be more points :) it`s amazing, realy, buy that game its worth the money (but please buy the UNCUT!!)


One of the most original RPG games to date

aerionmagnus | March 27, 2014 | See all aerionmagnus's reviews »

Been playing this game for about two weeks straight and still not bored of it. South Park: The Stick of Truth is such an original game with fun gameplay mechanics and every RPG fan should at least try to play it. The story is a bit short and it definitely leaves you wanting for more. The classic "South-Parkish" art-style is awesome and makes the game so much more satisfying. One more thing that is pretty neat is the world. It is absolutely huge! Well, of course we can't really compare it with Skyrim's but exploration is still just as fun. I recommend this game for all South Park and RPG genre fans. Worth the price. Buy it!


Awesome humor

gforcesa | March 16, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I've been a fan of the show since it began in 1997 and it's been a blast. With over 200 episodes i've laughed so many times it hurts, but now Ubisoft brings you South Park The Stick Of Truth. This game is very good and fun to play. In my play-through, there wasn't a single moment where i wasn't laughing. The game is basically like an episode but you can interact with it. The gameplay is very well done, it's not that hard to master but at some points you have to think of another strategy to use. The most awesome thing about this game is that you can have a buddy helping you throughout the game and some of those buddies are Butters, Stan, Kenny. If you're a fan of South Park this is a must buy.


Respect my authoritah!

Stebsis | March 8, 2014 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

South Park The Stick of Truth is kind of like Batman Arkham games in how they treat their source material. These developers, Rocksteady and Obsidian, know who their audience is, who to build these games for. This game respects its source material, but like Arkham games did, also stands on its own, in this case as hilarious game with solid turn based combat with surprisingly deep systems behind it. You play as the new kid, or Sir Douchebag as he's soon called. Character creation is pretty well done, it lets you make a kid who's exactly like from episode from South Park. Your family has just moved in, and you go and find some kids to play with, and soon find Butters who takes you to the Kingdom of Kopa Keep, or KKK as they abbreviate it. Soon you get to choose a class between warrior, mage, rogue or jew... yeah, if you haven't noticed yet South Park is very vile and racist. If you don't like crude humor of South Park and are easily offended, this is not a game for you. You meet all the classic South Park characters from major to more minor ones, from Cartman to Kyle, Mr. Slave, Clyde, Tweek, Jimmy, Timmy, even Mr. Hankey the christmas poo, and all with their original voices. The boys are LARPing, Cartman leads group of humans in Kingdom of Kupa Keep, and Kyle and Stan lead the Drow Elves. They're in a war with each other over Stick of Truth. He who holds the Stick of Truth controls the universe and can do anything he wants, but when the new kid arrives, the elves attack and the Stick of Truth is stolen from Kupa Keep, and so begins your grand quest. It's just so hilarious how seriously everyone takes this made up scenario. Game works like turn based rpg. You almost always have one other person in your party, and you can choose which one. Everyone has their uses, for example Butters is pretty strong and has a good heal and Princess Kenny can charm enemies by flashing his boobs. Every class also has their own unique skills, mage for example uses fireworks as flame based attack or water and car battery to electrocute people. Almost every weapon and skill are made out of everyday stuff, just like as a kid when we used to play around with wooden swords or something like that. Huge points go to the graphics. This looks exactly like crappy quality of South Park episodes that they're made in a week, and I love it. It's just so South Park-y. No Simpson or any other game based on some TV show or movie has ever resembled this much their source material. This is a game made for fans, but also has great turn based system and funny humor that I think even newcomers to the series can appreciate. There are a lot of references you'll miss if you haven't watched the show, but this could also be a great introduction to South Park. If you don't mind racist and toilet humor, and can keep open mind about that stuff, here is a hilarious turn based RPG. As for fans you just can't find better SP game than this. It's packed with characters, dialogue etc. that go all the way to the first episodes with the aliens, Mr. Hankey, and loading screen that has Scuzzlebutt in it. I smiled almost all the way through the journey and laughed my ass off. And even though it's maybe not as long as you'd hope from RPG, it still feels like I just experienced a whole seasons worth of South Park while giving me a chance to feel like I was actually part of it.



fiddy187 | March 6, 2014 | See all fiddy187's reviews »

Got this game on release after all the hype it got over the past year or two. I'm probably after putting in 8 hours in one day, all of which has been exploring the world, rather then doing quests. The game is full of classic golden South Park moments. The battle system takes a few tries to get use to, but once you've got it down, it's quite good. The world is pretty big. A lot bigger then I would have thought. I spend the majority of the time walking around, checking out houses, and getting some loot, and I still haven't gotten around everywhere yet. I've only had one bug so far, which was with a ladder, and was fixed by just re-loading the last save point. I've been playing the game on my average (at best) Dell laptop. It's been able to run the game without a single problem, which I was really happy about. I'd imagine that this game would run quite well on 90% of machines, as it doesn't seem to take much to run it. I can't say much about the story just yet, as I've only done a small portion of it. So far, it's been quite good. Funny moments, mixed with good gameplay, and decent story. Definitely worth getting. Can see my hours of fun with this one.


A brilliant South Park game.

face15 | March 6, 2014 | See all face15's reviews »

This game captures the look and comedic style of the South Park TV show. If you're a fan of that show you'll probably love this game. It's very funny and has a lot of references and fan service cutting deep back into the shows 17 season run. In terms of the gameplay itself, it's surprisingly good. This definitely isn't the greatest RPG ever made but it's competent and the skill trees, loot and character progression are satisfying. The active battle system is fun too. At only about 10-15 hours the length is a little disappointing but the game is so densely packed with comedy bits and unique gameplay that you don't really notice. If you're just looking for a RPG there are many deeper more complex games in the genre out there, but if you're a fan of South Park then this will be an extremely satisfying experience. Highly recommended!