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A hardcore game

Pwnclub | April 16, 2014 | See all Pwnclub's reviews »

This game is hard. Really hard. Dying isn't an option in Dark Souls II- it is a necessity. You will die. Again. And again. So many times in fact that you might get frustrated, reducing the fun you are having. Other people, such as myself, enjoy this difficulty, since it poses a hard, but not impossible, challenge. In terms of gameplay, Dark Souls II is fantastic. I enjoyed this game thoroughly, and I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment whenever I surpassed a tough obstacle. This game is similar to the original, though the ESRB rating has gone down to T, possibly widening the audience. Not all bosses are terribly difficult and some are actually quite easy. But whether it be the former or the latter, I liked all of the boss battles. In conclusion, if you like a challenge and your keyboard is easily replaceable, give this game a go.


Prepare Your Body

Speedster119 | April 14, 2014 | See all Speedster119's reviews »

Overview: Dark Souls 2 is a worthy successor to Dark Souls, but it doesn't come without fault. The game is much like the original Dark Souls, from controls to difficulty. While the game doesn't throw a boss at you within the first 5 minutes, it offers you tutorials via tombstones to prepare yourself for the inevitable deaths that await. There are tough bosses and there are easy bosses, but they don't seem to be as memorable as Demon Souls or Dark Souls. The world is beautifully and dark throughout the game, the direction you take in the world is up to you much like Dark Souls. Changes from Dark Souls: The humanity system has be replaced with the Human Effigy system. Instead of having humanity you may use human effigies in a slightly similar manner. You either consume the effigy to become human or burn it to prevent invasion and coop for a limited amount of time and that's it. For those who are looking forward to online interaction, the online system has been revamped to prevent "twinking" while providing a more immersive world. With persistent online whether you're hollow or human, prepared to be invaded at anytime. Some may find the invasion change awful or some may find it awesome depending on who you are, and there is always offline mode for those who wish to never get invaded.Those with spotty internet prepare yourselves, for those who disconnect from multiplayer sessions too often, you may find yourself banned fro online play on that character for the remainder of the play through including New Game+. Instead of soul level ranges for online interaction, you now have "soul memory" which is the total amount of souls you acquired throughout your playtime. An additional change that prevent overpowered players from invading you is armor now has stat requirements, fire magic is now intelligent based, along with the fire magic, fire weapons also use the intelligence stat to scale. Co-op has also had some changes from its predecessor. There are now 2 white soapstones; the small white soapstone and the normal white soapstone. Each can be placed down to help other worlds, while offering different rewards. The small white soapstone only lasts 3-5 minutes or 10-20 enemy kills then you sent home, while the normal soapstone acts just like in Dark Souls. The leveling system stays mostly the same except in order to level you must travel to a certain NPC in order to spend souls. The bonfire system also has changed in a slight way. You may now travel at anytime to any bonfire you have lit in the world. For those who play New Game+ prepare to be thrilled! Conclusion: Overall Dark Souls 2 has the same feel as Dark Souls. The game will punish you for failure and reward you for victory. The world is beautiful at times, while dark and creepy at other times. With the changes from its predecessor it may be good to some while bad to others. I personally welcome the changes to the game, while it took a bit of time for me to accept them I feel they were for the better. This game is a great buy for those who seek a challenge and enjoy the series.