Reviews for Heroes of Might and Magic V


Good, but...

MarcoCav | Oct. 3, 2013 | See all MarcoCav's reviews »

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a good return which, however, deserves some criticism. It would not take much to make it a masterpiece on the level of the third episode: some scenario in more, less bugs in multiplayer, a camera management less confused ... All these elements affect the final judgment. Undoubtedly, though, the game manages to entertain. Definitely a product to play if you are fans of the genre or if you want to try something different.


Very solid game

murphy7801 | Sept. 13, 2013 | See all murphy7801's reviews »

This is an excellent game in the turn based strategy genre. It came out mid 2000's but graphics still stand up. It has fairly simple system of world view and a combat view when you engage in battles. You capture bases and build them up. The story is so so but multilayer is excellent with local hotseat for when friends are round making it a must have.


A good one

bala1201 | Sept. 11, 2013 | See all bala1201's reviews »

HoMM games are very addictive. This one is a great step, I mean the biggest gap in developement between the titles of the series is between 4 and 5. For me HoMM will be the best for ever, I even infected my wife it,and I am glad to see that 5 is trying to follow that path instead of the new ideas of HoMM4. This game for me is an old classic with beautiful up to date graphics.


What can i tell, i personaly prefer homm4 over all the rest

chakad | July 30, 2013 | See all chakad's reviews »

on the series, but i still gave it a chance, found out a rather different - good but different approach for the continues titles, in graphics and in way also in mechanics (for example they canceled the option to recruit several heroes in army - which i liked most on 4). all changed as i started to treat it as a game on his own behalf, as a game it is rather good one, as a sequel it a bit disappointing. so if your coming fresh minded without any pre-expectaion and you love turn base strategy then you will love it :) good game in roll.


Still very good

Demilisz | June 5, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

I'm playing this game right now and it is amazing how little it aged. Graphics still impress, even if is a litlle too "unicorn, rainbow and candies" like. This game has had that magic of HoMM series back there and still has it. Especially with add-ons. Plot is quiet nice, even if may look a bit shallow in original game (it makes better with Hammer of Fate and Tribes of the East), but hey - it is HoMM, unlike Disciples serie, it has never been famous for multidimensional plot and shades of grey.


The dream of every HoMM3 fan!

McDoenerKing | June 4, 2013 | See all McDoenerKing's reviews »

This game is gameplay wise almost the same as HoMM3. There are only few differences and you probably won't notice them. So what is the difference? The graphics of course! It has very good looking graphics and lovely designed characters and animations. Personally I fell in love with the art direction. Sadly the story telling isn't the best even for when it was released. When you couple this with the overall rather weak story, you will know the weakpoint of this title, but usually everyone plays skirmish after skirmish anyways so this isn't even a big problem to begin with. I recommend this game with its addons to everyone, who loved HoMM3. It has good graphics, a lovely art direction and the gameplay of HoMM3. So grab it now! ;)


Completely different than previous games

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

This is the HOMM which had 3D graphics introduced. As an old fan of HOMM 3 and a small fan of HOMM 4, I didn't like it much. I didn't like this game because the 3D camera was performing poorly. Quite often actually, but I played it without any patches, so now there may be patches for that. But if we dismiss the fact of it being a 3D game, the graphics were quite nice, sounds were very good. Also the creatures were made pretty nicely. If you don't mind playing a 3D HOMM - this game should be very nice to play. However if you do - then it's not so great. But in any case - I recommend buying it because it's still interesting to see what progress the developers made on this great game!


Great Sequel to a Great Series

IganX | July 22, 2011 | See all IganX's reviews »

Heroes of Might and Magic V is a game which doesn't let down HoMaM fans, neither will it let down any new users who decide to play this game. The RPG aspects combined with the RTS component make this game a very entertaining one, giving you many hours of fun. The gameplay allows a great control and management of the situation, the graphics and visual effects improve the experience, and the new units, skills and factions make this game worth trying.


Really nice

Muzicjohn | June 21, 2011 | See all Muzicjohn's reviews »

HoMaM V is a lot better than HoMaM IV. It's hard at the beginning to use the new map, but with ALT option (active objects are shining) you can find all what you want. HoMaM V have really great story, unique skills of heroes are pretty complex and interesting, and game isn't boring at all. Recommended for all HoMaM 3 (and other RPG and strategy games) fans!


Could be better but...

nurz | April 22, 2011 | See all nurz's reviews »

HoMM V is practically a remake of HoMM III so it's very playable piece of game. The story of course is different but game mechanics are the pretty much the same. Going into 3D mode didn't go well though. Sometimes camera doesn't work good enough and it can be quite annoying. But the game itself is still a masterpiece - addictive & enjoyable. For that price it's a must-buy so don' hesitate.


The traditional saga in new good clothes

ZippaLip | April 19, 2011 | See all ZippaLip's reviews »

Heroes of Might & Magic is a well known and praised saga, one of the best in turn-based strategy pc games. HoMM IV in 2002 was a controversial step in the saga, radical changing were made, criticized by many fans. Whit HoMM V everything (not all, because, in my opinion, there were even good innovation in Homm IV) is restored like the 3rd installment in 1999 (the most famous and loved) whit a new graphic and little improvements. The result is surely good: we have all the traditional elements of the saga (resources system, 7 units for faction whit upgrades and regular weekly growth, heroes not in combat etc...), loved by fans since the 90's. The 3d graphic has a new style (something similar to manga) which is totally new but well designed, the map looks colorful and amazing even nowadays, we can zoom in and rotate the camera, the interface is improved, especially in the combat system whit better stats and turn bars. The single player campaign is very long (5 mission for each of the 6 factions) whit a good story developed trough some well made cut-scenes. There were some bugs at the moment of the release but now, after several years, some patches has fixed all. That's nothing really new, this is the only real weak point, maybe the developers could have done something more innovative but all we love from HoMM is here, better than ever (and the expansions will add also great features), so get it... waiting for the incoming 6th chapter.


Last action hero :)

srukor | April 18, 2011 | See all srukor's reviews »

Finally, it is! One of the most anticipated titles for 2006. The story in HoMM always been one of the pillars of good fun and an additional link with a series of Might and Magic. This time we will lead the six different fractions by six different campaigns, in order to discover and thwart (?) plan for the Demon Lords, which wants to bring Dark Messiah - a half-demon, half human. It's obvious that we are dealing with the prelude to the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. During the campaign, we will have to perform major and minor tasks. The first campaign is an extensive tutorial, which introduces us to the secrets of the game. But the whole campaign to the tutorial is probably a bad idea. All you'll need to enjoy the game, information is obtained during the first three missions (campaign consists of five), and yet the difficulty level does not rise and we still have to deal with a large tutorial on `em. In the second campaign, we are immediately thrown into the deep end and level of difficulty increases significantly. After graduation of difficulty is from mission to mission: each next is more difficult than the previous one, although there are trivial maps and tasks upon them, like the two missions 'Archipelago'. It should be noted that most of the scenarios for one player tells a storywith the the world HoMMV , which further develops the story of the game by showing the player to other interesting events . Music and sound binding is undeniable advantage. We get 30 missions in campaign mode, 6 to the games single player and 10 multiplayer maps. The creators chose the best elements of the third and fourth parts of the saga, and then added to all of this three-dimensional graphics. The effect is stunning and worth the savings issue. + creating the heroes + story + graphics + sound + multiplayer


Another good example of how not to ruin an awesome series.

Jahman | April 18, 2011 | See all Jahman's reviews »

For me the best part of the Heroes of Might & Magic V is the fact that it is much more similar to the third part rather than the fourth (although I know that this may be a disadvantage to some). It’s graphics are nice if a little dated, the gameplay is just as fun as it was in the initial trilogy and the story is quite entertaining and lets you control various armies as it unfolds. The camera can be a little bit annoying at times and the unit’s animations can get boring after some time, but all in all the Heroes made a pretty decent transition into the new 3D environment. Also, the maps and missions in the single player mode are varied enough to prevent boredom as are the units and factions, each requiring a different strategy to attain the best results. The combat sticks to the traditional formula with only a couple of new tricks (mostly units, spells, abilities and more active role of the player’s hero), so it’s still quite easy to grasp while providing a decent challenge for those who seek to master it. In short, Heroes of Might & Magic V is another great game in a legendary series both for those who know and love the previous installments and as a starting point for those who don’t.