Reviews for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


Garden Mayhem

sslemons | July 7, 2014 | See all sslemons's reviews »

Garden Warfare is a highly original multiplayer third person shooter, based of the highly popular tower defense series. Garden Warfare has been built onto the Frostbite engine, best known for it's use in the battlefield franchise. Therefore, great performance and graphics can be expected. The game uses a very bright palette of colours, very fitting for the comedic, quirky characters and gameplay. The game also features incredible sound design adding far more depth to the Plants vs Zombies experience. The game offers 2 main styles of modes, co-op and multiplayer. Co-op features you and up to 3 friends playing as plants defending against waves of zombies defending your garden. Multiplayer features 2 teams of players the Plants and the Zombies, each team has 4 highly distinct classes which each offer a fresh playstyle. Both co-op and multiplayer feature a large variety of game modes which provides for a highly refreshing experience each match. Overall, I believe Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a fantastic, fast paced twist on the average multiplayer shooter. It is definitely worth checking out!


better than other shooters

mirta000 | July 4, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

I don't know about you, but I got tired of the same old same old when it comes to shooters. Each shooter has to be realistic and has to be set in the modern era... If you're like me, then you're going to enjoy something unique! Set in plants vs zombies universe, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare is a very adorable competitive game. There are only 4 classes per team (8 classes in total), however as you go trough the game unlocking more customization options you'll notice that each class has many many many variations that do impact gameplay. The game does have micro transactions, however the points are very cheap to buy (0.80 pence for 13000 points) and you can earn anywhere between 5000 to 20000 a match, so don't worry, if you don't want to spend extra money, you won't have to spend a dime! Some people have expressed a concern that plants vs zombies garden warfare is in a completely different genre than the other plants vs zombies, however I don't see that as a problem. In my eyes it's a fun little detour of the series. To sum up: really worth getting!


For all the PvZ lovers

grhakerck | July 4, 2014 | See all grhakerck's reviews »

I'm sure you all know the original Plants vs. Zombies PC game and how popular it was. If you enjoyed it, this is the game for you (especially if you like first-person shooters). I think the best feature is multiplayer. If you are talking to your friends while playing it, you can get so much fun. You (and your friends) can choose between two teams: plants or zombies. Of course, the goal is to beat the other team. I did not notice any bad things about this game. Maybe I did not play enough of it, but I'll see. To summarize, do yourself a favour and buy this game, especially if you get it on sale. However, if you were hoping for a usual sequel, not a FPS game, this might not be the right game for you.