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srukor | April 13, 2011 | See all srukor's reviews »

Hoe is the successor of Blazing Angels and Heroes of the Pacific. His hero is an American whose father fought during the First World War. When Nazi Germany attacked Britain, pretending to be Canadian, and flies straight to the front and ends in Berlin, along the way fight over London, the Channel Tunnel, or the Ardennes. The hallmark of the game is very arcade flight model, and sky-adaptation of bullet time, which is very helpful in battle. It’s starts when close up to the German plane, the bar starts to fill the slow time. This works by activating an aircraft auto-pilot, and we have only a direct our crosshair on the highlighted engines or the crew members and shoot them up. This is called Ace Kill. The most disadvantage of the Heroes Over Europe is that the game ignoring the laws of physics – which makes for example, there is no problem of overloading. Another consequence can be seen when in flight collision with another machine. We do not have to repair the aircraft cause it has an energy which is renewed, so you are rarely killed, and the repetition of mission often is associated with not fit in the time limit to complete the task than the explosion of the aircraft. Whole game saves the graphics (not only the aircraft, but also the environment, especially the sky) and some interesting missions. In one for instance, you need to fly through the streets of Berlin at the specially height of the roofs, because when you get higher the aircraft defenses will shot you out. In another we have to shoot down the bombers that have betrayed us as well as torpedoes and naval bombardment of German aircraft, still standing on the runway or in the hangars. Noteworthy is the fact that the city, over which the fighting was taking place (for example, London or Berlin) are very carefully – realistic placed to the game world.