Reviews for Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India


Not my favorite, but still adds good content

palmtreebearer | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all palmtreebearer's reviews »

Personally, I prefer playing as a Christian, Muslim, or pagan, but sometimes playing as an Indian can be fun too. This DLC adds in new inheritance systems, new areas to play in, new unit types, and more. Sometimes finding a good CB as an Indian religion takes a bit more work, but there is always a work around. India is definitely a part of the map that everyone should try. If you enjoyed other DLC, then this can also be a good choice, but I do not recommend it as a first DLC.


The east side of the map

Ltom | April 7, 2014 | See all Ltom's reviews »

Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India was a much-needed addition to Crusader Kings II, adding the Indian subcontinent and finally giving the east side of the map some love. The three new religions come with interesting mechanics and pleasing aesthetics ensuring a new perspective to play from. Playing as the new Indian rulers is a blast, especially if you've grown tired of playing as Christians, Pagans and Muslims. As an added bonus, the new Indian portraits are part of this DLC, rather than being a separate package. The free patch that came with this game further integrates it with Steam, providing a hassle-free experience. I'm personally fine with downloading mods from the Forum, but for those who find that too complicated, the patch also includes Steam Workshop integration. I'm very happy with this expansion.


Brilliant DLC pack

rjb789 | March 28, 2014 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is a great DLC pack for the already awesome game Crusade Kings II. The pack lets the player explore new troops and them out on the battlefield. It also offers up many different locations which each challenge the player with new missions and strategic issues which need to be overcome using the many animals and new troops that you have at your disposal. The added Indian characters with new clothing and facial models help to flesh out this DLC and make it a worthwhile purchase for any fans of the Crusader Kings franchise. To conclude, this is a brilliant pack for any fans of the base game and I highly recommend it!


Nice Additions

cybrxkhan | March 28, 2014 | See all cybrxkhan's reviews »

The three religions of India introduced by Rajas of India - Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism - attempt to provide some new, interesting gameplay opportunities for RoI. In some ways, they succeed in that. The caste system forces players to carefully consider their marriage options, for instance, while there is a clear distinction between the advantages of each religion - Buddhism encourages tech, Hindus are likely to expand more quickly, Jains have stable realms. The map is also impressive - it's clear the devs put in a lot of time trying to research the many different groups that inhabited the subcontinent. Furthermore, it appears their promised optimizations worked - the game won't really run that much slower despite having a lot more provinces. However, while the additions are fun, after the first few times, they get a bit repetitive, particularly the special decisions such as the Diwali feast or choosing a Guru. Lastly, aesethically, Rajas of India does pretty well with its flavorful interface and its Indian portraits. While the Indian portraits aren't the best I've seen, they do a decent job. Certainly the women look a bit old for their age, and the men tend to have a bored stare all the time, but overall they are decent. All in all Rajas of India is a good expansion pack. I still think Sword of Islam and the Republic were overall better big DLCs, but Rajas of India is no slouch.


Who wouldn't love dem mighty Indians?

aerionmagnus | March 27, 2014 | See all aerionmagnus's reviews »

The newest (6th) expansion for the Crusader Kings 2 will take you to India, the land which is most famous for its magnificent elephants. The expansion features a vast world where player gets to play as a Raja. Raja is a term which describes monarchs of India and has been present in that area for many, many years and is still in use today. So basically it is just another word for a king or a ruler. What I was looking forward to the most was the Caste System and - of course - the elephants (we all heard about Alexander and his battles with the Indians back in the Antiquity, haven't we?). Why the Caste System? Well, simply because it is so unique and is still present in the Indian culture today. Personally, I do not approve it, because it is primitive to today's society, but it adds a lot to the gameplay, actually. Never before have we seen the Caste System in Crusader Kings 2 Oh, and why the elephants? Indians have always been famous for them. They have also been known as the great tamers of those mighty "beasts". Back in Antiquity, the Carthegineans hired those man because they needed them to tame and train the smaller, but still frightening African elephants which were later used in the Punic Wars. Anyway, back to the 9th century! The isn't much to say about the graphics, since they're pretty much the same as CK2's, but the textures seem a little bit better, in my opinion. I like the new skins and character models and facial profiles of the Indian characters are nothing less than awesome. It is also very nice that this expansion is already ready for multiplayer gameplay. I find Indians to be very strong and am looking forward to playing them even more. Worth buying. Worth PLAYING!