Reviews for Crusader Kings II: Turkish Portraits


A Great Portrait Pack

cybrxkhan | March 28, 2014 | See all cybrxkhan's reviews »

The Turkish portraits included in this DLC are probably some of the best I've seen since the Mongol portrait DLC ages ago. The difficult thing with these portraits was how to capture the wide variety of found within the steppe peoples - ranging from stereotypical Mongoloid features to more Caucasian ones. However, I think the artists found a good balance between the two. The main issue with the Turkish portraits is their skin tone, which is NOT exactly as you see in the preview screenshots. In fact, the faces are a bit more greyer and Mongoloid-looking compared to the previews. Whether this is a bad thing is up to you - you can probably search online for more accurate screenshots. Anyhow, the problem with their greyish skin tone isn't so much the skin tone itself, but that it isn't consistent with and contrasts severely with all the existing portrait sets. Still, given that before these portraits, the vanilla game basically had Arab portraits everywhere, the Turkish portraits are a welcome addition, and provide important variety for some of the most widespread and diverse peoples in CKII's map.