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Rename this to Wildstawesome

Dyzzles | May 22, 2014 | See all Dyzzles's reviews »

This game is... Well, just as my review's title says... Wildstawesome. Why? Because it takes all that's good about any other MMO... And does it better. The combat is simply amazing, especially if you're tired of the one click auto-lock on combat in some other major MMOs. From what we've seen in the beta, the story is badass and actually likable. The art/graphics is also a good change from the usual gloomy settings. Other things worth mentioning are the player housing, huge 40 man raids and my personal favorite, warplots! The best part about Wildstar, however... Is that it doesn't take itself seriously. What do I mean by that, you say? Well... Lets just say you shouldn't be surprised when the narrator says a swear word or two when you level up.


Better than ever expected

hildegain | May 16, 2014 | See all hildegain's reviews »

Seriously, when I first saw a trailer for this game, I didn't think much of it. I was really into Guild Wars 2 and frankly still am, to an extent. Well, I cancelled my WoW subscription, haven't played Guild Wars 2 so much for the past week and Wildstar has been entirely to blame for that. The graphics are so smooth and the environments are designed so well. Whoever says this game is bad graphically honestly doesn't know the difference between aesthetics and graphics. The environments have a lot of detail, the vegetation is so dense, the textures are well-designed, the shaders look so colourful and the animation is superb! I've only played up to level 25 so far and taken part in 2 adventures and a dungeon. This game is currently what I had hoped WoW would have evolved into over the years. The combat system is almost like Guild Wars 2 and Tera had offspring and the dungeons are just basically a riot to play. Each class is broken down into assault and support. There are 6 assaults and 3 healers and 3 tanks. (see where the support falls) The game has some pretty fun PvP too. There's no insta-death 1 shotting going on currently and (looking at ESO here) no one person just dominating an entire team on his own. Currently the game is still beta while I'm writing this, so it does have some optimization problems and a few bugs but really, it looks like it's going to have the smoothest launch of any MMO I've played and that's saying a lot. The story is pretty simple in its premise. Two factions are heading towards a planet that each believe belongs to them. One of them by inheritance and the other by claiming as a new home after so called being exiled from their homes. The story isn't as black-and-white good-and-evil as it would have you think at the start. Before you really decide which faction is for you, you'd do best to try both and really learn the history of the people in this world. One last bit of praise before I submit this review. This game has the best soundtrack of any MMO ever! That's just my opinion of course but it's so catchy and so memorable that I have to give it that praise. Make sure to watch some online reviews (Totalbiscuit didn't do the game justice, complained about bugs during alpha and AngryJoe just didn't give the game a chance before he wrote it off, it just wasn't to his taste) and give the game a try. Carbine Studios do have a refund policy so you have nothing to lose by trying the game out at some point.


a great game!

mirta000 | May 16, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

Playing the beta and it is a wonderful game. Let me try and break down everything that is important. The game has action combat with ground targetting (no soft or hard targetting you have to do it all yourself). While it does feature the trinity every single character can spec for their support role (for some this will be healer, for others a tank, the game decides depending on what class you picked what your support role would be), damage, utility (essentially it is crowd control, VERY useful) or a hybrid (in your talents there are branches that are half support/half damage, half utility/half damage and half support/ half utility), from what I've tested in the 20 levels and the first dungeon that people are allowed to run even DPS classes are expected to bring at least some skills to help with survival. It's very team based. The game has cartoony graphics and a sense of humour. The main missions would make you think that one side is entirely good and the other side is entirely gray, but as you progress you get to see how complex the role is. A lot of lore is put into single man instances, instead of being locked away behind raids. Lots of zones to level in. From what I've seen there are 4 starter zones. The leveling speed is, well I would compare it to Tera or World of Warcraft. As in a character will probably take you around 2-3 weeks to level fully if you're really into it, a few months if you will be playing rather moderately. 20, 40 man raids, 40 man guild battles (they're called warplots, but you need to assemble a 40 man team, so I asume that it will be guilds that will be doing that mostly), fun battlegrounds (and there's quite a few of them!), from 2v2 to 5v5 arenas, dueling and open world PvP (if you decided to flag yourself for PvP or are on a PvP server) is most of the end game. And to be honest that's plenty! This game will keep you busy for years! Sandbox features: get your own house! Build stuff on your plot! Make a jumping puzzle around your house! Have a portal, a buff station, a dungeon, a crafting station, etc next to your house and invite your friends over! Lots of crafting professions, one of which is architect that focuses on furniture making for houses. Mounts are customizable. This game has a lot in it, it's a mix between the nostalgic hardcore games that actually made you work for stuff and be a team member and between new titles that will offer you something to do no matter how little time you have to play every day. I absolutely love it! I hope to see you all on Nexus on June 3rd for those that don't want to preorder and on May 31st for all of those that already preordered.