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All good things...

pickelsurprise | March 21, 2014 | See all pickelsurprise's reviews »

...must come to an end. And, unfortunately, perhaps not a great end. Everyone remembers the first Crysis. Mind-blowing graphics and solid gameplay. There was the infamous VTOL section in the middle of the game, but nobody's perfect. Plus, it is ultimately balanced out by the amazingly immersive zero-gravity sections toward the end. Overall, with a satisfyingly long campaign, great weapon customization, and amazing set pieces, Crysis remains a great entry point to the series. Crysis 2 made some significant changes, some of which have been a little divisive, but one thing everyone can agree on was that the stakes were raised through the roof. Instead of fighting in a jungle in the middle of nowhere, the war has come to the streets of New York. This does serve to make the game more linear, but that's not always a bad thing. Unlike the first game, groups of enemies can generally not be avoided by a mile on either side, but there are still multiple ways to approach every situation. On the whole, Crysis 2 keeps the best of its predecessor and adds several great new standouds like an epic score by Hans Zimmer and a silent protagonist who is actually interesting. Unfortunately, Crysis 3 is where the series begins to drag somewhat. Although the city has changed since the previous game, the setting is ultimately still New York. Gone is the fantastic musical score, being replaced by more generic fare. The campaign is also by far the shortest of the three. On the whole, Crysis 3 is still a decent enough game, but it has clearly fallen victim to generic modern FPS syndrome. Still, the series' solid gameplay makes a return, and if you want to play the complete trilogy, there's little reason not to grab them all.