Reviews for WildStar (NA)


Move out of the way WoW

Ghost_Panther | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all Ghost_Panther's reviews »

If you have a game bucket list this should be on it. There is nothing wrong with Wildstar. This game is a good amount of fun with no shortage of quests. Compared to WoW it's something new and refreshing, and it's worth every dollar.


Time for WoW to step aside

Nigee | July 14, 2014 | See all Nigee's reviews »

Wildstar is like a cross between WoW, and the badassness of Borderlands. What i liked was that as far as the background and story of the game goes, it is there if you want it to be there. Most of the game is covered in syrupy humor, so quests almost always have some laughs in it for you, sometimes subtle, sometimes up front. The gameplay is great. You cannot just simply stand still and spam your abilities, you need to constantly be moving to connect and avoid the telegraphed attacks, which appear on the ground, and are very easy to see. While in PvE this can be useful for helping avoid some of the heavier attacks, in PvP attacks come out much faster, although in a smaller area. This forces you to rely on a mixture of your limited dodge rolls (they regenerate fairly quickly) and various movement skills. The classes can all be played in a mixture of ways, and resetting your skills can be done out of combat any time, so you can always come prepared to a fight, and keeps the gameplay fresh. If you are coming from WoW, it's important to note that this game only just released, so expect for more content to be added and gameplay refined.


Entertaining and Fun

fuzeblu | July 10, 2014 | See all fuzeblu's reviews »

Wildstar is a nice breath of familiar, yet fresh air in the genre of themepark mmorpgs, The stylized world is fun and engaging, and the animations and models smooth and polished. Quests aren't atypical, but many can be skipped if you so choose without much repercussion. Some are quite hilarious given the game's focus on humor. The level up announcer is amazing, by the way. The PvP is fun with the action/skill shot based combat system, and the dungeons and adventures challenging and rewarding. The Path and unique Crafting systems adds another layer of variety for players to level up and explore the world of Nexus. Overall, Wildstar did not reinvent the wheel. Instead, it made one out of pure adamantium and kick-butt-ery. A great game for those wanting a traditional mmorpg experience with new twists and turns and fantastic humor. You can pay the monthly fee with in game effort and gold, similar to PLEX, so that's something to think about if you don't mind the initial retail purchase. Go and explore Nexus, cupcake.


Wow Esque

Kegan1986 | June 22, 2014 | See all Kegan1986's reviews »

This game brings back features users once thought lost. It brings back a classic wow feeling with a more modern approach. It brings back the attunements for raids and a great addon support package. It has end game raids that are difficult. If you are looking for an mmo that takes skill to play this would be it. It does have its problems with some leveling gaps in the story which kind of annoy, it can be circumvented by the use of the pvp finder to level effectively.


Good times, lots to do

Stronzo | June 14, 2014 | See all Stronzo's reviews »

Good Amount of fun no shortage of quests, crafting system that's more of a mini-game than anything. I had a blast playing wildstar. the PvP element and end game were fun and some times hard to follow but over all worth the effort. Its challenging with out being so hard its impossible but by no means easy to lvl earn money or gain new gear. effort and playing it smart = win.


Really does not get much better then this!

ewoksrule | June 13, 2014 | See all ewoksrule's reviews »

This MMO has everything you want and does it better then most. The challenge level is way up there with mostly skill shot combat and finely tuned dungeons but man, is it rewarding! I have not been this enthralled in a MMO since early days with the genre.


Great game, Huge potential

FluxSaker | June 1, 2014 | See all FluxSaker's reviews »

I played the beta and now I'm playing the headstart. The game is extremely fun and has unique features as well. Its not a carbon copy of other MMOs. The game has huge potential and the devs seem to be all ears to what the community has to say. Its too early to say this game will be the next-top MMO for everyone but if the devs continue doing what they are doing now and continue that with expansions, this game might climb its way to the top. Its a true MMO contender to who-shall-not-be-named and is a MMO you can't miss out on.


Fantastic Game

AmusedAgder | May 14, 2014 | See all AmusedAgder's reviews »

From what I've seen from the beta, this game is pretty solid. The graphics are really good, as far as MMO's go in my opinion. At first you may not think there is much to this game but if you can get past the (very boring) tutorial area, the world begins to open around you. When I reached level 14 I was put into the biggest MMO world I've ever seen. It was very over whelming at first. You can do anything from build a house, to buy a vehicle to give you faster travel time to the places you need to go.The only downside to this game for me is it seems to have some bad frame-rate optimization. My computer can play TitanFall with top graphical settings with 60+ frames. But on wildstar I'm forced to play on medium settings with a mediocre 20-30 frames. But they did mention that this was a bug in the beta. So I truly hope It gets fixed. None the less, this should not be a reason to pick up this amazing game.


Great game

Ninjen | May 13, 2014 | See all Ninjen's reviews »

Playing the beta its a lot of fun and feels like something I wont get tired of in a long time. Its a solid game and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys mmos.


Good ammount of fun

exo316 | April 27, 2014 | See all exo316's reviews »

From what I have been playing of the beta it is a fairly polished game. A lot of fun and tons to do. Exploration is a good amount of the game, in fact there is a job class based on it. Combat is a fresh face for the game. Instead of just clicking an enemy and mashing your default attack button you have to make sure they are in the cone of damage in front of you and then attack. You can also dodge any attack coming your way if you are good which if good for the tanks. You'll even be able to play the game without a monthly fee if you are good. You can buy months from the market using in game credits from other players. Great for players with less then enough money to take advantage of those players with more money than they know what to do with. Overall I would give it a 8/10