Reviews for Trials Fusion


This game's alright...

Dooleh | Oct. 9, 2014 | See all Dooleh's reviews »

I'm not at all alright while playing it, but I still love it. After the rage wears off, the game gives you a good sense of accomplishment when you finally get that 0 fault gold medal run, especially on later (hard) stages. While Trials Fusion is a streamlined trials game (it is much, much easier than Evolution), there is still a good amount of hard tracks in the base game, and a few of them only the most persistent players will be able to "gold medal" (while others will rage quit out of the game and write a review...). There are 8 zones in the base game, and each one has 6 to 10 tracks in it (8 on average), that number is significantly increased with the season pass, which adds 6 new zones. Right now, 9/10/2014, the season pass only offers 3 zones, with 3 more on the way before May 2015. The game also includes a track editor, so you can create your own tracks, and you can easily access and play tracks built by other people online (which are pretty impressive from what I've seen/played). Now I'm not a big fan of Ubisoft's PC releases, because I usually get hit by poor optimization issues that plague a lot of their games at release, this game's performance however, pleasantly surprised me and put a big fat smile on my face, after the stutter fest that was Trials Evolution Gold Edition, I wasn't very hopeful going into this one. The game runs perfectly smooth maxed out on my machine, and the only stutter I got was on a graphically intensive track, while I had 2 video streams running in the background, after trying the same track without flash videos hogging my cpu, the stutter went away, and the game ran buttery smooth again. For reference, my PC specs are: i7 920 @3Ghz gtx660ti 2gb 8gb ram win7 64bit It's worth mentioning that the game has a pretty good, yet weird sense of humor, for example whenever you finish a track, something funny and dumb is sure to happen, like the rider falling of his bike after he crosses the finish line, landing in the water and racing a cruise ship, or when you cross a finish line that's on top of a 2 story hut, the door closes behind you, and the hut starts flying off like a rocket. I also really enjoy the AI commentary (I guess you can call them the narrators), and the biker's yells and woohoos remind me of Homer Simpson. This game is a steal even at full price, and on a decent sale it should be a no-brainer if you played and liked previous Trials games, but I'm sure 2D platformer game enthusiasts would love it as well. As for the score, I'm giving it a 9/10.


Now I know why people like Trials

AkiMatti | May 6, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I've read about Trials games a lot but not played that much. Recently I got Trials Fusion, though, and I have to say I understand the appeal. Getting better at handling the bike is a great challenge, the environments are just crazy in a fun way and the game has a great sense of humor. Not to mention that the career is well made and there also comes a track editor with the game that enables you to do virtually anything with it. And people have. Easily recommended.


Trials? Check. Errors? Also another check! Fun? Oh hell yes!

Ryukrieger | April 30, 2014 | See all Ryukrieger's reviews »

Trails Fusion, do you remember the last Trials game? Where you ride a bike, leaning forward and backward, then crash and burn? Well, this is another game of that! Same old, quite yes, same fun, probably yes! Trials Fusion does what it does best, place you on a bike, then let you taste hell as you laugh "How is that possible? How did I crash?", then after multiple tries, you finally get your medal without any faults, you feel proud of yourself. Gameplay wise, the same old I mentioned above, leaning back and forth, there's also performing tricks later on in the game, there's also crashing and exploding. But what's the best part of Trials games? Co-op! Come on! Finish the "main" mode then get your friends together and crash together! This game is quite simple yet it is a fun-fest when you play with you friends! Graphics are impressive and fun-looking! Not that they look weird, they're nice to look at, the dynamic background also is a lot of help, the level designs are brilliant and fun! Well, 79 for me, it's an old concept, but it works just so well, for this price it's not too expensive, and it's fun, most fun with friends, also player-made maps might be coming in waves soon, so if you enjoy swinging around on a bike but still want to stay safe (trust me, sometimes you won't believe the "character" would survive), this game may just be for you! But remember, this is just a personal recommendation!


Can;t wait

KanzerReview | April 22, 2014 | See all KanzerReview's reviews »

I have to be honest that it's been very very long since a sports racing game is out. This genre is slowly dying off but UBISOFT has done it again. They used the engine and physics of the many games they have developed into this one EPIC racing game. Trails Fusion may not appeal to much people since the audience of this genre is so little it catches very little attention. All i can say is the action packed stunts you can pull off with the new engine is great. I highly recommend this game to people who are bored of the standard grind and get strong with more powerful spells or abilities. This game has progress but you won't be lacking much from the progress. It makes as though the moment you start you are already GOOD. All you have to do is familiarize with the controls and you are good to go. Slight downside is the UPLAY account where you have to create to play this. But a STEAM should be coming out soon. No worries.