Reviews for Heroes of Might and Magic V Tribes of the East


A must buy for HoMM5

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Tribes of the East is the 2nd expansion to HoMM5 and is even better than the previous one. Not only does it add a new faction, the Orcs, meaning new heroes, items and units in the same high quality 3D we've seen already, but it also adds an upgrade system for all of the other factions. This adds content and playability to the teams you may have thought you'd already played to death, adding new choices to how to build your army to get the best out of it, sometimes choosing between a melee or ranged unit where previously you had no choice is a great addition to the game. The Orcs themselves are a very fun race to play, with their faction ability 'Battle Rage' rewarding you for taking and giving damage, allowing for a burst of extra power when you need it most as well as a nice range of units from your puny goblin to your giant Cyclops. A must buy if you're wanting to play HoMM5 as it was meant to be played :)