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Cold space and icy planet

FreeMan85 | May 11, 2014 | See all FreeMan85's reviews »

The third installments of the sci-fi horror franchise gives the fans a few new and cool features, but some way also removes more horror elements too. The game this time sets on an icy planet, but fortunately almost he game one-third sets in the space, gives the same feeling like previous Dead Space games. The game also gives optional missions, which are not crucial by the main story, but gives additional background stories and resources, weapon parts too. And there's 3 special missions which can be completed only with a co-op partner and gives you an in-depth background for John Carver's past. The fun is, it's gives a totally different experience if you play as Isaac or you play as Carver! Just like the whole game, you can play solo as Isaac, you can play co-op as Isaac or you can play co-op as Carver. And one... or two changes: you must collect resources and not money or sellable valuable and you can upgrade and mode your weapons or you can build one from scratch. The game also bring new game modes and not just difficulty! In the standard game mode you can choose between 4 difficulty, after finishing the game once you play the usual New Game+ or pick the Survivor mode where you will only find resources to make weapons, ammo, medkits and upgrades! Choose Classic mode for the original Dead Space feeling, no special upgrades or attachments for your weapons, only the classic ones and you must find the blueprints plus no co-op mode at all. And there is a Hardcore mode again, which this time more absurd then ever. You can save any time and quit the game, but if you die you must restart the game from the beginning! The graphics even with the old Visceral Engine looks brilliant! Cut scenes are motion captured and you will feel it, every scene is perfectly directed in anyway. The details are great, but can't compared a new and modern engine, but you can run the game with a decent PC. The sound is top-notch! I think is the best in the series, especially with a good 5.1 sound system! Every sound is perfectly edited and mixed. Dead Space 3 is still Dead Space, but with changes and new features, which gives the feeling: this time it's not that scary like it was the first time. Still the new features gives a long replayability factor, just like the achievements and collectibles in the game.