Reviews for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (NA)


Awesome Retro Game

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

When I saw this DLC for the first time, the thought that went through my head was "THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!" and the thoughts that went through my head when I actually HAD this DLC was "THIS IS MORE AWESOME THAN I THOUGHT!!!!" You actually don't even NEED the base game of Far Cry 3 to enjoy this awesome game, you can just buy is and go! The game has spectacular graphics, the gameplay is awesome, the weapons, vehicles, and quests you can do are amazing, and the enemies you face are super evil and want nothing more than to destroy you. Honestly, this game is worth it, even if you don't have Far Cry 3, it's an amazing game!!!


A Very Good Time

Jamfrost | June 26, 2014 | See all Jamfrost's reviews »

Blood Dragon runs surprisingly well and looks great with my Windows Vista 64-bit, my Radeon HD 6850, and 2.6Ghz quad core. Even on medium-high the game will look quite decent, partially due to the crt monitor filter that gives the game that retro look. Blood Dragon is an 80's throwback with an improved plot over its predecessor since Far Cry 3 goes from "I've never killed anymore before." to mass murder with an AK in an hour.

Expect neon, collectables all over the map, fast-paced 80's action, lasers, adorably awful one-liners, silly gun customization, cybernetic enhancements, style, and explosions. This game will probably take most people 6-8 hours. In my case, I just took over five since I moved very quickly. It's fun enough to consider replaying and short enough to be able to do so. The game uses its time well, in my experience.

In conclusion, Blood Dragon is a surprisingly entertaining and solid title that hopefully receives another entry. Maybe one for every new Far Cry?