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good plataform game

niciu19 | Dec. 26, 2015 | See all niciu19's reviews »

My hours logged aren't shown correctly. This is becuase for a long time, the game would not run unless I closed the launcher after launching the game, which also took me out of "in game" status, and thus did not log hours. there was also a time when starbound ran horribly if you tried to run it through steam. My true playtime is probably well in excess of the number you see above. It's come a long way, and changed in direction and scope from what it used to be. It's a decent game all things considered, but there is a time when all the planets start to look exactly the same. When the randomly generated monsters all start to look the same. When you stop seeing new things and upon visiting a planet, decide "there's nothing interesting here." when the billionth apex lab hoves into veiw. It is certainly not a bad game, and it's developers are certainly not bad developers. but after several hundred hours of playtime, I'd think any part of any game would look like any other part of that same game. What I'm saying is that it will take you a long time before you run out of stuff to explore. One downside that stands out the most though, is that chucklefish has a disturbing habit of including new features/mechanics, and then removing those same features and/or mechanics later. Starbound used to have a system for hunger, a system for freezing to death, and a system to burn to death. yes there is some kind of burning/freezing mechanic now, but it's nothing like the old system. in the old system, you had a meter that would slowly decrease depending on what clothes you had and when it ran out, you started to freeze/burn, and in freezing areas, you could mitigate the freezing by standing near warm things. In the new system, you get tech "skins." A sort of unlockable invisable shield that protects you from the environment. If you dont have the right skin equipped, you burn/freeze the moment you beam down to the planet and there is no other way to mitigate it other than equipping the right skin. Another thing, after the most recent update (glad giraffe) is the new prefab creatures. Starbound has (had) randomly generated creatures, and this was one of it's selling points. Now though, the random gen creatures are very rare and most of what you find, spread evenly across all the planets, are the same canned prefabricated monsters that you would find on any other planet. It's a cool game, but the devs need to really nail down EXACTLY what should be kept and what should be changed. Just to be clear, I DO recommend this game.


Great game

Banana28 | Nov. 24, 2015 | See all Banana28's reviews »

For all the people saying that Starbound is a clone of Terraria, you're wrong. Starbound is a completely different game, only the 2D graphics are similar. It's not finished yet, but it's one of the best 2D games in my opinion. There are 7 races to choose from: Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl and Novakid. Each race starts with specific weapons. Starbound regularly updates, the developers add new features to the game, fix bugs, etc. If you like 2D games, I highly recommed you to play Starbound


It started out so promising

ToxicFi7h | Oct. 8, 2015 | See all ToxicFi7h's reviews »

I liked this better than Terraria, I know that's considered a sin, but it's true. The controls are simpler, I can start building right away. Granted it takes forever and its a good idea to get improved tools, but I can start building right away. After the latest add-ons, the introduction missions are much much better. But there's a big issue at the core of this game. Bad managing and eternal beta status aside, its in the core of this game. One you get fuel for your spaceship, which you will after less than 20 hours of playtime, the game is over. Its over, you might as well uninstall the game. This is because since you can go to any star system, any planet, any place in the galaxy you want at any given time, you have no reason to invest in a certian planet. Whats the point of building a fortress if I can just go to another, less dangerous planet at any time? The fact you can build crafting tables in your ship doesn't help the matter, further reducing the need to invest in planets. On the surface, the game is great. Great soundtrack, great art direction, an interesting mythos and lore. But after you get your ship working, whats the point? Why fight monsters if you can just beam up at anytime to the safety of your ship? why build a bed and a house with a fireplace if you aren't forced to eat, sleep, or take shelter? You're not punished for not eating or sleeping, so how can this be a roleplaying game? It really hurts me to write a negative review over this game.


Best early access I'm still playing

Cornwallace | Sept. 22, 2015 | See all Cornwallace's reviews »

As of now I'm still playing starbound, I can't honestly say the same of Terraria. Perhaps it is style, but I like the idea of having biomes and different creatures an ftl or planet jump away. I like the mission tutorials, and recently added tenant system, although I have not got to the very late game content myself it looked very fun on CohnCarnage's stream and while my friend was zipping around with a jetpack. The fact that it is still being developed is also a plus to me so while I would say it is worth it as is it is also a good investment in a future game.


Early access, but nearly a full game

RiVenoX | Sept. 3, 2015 | See all RiVenoX's reviews »

Starbound is a really enjoyable game, though it's not complete. It has much of what Terraria offers, but expands greatly upon it. Different planets with different requirements and rewards. Storyline quests, zones with indestructible scenery (a town, some boss zones, and several endgame trials), and other random NPC's to encounter. There are quests to complete which help you advance throughout the game, and instead of a home base near the spawn, many people just use their ship as a base of operations. You can create teleporters to take you to any other teleporter, giving you fast access to your favorite planets and areas. It's a game worth owning, even if it's not completed just yet.


Really good game

bryce0110 | Aug. 16, 2015 | See all bryce0110's reviews »

I had always like game like Minecraft and Terraria, so I tried out this game. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to play it again. I got really excited after the update that added many items and ship upgrades. Can not wait for more updates.


Starbound: It works, but still okay.

Saga9400 | July 2, 2015 | See all Saga9400's reviews »

While similar to Terraria, Starbound is it's own beast, The space travel mechanic keeps the game fresh and exciting. With the addition of a storyline ,while optional, it does give you some direction on where you're supposed to go but doesn't really hold your hand for it. The new Tech system is great and extremely helpful, and so far i haven't encountered any game breaking glitches so far and it still has content waiting in the works However, there are a lot of things that wouldn't really make me want to recommend it, it's a lot of walking around before you get any movement items, digging and finding specific materials could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (based on how rare it is). the change between being too weak and way too strong is very sudden, multiplayer is basically single player with more people, There's no point in hoarding items because you will find something better, managing inventory space takes forever and chests are small,Customizing your character has no positive or negative impact on gameplay and the game gets pretty boring after a while. The game still needs a bit of work but it is looking to be something great. The price fits but i'd still recommend buying it on sale.


Starbound: A Space Odyssey of Your Own Making

morfindeth | May 8, 2015 | See all morfindeth's reviews »

Starbound, as many have said, is very similar to Terraria and other games of this particular genre. That being said, controls and basics of the concept don't even need to be covered. They're done well. Where Starbound diverges is setting and scale. Galaxies of planets housing different kinds of life, different atmospheres and biomes await. Some planets have acid rain that demands shelter. Others are freezing and require regular warming by a fireside. Some have no atmosphere and require oxygen tanks. The level of variety available even in an early access game here speaks volumes of what the game can become in the future. There's a good base with a lot to do here already.


Basically space Terraria.

OmittingCoder | May 4, 2015 | See all OmittingCoder's reviews »

Just imagine Terraria except you can fly to different planets to build/scavenge. You can also upgrade your ship to how ever you want. Also... this game is awesome on coop with a few friends. The only reason why I stopped is that I played the game real early while there wasn't a whole lot of content but luckily now the devs have been updating it and keeping it stock full of content. Check it out!


Starbound,the bigger Terraria.

KazeShin | April 25, 2015 | See all KazeShin's reviews »

Well,we got a new game by the Chucklefish,one that got a lot of flack because they went silent for a while,this gave people the idea that Starbound was abandoned.I'm glad this fact turned out otherwise. The gameplay in Starbound is somehow different from its predecessor,immersing I would say.I want to try every kind of weapon,I want every ability,I WANT TO BE BETTER.This game succeeded in this aspect because you can really get better in so many ways,from getting new melee weapons,snipers,laser rifles to getting armour for going on new planets with different environments and extreme conditions. The visuals in this game are beautiful.Everything in this game was created with responsibility and hard work.I see all those different planets,creatures that are nicely done in this state of the game,I cannot help but think about how much work they've been doing to make it real. Those are things that I like the most,the rest of the game is nicely done but it did not appeal so much to me,I recommend it even in its beta state,it is very nicely done.


Latest Update = Get this game

WolfeClawz | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

As of the most recent update, hundreds of new items, weapons and even game mechanics have been added, making the already stunning randomly-generated worlds filled to the brim with new content and things to find. Progressing through the game is a different, more enhanced experience than before, meaning it is less of a grind and the combat is less boring. I'd highly suggest going to the official Starbound website and looking at the change log in order to see for yourself. Furthermore, if you haven't yet played Starbound, then it may also be interesting to see the new content to get an idea of just how much you can do within this game. For everything that's included, it's a true shame that this is called a Terraria clone. The price is a steal, buy this game.


Fleshed out, enjoyable Terraria-like

BertyD | Feb. 9, 2015 | See all BertyD's reviews »

Now I use Terraria-like only as a comparison, not to say it's a direct rip off. It borrows a lot of features, so it's easy for fans of one to make the jump to the other. And though earlier versions did very much feel like Space Terraria, the developers have been making a real effort to set it apart. The winter update in particular added a throng of new items, biomes, quests, features, et al. As it stands, it is very much it's own distinct title with it's own perks and fun to offer. Terraria shines as a coop game, and is at it's best when you're exploring new worlds with a good friend. However with the latest update and better defined quest system, there is also plenty of fun to be had playing alone.


Just another Terraria, or something more?

Bombolz | Aug. 29, 2014 | See all Bombolz's reviews »

Starbound is a 2d Sidescroller rpg game, with exploration and creative elements. For those that have played Terraria, Starbound is in essence, the same type of game except in space. So what makes Starbound unique? Visually, Starbound is much more appealing than it's predecessor, and has managed to encompass immersion through the flora and design of each planet. Futhermore, each planet has their own unique conditions and players can transverse through planets should they have the resources to do so. Planets not only look visually different, they have different impacts on gameplay, such as difficulty level, temperature conditions, gravity, different materials to harvest, different native species as well as npc intelligent lifeforms that have settled on the planet and may or may not be aggressive. Much like Terraria, Starbound does include a multiplayer function, and also like Terraria, it requires a third party software to operate properly (Hamachi/Evolve). This probably will get changed in the future and players should have the capability to connect to others through steam (don't quote me on this though). Multiplayer is generally very smooth and experiences very little lag (although this may vary depending on the hosts internet capabilities). The music in Terraria was much more iconic and had an arcade feel to it which greatly suited it. Starbound's music was enticing, and kept that a nice space themed lore friendly music. The music in both are good, it just comes down to personal preference. The building functionality of Starbound is simpler to use. It provides a more easy, and more efficient tool and controls that the player can work with. The combat is fairly the same, but Starbound has an energy bar instead of mana, but they essentially function the same way. Starbound has abilities which use energy whereas Terraria has spells that us mana. The boss fights in Terraria definitely felt much better to fight against, possibly because I have yet to see a huge boss in Starbound. In the end, Starbound is not something totally different, but is a unique fun experience to dive into. In my opinion, it's just a "better" and simpler game than Terraria. Keep in mind that Starbound is yet to have a full release.


Get bound to Starbound

LautaroCompleX | Aug. 25, 2014 | See all LautaroCompleX's reviews »

A lot of people think that this game is kind of overrated because there is no real endgame, but I think this is something that'll get sorted out for the best after Beta. You can have loads of fun with friends (or even on your own), while grinding and getting new stuff, visiting new places and making your own castles, houses, bases, bunkers, etc. This game is very much like life itself. Is there a real "ultimate goal" to life? Not really, it's just about enjoying, visiting new places and meeting new people, about having fun and living it the way you like it. And that's how this game works in my opinion, you just go from planet to planet on an infinite random generated universe and conquer each planet according to your own desire. And that, for me, is something not many games have nowadays. I recommend trying the game, and feeling as free and all-powerful as only Starbound can make you feel.



coldrefreader | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all coldrefreader's reviews »

Bear in mind that this is a review of the game in its current state. Well, this looks like Terraria player's dream, but it actually isn't. The game looks funny and exciting at start, but after a while of playing you realise these things: 1. There is a lot of grinding: The currency ingame is Pixels. It is similar to the xp at Minecraft, but you use that to buy stuff aswell. You will do ANYTHING to get them, nothing else matters. 2. The combat is boring: Basicly the combat here is just jumping around and hoping you will hit the mob you try to kill. 3. Bosses are easily handled(They're bosses for a reason, don't you think?) : There are certain tricks you can use to kill bosses fast. All you have to do it place dirt all around it , with some little hole and you have the perfect trap for a boss. 4. Devs are total idiots : Updates are very slow, with little worthwhile information being released to the public. The official Chucklefish forum is one of the most heavily censored websites you will ever visit on the internet. Every single criticism, how valid it may be, gets brushed under the rug as ''trolling'' and the user has a good chance of getting banned. I do not recommend this game, because your money will be thrown in the air. Do not support some rotten indie developers.


Essentially Terraria, but with even more goodness.

mrminecrafter1 | Aug. 6, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Starbound is essentially Terraria but in space. From a casual gamer's perspective, the graphics look the same between the two games. But the graphics have found a neat spot between arcadey and realism somehow. Gameplay is almost the same, but if it ain't broken why bother fixing it. It is still fun and engaging to the player. Soundtrack is very nice. The new feature, quest system, is well executed and offers good rewards for your hard work. Animation quality is fluid and hardly is there ever any odd animations. Physics are also pretty good for this game. As more feautres are added in and bugs are fixed, the game can only get better. A well-done survival game set in space which allows creativity options to increase exponentially. Recommended for gamers looking for survival games.


So Good!!!

friendbear70 | July 21, 2014 | See all friendbear70's reviews »

This is one of the best 2D, sandbox, exploration games since Terraria. It has all the great qualities a good games needs. Race, adventure, apes, surprise, acid, and MORE. It is so cool! You can play as 6 different races, each having their own abilities. For example, avians can jump really high. Each race has a different type of ship. There are so many different planets to explore too. Ranking from really weak planets to really strong planets. Every planet has different monsters, all differing in strength. if you go deep enough, you can find many strange things like a frog merchant. This is a crazy fun game that every should have. This is definitely worth the 15 dollars!


Obey the Great Ape

RakuPL_Markolf | May 14, 2014 | See all RakuPL_Markolf's reviews »

Starbound is an open world 2D sandbox game with a lots of freedom and possibilities. You can freeze to death, die starving or conquer planets, galaxies or whole universe. Craft better weapons and armor, invent new technologies, construct your own house and improve your space ship. Or do whatever you want. Become Starbound!!! :-)


My analysis of Starbound!

Payaso109 | May 9, 2014 | See all Payaso109's reviews »

Well, this is my analysis of the current state of Starbound . The basis of Starbound is great, a sandbox open world , set in a wrapped future themed Sci -Fi , with interstellar travel , adopting mechanical several genres platforms arpg , adventures, crafting and farming , among others ; is a set that achieves hook from the first minute . Now that I managed to reach the last stage of the game , planets lvl 10 armor and weapon high , I can say about the title. As I said earlier, the foundation on which rests Starbound , are solid and dictate , which over time, will improve a lot, like a diamond in the rough that needs polishing. But before that , there are still many things to do ... I feel I wanted to create a vast universe , almost infinite , with more than 1 quadrillion planets that just thinking about it , one is mouthwatering , but unfortunately , as putting us squarely , and this summary is bent just a couple planets. My current experience, was as follows : I started on my first planet, me armed with the best I could the first solar system ( without visiting other planets ) , called to the boss , beat him and so I went to the next level , I again do the same to move forward, and so on to the last . The problem was that once I got to the maximum in approximately 12 hours , although I still have an infinite number of planets without visiting , I find no incentive to continue traveling ... What for? What new challenge I find? ... For any more , would be the only way of discovering new towns , to steal decorative items for my home , but nothing more. And that's a big problem that will have to solve , ie , going to have to get a carrot on our noses , to keep us as if we were rabbits looking for the unattainable. Main and side quests, treasures and more powerful weapons of armor that can be made ; enemies of all kinds, hard to present us with a great challenge and defeat them worthwhile for "something" . The game needs to have a goal, have a goal , something that encourages us to continue traveling around outer space they have created. This vacuum is very present when we sat in our cockpit control and we featured a map of constellations overpopulated ... and the first thing that comes to mind is : "Where am I going? " or " What do I have to do next ? " ; and yet this is summed only to throw an imaginary dice, and pick any random planet , to find materials ; but there is no map , no line to follow, just know it started on planets lvl1 , lvl2 after , and so on up to lvl10 and not even have to travel by countless planets with planets only go to 10 different levels and can complete the game. The beginning of the game is also a bit "weird" , started on a ship , with advanced technology, and then we have to chop down to the planet with basic peaks and hunt animals with primitive weapons . And, this would be ok , but if we would start differently ... How, as for example, we start on a planet with no ship, nor any advanced technology, then the first step would be to survive, and construct basic elements for this purpose, and eventually move forward to finally be able to build us a ship, for only then , begin our space travel. Once we begin our travels , schedule woven system , to help us choose our destiny , for example, start receiving a signal from a planet that requires our help, go there and meet a number of missions, such as gathering resources X , end certain enemies, etc. . When we complete all missions on that planet , the village chief prompts us to our next destination , perhaps to keep looking for information about our past , as we have chosen to race , etc. .. That mini -bosses , bosses and large enemies heads ... the top level are almost immortal , as gods , such as " Kraken : the devourer of worlds " exist , a sort of Titan it extremely difficult , and also solve mysteries of secret sects or whatever. In short : I think Starbound has much material to work with, I hope that over time , is the dream up to give us the incentive to venture into all these planets , and our goal to go to X place , not only to collect resources or decorative objects .



skylarzz | May 2, 2014 | See all skylarzz's reviews »

Very fun little game it's similar to Terraria. I have both games and I like them very much :)!! Great for the price I bought it for $12 using the 20% discount. The graphics are adorable and I absolutely love sandbox games (except for gmod -_-). You can go to a lot of planets and oh god this is just too much for me to handle. Buy this game here!



Edreih | April 30, 2014 | See all Edreih's reviews »

This game is simply awesome.Especially if you're a fan of Terraria, Minecraft, and sandbox games. Although it is still in early access on steam,the developers are working hard to keep updating it and getting rid of its bugs. You will find a lot to do in this game. One of my favorite features in this game is that it has a quest system. Many quests to do, many items to find, many planets to explore. There are also many ways you can customize your character. There's a total of 7 races that will be playable which include Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, and Novakid. The soundtrack is nice, and so are the controls. The visuals are well thought out and the animations are fluid. I particularly enjoy the pixel style. So if you enjoy survivalcraft games such as Minecraft and Terraria, as well as space and science fiction genres, you should definitely give this game a try.



HerrDethnout | April 15, 2014 | See all HerrDethnout's reviews »

It is a simply epic, the story is that we are a fugitive escaped our planet and unfortunately our ship is out of fuel, so we will have to survive on the planet we are. Despite being a simple and used history, that's not what makes starbound what is, otherwise, in this case, are the graphics, music, exploration, the graphics for 2D game is incredible. The music is just epic, it is as if we were playing a movie. And we can explore not just 1 simple terrain, but we can explore many planets, and we may be discovering more planets. Starbound is simply a masterpiece of indie games. Recommended to all lovers of minecraft and terraria, and looking for something better than Minecraft and terraria.


A lot to find out on Starbound

yanir3 | April 2, 2014 | See all yanir3's reviews »

Starbound gives an amazing feeling of creation and improvement. You will start off in a random planet, with your selected character race and you'll have to wander in your planet and complete quests to advance in technology, get new weapons, craft new tools and fight bosses and stronger mobs. The best element in Starbound is the ability to travel in space, there's a huge amount of planets in Starbound you can go to, each one of them has a position. Every planet has a difficulty level, you will find stronger mobs in different planets. While exploring planets you will probably find settlements, different buildings and loot chests - containing maybe a rare weapon for you to use. The soundtrack is just soothing. It is very well done, the music changes according to your situation in the game, in battle, exploring, space traveling and more. I have yet to see such an amazing soundtrack in a game lately and you might want to try it as well. The game is very good and everyone can find themselves addicted to it, whether you like sci-fi or not, you definitely won't be bored from playing Starbound. Also, if you liked Terraria, you will probably like this as well. Please bear in mind the game is early access and is likely to have bugs sometimes, even though I have yet to find a gamebreaking bug. Overall, if you like space, exploring, adventures or even a good sountrack, you should buy Starbound. The game is improving significantly with every update and you can already see how the game progressed so much since it's first alpha release.



Dancer087 | March 29, 2014 | See all Dancer087's reviews »

Starbound has taken the popular 'survivalcraft' genre that's been made popular by games like Minecraft or Terraria and pushed it forward. If you're a fan of Terraria you can probably already tell from the screenshots that the similarities between the two games are not subtle, which is a good thing. The arguably strongest element of Terraria was the non-linear and unscripted sense of adventure and exploration, Starbound has taken this same feeling, put it in a rocket and blasted it out into uncharted space. If you haven't played Terraria then in short, Starbound is a true open world sandbox wherein you can manipulate terrain with tools to build structures, hunt for food, acquire randomly generated loot for random combat encounters and craft armour and weapons from common to rare materials. There are also boss battles, the ability to travel from planet to planet via your own fuel dependant spacecraft and the exploration of randomly generated structures such as abandoned science bunkers and ancient alien temples. Sounds incredible? Well, it is. However, despite all its good intentions and creative ideas, it's not without its flaws. The main flaw of the game is actually tied to its biggest strength, the open world sandbox is so vast that it often feels hollow and while there's so much to do, there's little incentive to do any of it, other than a personal sense of curiosity. There's a veil of a story that acts as mechanism to raise the curtain at the start of the game but, the more you play the less significant it quickly becomes, although that's not too bad a thing given the nature of the game. The visuals are beautiful with a really deep and refreshing colour pallet, the sprite animation is energetic and smooth and the soundtrack is spot-on. In conclusion If you're a fan of survivalcraft games or even a fan of adventure or sci-fi, there's a very good chance you will love this. If you prefer a game that has a definitive start and an end with a strong storyline, this may not be for you.