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Serious WW2 strategy

mahon | June 24, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

While many players consider themselves hardcore strategists, what they really play is RTS games, pretty light on strategy, often more on tactical level, and sometimes relying more on fast and skilled fingers than serious and deep thinking and planning. Strategic War in Europe is much more of a serious strategy, with less flashy visuals, and no breathtaking action. It's more about planning on high, strategic level, and coordinating whole operations, invading countries and defending them. The game is set in the World War Two period, and is a real guilty pleasure of a historical gamer. Although the game offers a wide range of possible strategies, and takes many factors into account (weather on strategic level anyone?), it is not very difficult to learn. Of course you will not become a master in a few hours, but you will know how to play the game, which will allow you to practise and improve your strategic thinking skills, providing excellent gaming experience for any real fan of true strategies.