Reviews for Tiny Troopers


Really nice :)

MalkaLT | March 19, 2015 | See all MalkaLT's reviews »

To begin with I can say that this game really surprised me. I never been a fan of games like these and first thing when I saw it was "it looks like a mobile game, why should I buy it for pc" but here I realized my mistake after my friend gifted it to me. The game turned out to be really fun and sometimes a bit challenging. You are in a squad, which levels up with completed missions so you have to keep your eye on all your team. Next there are lots of upgrades like more ammo, more damage, better defense. Gameplay is really smooth and it plays very nicely, enemies are not stupid like in many other games, but also they aren't some kind of pros so it's good :D Graphics of this game are very nice and friendly, I think even kids can play it and that would keep them unharmed :DD Missions are the part of this game and they are very well made, maps are nice, objectives are completable but some might also become a challenge. Also one feature that I didn't expect when I got this game is Zombie mode, as we all know these are popular these days and you will surely find yourself playing it time to time. So yea, to finish this I must say that I recommend this game and it might become something that you will surely like, so if it's on sale - don't mis that chance.


Decent game, average port.

mahon | April 15, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

Tiny Troopers is a real time strategy with both mobile and PC versions. For a mobile game it's very good, surely more than decent. Judgement of the PC version is a bit more difficult because of higher expectations we tend to have when it comes to PC games. What we get in this case is just a solid port of the mobile game, with nearly no changes. Even though PC controls could allow for better tactical flexibility and control, the authors didn't make use of this potential and left it the way it was on mobile devices. It is a shame because the game in itself is pretty good - you control units, your soldieres gain experience, you are assigned to various missions, etc. Had the potential of PC machines been used better, the game would surely be more memorable. And now it's just OK.


Positively Suprised

PikuVava | April 14, 2014 | See all PikuVava's reviews »

I have always enjoyed games where you can control soldiers and upgrade their equipment. In Tiny Troopers you control your own "battalion" which includes different types of troopers which you can get among the way and this gives you chance to play different levels always with different style. You can upgrade your soldier's equipment which makes next levels little bit easier to play through, of course even when you have really high ranked soldiers, you need reinforcements to fight through different enemies. Map design is really good, graphics are really great and artistic style of models is really pleasant for eyes. All this combined with fast paced and exciting missions results in being absolutely one of my favourite "few cent" game. Slight minus is the lack of levels, but of course there's free mobile version "Tiny Troopers 2" if you want more playable content.