Reviews for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist


Back to the Roots!

billie_boy86 | Feb. 19, 2015 | See all billie_boy86's reviews »

Splinter Cell Blacklist unlike the previous 2 entries in the series redeemed it's name for being the game as it was used to be.. bring back memories of how fresh and great it was since first 3 parts came out the Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and especially Chaos Theory. In Blacklist Ubisoft managed to combines all the best ingredients together and end up making an epic experience while sticking to the ever loving Splinter Cell formula. Blacklist introduces a whole new level in the Splinter Cell series from great story to engaging side missions. Blacklist fulfills all those gaps that drowned the series previously in Double Agent and Conviction. Blacklist features many new things such as Gear Customization, XP system that rewards in the form of money, Choice of weapon selection according to the briefing and Splinter Cell Blacklist has it all. Sam Fisher is back with the whole new level to take down enemies the way you want whether you love killing enemies by stealth or go loud by shooting bullets and using your favorite gadgets. It's up to you how you want to proceed so gear up and read to go as Splinter Cell Blacklist is a must buy! + Goods: - Visuals at it's best with fluid Frame Rates - Intriguing Story with Side Missions - Gear and Weapon Customization - Co-op Mode - Flexible Controls - Sound Effects and Voice Acting - Bads: - Uplay Client Compulsory


Fresh Entry

WolfeClawz | June 14, 2014 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

Blacklist brings even more unique gadgets and features into the Splinter Cell series, giving the player even more of a variety of ways to approach a situation. The environments are beautifully designed, with the graphics bringing each area to life in 60 frames per second. On that note, the port is handled very well unlike some of the ones we've had of the previous titles such as Double Agent. Once again, Ubisoft brought back Spies vs Mercenaries, a multiplayer gamemode that combines third and first person perspectives with unique objectives for each side. This time, however, it comes back with fresh design, graphi Thanks to all of this, I give Blacklist a score of 91.


Splinter Cell at it's best!

lynxil | May 7, 2014 | See all lynxil's reviews »

I got this game from my GPU and I was really excited to get it :D I remember when I played the first Splinter Cell, I was amazed by the crazy and ground breaking effects of the lighting, And I loved the gameplay of it, with all of the sneaking around and the sweet gadgets... Story So, in this chapter of Splinter Cell, there's a group called "The Engineers" who are set on killing US forces and assets all over the world until the US will call back all American troops deployed abroad. Well, yeah, the story is kinda generic, but it works! You play as Sam Fisher, and with a small task force you command a cargo plane, named "Paladin", from your plane, you see the tasks and missions all over the world, upgrade your plane and loadout. Graphics Graphics are just amazing! really, the game just looks insane! just like the first time I played the first game, I was just amazed by the graphics here! The shadows and lighting feel so realistic, it's just gorgeous! nothing really to add here, it's just amazing. Gameplay The gameplay is Third-Person, just like all the previous games, for each mission you do, you get money, with that money you upgrade your plane, buy and upgrade weapons, armor and gadgets, each mission can be done in 3 styles, Ghost style which is the stealthy way, Panther style, which is stealthy yet deadly way, and the all out Assault style... no need to explain here. Along the main story you have more side missions from each member of your Task Force that you can do, when done, you get better equipment and the missions are fun too, from getting Intel, to guarding an embassy while waves of terrorists attack you, Each Side mission can be done Solo or Co-op with a friend. the gameplay itself is really fun, makes you feel like a real bad-♥♥♥, killing your enemies from the shadows or just shooting them with bad-♥♥♥ upgraded weapons. also, I gotta add, the AI is really smart here, you can see the enemies are talking about what's happening, and they are working together if they are threatened, from guarding their friends and walking back-to-back searching you. Conclusion This is one of the best Splinter Cell's I've ever played, the game is just amazing, it sucks you in, and if you love a good challenge like me, you will love this! i found my self playing a side-mission for 2 hours just trying to make a perfect run of it, You need to learn the enemy routes, and make a plan of attack, setting traps, calling them from a shadowy place and smacking them! I also love the customizable equipment, from buying black market weapons and adding upgrading them to buying a flying little helicopter like machine that can shock enemies and deploying EMP. The cut scenes are very very good! really well made and deliver a good story with the game! the characters are real actors, one of the main terrorist is Carlo Rota which also plays on the TV series 24, and there's also Multiplayer gameplay where there are 2 teams, Spies and Mercenaries which is fun too, didn't play much, I'm still playing the Main story :) So, overall, the game is just sweet! great gameplay, good and solid story, amazing graphics... what more do you need? Taken from my Steam reviews page, feel free to ask about my review there, and check out the in-game screenshots :)


The best of all Splinter Cells combined

MarkDeejay | April 16, 2014 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Splinter Cell Blacklist combines the best elements of Conviction and its predecessors into one fine package. A package that deserved more attention, because even though Splinter Cell is still popular, it didn't manage to sell enough copies. Anyway, Blacklist lets you play as Sam Fisher (who else ?), but with an all-new voice actor this time. Michael Ironside will be sorely missed, but I have to admit the new voice of Sam did a very decent job. The game has plenty of content, including single-player missions, co-op missions, multiplayer and even a metagame. The single-player portion can be completed in roughly 10 hours. I didn't have a chance to try the other modes just yet. The single-player missions can be played with a stealthy approach, as an action hero killing everyone you see or a mix of those two. Since this is Splinter Cell I'm thinking most of us will play this game in stealth mode and use a more action oriented approach if they're ever discovered. The graphics look extremely well and the game is a blast to play. It also runs at a solid 60FPS, something I personally adore. Blacklist looks like a compilation of all previous games and as a result it's, in my opinion, the best game yet, or the more complete one anyway.