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A nice horror adventure game

Sganotak | April 8, 2014 | See all Sganotak's reviews ยป

Betrayer is a nice horror adventure game made from former Monolith devs. It draws inspiration from The Elder Scrolls, Far Cry and even Dark Souls.

You begin the game stranded in the 17th century New World. However this land is inhabited by nightmarish creatures looking to make your life difficult. The UI is very limited and there's no handholding or missions to guide you. You just have to survive and progress through this twisted version of colonial Virginia. The game is very immersive and the black & white art style is something unique that adds to the atmosphere, of course, if you feel distracted or annoyed by it you can always add some color through the game's options. When you die, you're stripped off all of your equipment, which remains at the site of your death. Die again before reclaiming them and you lose them forever, thus the Dark Souls influence

Sadly Betrayer's weakness is what I expected to be it's strong point. Coming from people with a lot of experience in FPS games, I expected solid gunplay and good AI. This is not the case with Betrayer, since the shooting mechanics are very clunky and the AI is rather passive and follows linear patterns. The stealth in the game is also kinda random, as enemies will spot you from nowhere a lot of times or don't notice you at all when you sneak past them.

Betrayer may be rough around the edges but is certainly a rewarding game with unique ideas, I'd really like Blackpowder games to work on a sequel that builds up on what made the original great and sort out the gameplay issues this game has. If you're looking for an atmospheric first person horror game, you should definitely give Betrayer a chance.