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zallim29 | June 6, 2015 | See all zallim29's reviews »

Arm yourself for a new type of an adventure, you will not only hunt Templars but this time you will venture into an epic naval battles between countless ships and yours... the legendary ship... the Jackdaw... don't blame me that's what they called it. And it doesn't stop there you will seek treasures and secrets on different islands and if it's not exciting enough you will venture into the deep of the ocean where valuable collectibles lays down there awaiting someone to claim it but this treasures are not laying down there alone, they are surrounded with grave danger from Jellyfish to sharks you will have to make your way through and you are not just anyone, you are Edwar... ehm sorry, CAPTAIN Edward Kenway, a fallen privateer who founds himself dragged into vicious conflicts between the Assassins and Templars, but there is only one goal in his mind and that goal is to be a master of his own... to become the king of the ocean. What makes Black Flag an important experience is of course its naval warfare, although it is not a new feature and we already saw it in Assassin's Creed III, but in Black Flag things got bigger, while in Assassin's Creed III you were playing most of the time on land and little time hanging with your tequil... ah my bad, the AQUILA in the sea, things are in the contrary in Black Flag and that's not a bad thing, actually not bad at all, but in return other things got neglected, like Edward's fights, despite the addition of the dual swords there is nothing new in the combat, but even things got worse the combat is limited than before, you can't dodge and you can't grab enemies, also weapons are reduced as there isn't heavy weapons and short blades, even with pistols, they added the ability to equip four pistols at the same time, but each of them holds one bullet, and that's the same as the Pepperbox pistol, so it is more of "Looks Cool" than it "Sounds One". And the most important element of course is the "Story", if you looked at Black Flag's story as a standalone release you will find that its absolutely amazing, but if you compared it to the rest of the series, then you will be disappointed, the problem with Assassin's Creed is that it gone off-topic, especially after Assassin's Creed Revelations, things simply got disconnected, you don't who is chasing what anymore, each release you are simply playing a new episode which is not related to the one before it, simply adding names and characters like Desmond, Shaun and Rebecca from previous episodes doesn't make it a sequel, what it counts is how they are related to the story, the Assassin's Creed we know ended with Revelations, although Revelations was also got drifted away from the series but somehow they managed to keep it related as much as possible to the series especially when you play as Altair. Back to the Point Assassin's Creed from now on will act as a standalone adventure not related to the previous one, but Black Flag on the other hand showed something different, it can be a distinct franchise from Assassin's Creed, Black Flag showed outstanding naval gameplay and you will never get tired from exploring the sea, also it showed a different type of protagonists... A Pirate!, when you play as Edward Kenway you will notice that he is reckless and he don't care about anything except achieving his own glory and that's something new, something we are not used to it at least. So here's the deal Black Flag as a standalone game is amazing, but as a sequel to Assassin's Creed franchise, then you will not find it very interesting, I have spent over 80 hours playing Black Flag and I played it as a unique adventure and totally isolated myself from Assassin's Creed series in order to evaluate it well enough and if I were reviewing the game as a standalone release I would gave it 100 but that's not the case as Black Flag still holds Assassin's Creed in its title so I gave it 70 despite the flaws in it but the naval gameplay and the soundtrack, which Brian Tyler had done an astonishing job in it, really overcame these much as possible anyway, and the way I see it that it is such a loss that this game hadn't got its own franchise, really this game deserves to be an addition for something new...something to build on different paths...but these paths won't take part in the Assassin's Creed series anyway.



PlayTyrant | May 8, 2015 | See all PlayTyrant's reviews »

This is the latest AC game I've played. I must say that my favorite is still AC III, but that's a mater of tastes. This game is gorgeous in every way, and gives you enough freedom to do whatever you want, it's very addictive! You can even go 'fishing' (if you know what I mean) and share it with your friends with the uPlay system. The story is not bad at all, leaving aside the 'current time' story, that is. I always hated that about Assassin's Creed, I'd rather play the 'ancient' part alone and leave aside the other part, the present. I just don't like it. Otherwise, this game is a gem. 100% recommended!


Old but Gold

Strawberrypie10 | Nov. 16, 2014 | See all Strawberrypie10's reviews »

I know that the fifth game in the series is out and you might want that instead, but might not have the money for the latest games. Black Flag might seem outdated but it is still fun and offers variety gaming. Most people have wanted to be pirates and this game offers what you can call a simulation. it is 11/10 from me.


From Land to Sea

ash_arani | Aug. 16, 2014 | See all ash_arani's reviews »

This was my official introduction to Assassin's Creed and what an intro that was. From land to sea, from stealth to all around fights, this game has it all. A great storyline that crosses over between 'today' and the 'past'. The character development is rather interesting for a game. It was more of unexpected yet very happy to see it. I personally loved the combat system (which I know some criticize as very easy). The visuals and the animation are rather impressive. Highly recommended and I am officially hooked on the franchise.


Under Jolly Roger!

Obsessor | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

I love pirate settings. Maybe not like in Pirates of Carribean, but more dirty, more real. And as AC 4 goes, I'm not disappointed. Again we get a beautiful game, full of historical referrences, which I love. With pure action, free roam, guaranteed to steal many, many hours of one's time. There are so many possibilities of activities at first you may be dumbfounded as what to do. Explore, sail your ship, upgrade it, look for treasures, fight naval battles. And if you're wondering if this is a real AC game, so different. Well, it is different. You're in fact a pirate. But don't worry. It is still good old Assassin's Creed. With great plot and lots of action. Surely not a disappointment.


Pirates, Pirates Everywhere! AC 4 is AC 3.5 but feels Fresh!

khawaja07 | Aug. 1, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

Assassin's IV: Black Flag is built upon nearly the same gameplay mechanics on which AC III was built upon, however unlike the two previous settings in the last two games, AC IV brings your journey to the Caribbean Islands, a refreshing new story line and most importantly you play as a Pirate who soon becomes the captain of his ship, finds his own crew and sets sail to find new avenues to explore, capture and loot! Edward Kenway is the man! A former British Navy sailor who quits his job and wants to find a rich fortune in a very short amount of time so an attempt to achieve it, he turns into a pirate, instead of earning his fortunes himself, he concentrates on stealing them from others. However, he is not an Assassin from the start unlike previous games, so Edward Kenway begins a journey of no return which will ultimately lead him slowly but surely in becoming the Ultimate Assassin! Little does Edward know that a group known as the Templars are secretly conspiring at taking over the world which Edward soon finds out in this journey of his but does he know that they're the enemy? As i said earlier, AC IV is built upon the same gameplay mechanics as AC III but it takes the gameplay elements which made the previous entry much fun and exciting to play while also leaving those behind which held the series back! Tree traversal makes a comeback of course as its a world filled with huge Islands, full of jungles to explore! As you're a pirate, ship sailing and ship battles also make a return in AC IV. Unlike AC III, the ship sail & battle system is much more fleshed out as you seek to capture Island-by-Island by defeating the British forts which have been setup there in order to defend their Islands. For the first time in the series, AC IV introduces dual sword combat which has been the trademark of all legendary pirates while also having multiple handguns to fire at your enemies. Use different combinations of weapons that are at your disposal when facing a lot of enemies at once! Blag Flag like its predecessor features a nicely fleshed out Multiplayer component as well. When it comes to Visuals, Black Flag blows the previous games totally out of proportion as it features gorgeously made beaches, islands to play through, all in all a beautiful tropical setting. Water looks great to look at, as AC IV fully supports the Directx 11 API for the first time in the series, it gives the developers to produce more Higher quality texture assets unlike ever before. The game features special DX11 graphical options as well so if you're a PC gamer with a DX11 compatible Graphics Card, then you're in luck. The Soundtrack totally fits the game's setting and works out pretty well overall! So, after a mediocre reception from the last two Assassin's Creed games, Black Flag once again returns the fun and challenge back to the series. I hope Ubisoft learns from this experience and implements it moving forward in the series. However, Black Flag suffers from the same unoptimized mess as AC III did. Either Ubisoft just doesn't take time to optimize PC versions of its AC games or is somehow now incompetent at it. The game barely touches 60 FPS if you're on a Mid-High range PC while only staying at it if you are having a really really powerful PC. These glitches and bugs in the game hamper the fun experience in the game a ton but even after considering all of these things, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is still worthy of at least a single playthrough as its story really plays out well, the gameplay keeps the fun going and the exploration aspect just keeps on giving till the end. I recommend it to those who are able to play through the game without having their fun spoiled and can bare the up & down framerate in the game.


Under the Black Flag

LordAristocrat | July 25, 2014 | See all LordAristocrat's reviews »

The best Ubisoft's Franchise represents a new part in it's storyline - the adventures of brave and bold Caribbean pirate Edward Kenway. When I had known the new setting of my favourite game series, I thought: 'Ubisoft, what are you doing? These ships, seas, islands... How are they connected with assassins? This game is gonna be awful!' I started to play with some sense of suspicion and I didn't expect that 5 minutes after I would scream: 'WOW, THAT'S AWESOME!' (Really, my dormitory neighbor scared when I screamed;) Without any doubts I can that Black Flag is one of the best Ubisoft's games ever! First of all, some words about storyline. We play as Edward Kenway - Caribbean pirate and assassin, Connor's granddad and another one Desmond's ancestor. Edward is a typical pirate who prefers robberies, money, sea, rum, pretty women and his purpose is to become very rich English aristocrat. But life mistakes and death of the dearest to his heart people make him to become an assassin and fight for ideas of brotherhood. The storyline is interesting and has some unexpectable plot twists. Graphic. Guys, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Sun, sand, palms, seas, deep tropic forests, caves, strong and Caribbean rains, ships, animals, pirates - everything looks AMAZING! (If the Creative Director of AC IV is a woman I'd like to kiss her for brilliant game setting;) Music. Brian Tyler, I put my hat off! Realy cool soundtrack, that reflects the spirit of Caribbean pirates! Sailors songs are some kind of radio in GTA's cars. Sounds great and you'll really want to sing; 'Randy Dandy Oh'. Gameplay. It's similar to the third part of franchise exept two details: 1) we can't rule the brotherhood and we can't use it for help; 2) of course, it's ability to conn that is VERY AND VERY EXCITED! You can go everywhere, explore open world of Caribbean islands and seas, plunder ships, employ your own pirate crew, fight against the water storm... Kenway's ship, Jackdaw, is your best friend in pirate adventures. You can upgrade it like Monteriggioni in AC II (buy new cannons, sails, ammunition). This part of gameplay is very interesting and incredibly fun. So what do we have? Firstly - great Assassin's Creed game, secondly - simulator of pirate life, thirdly - ability to see the real beauty of Caribean Sea. Enjoy it!;)


The Best Assassin's Creed game out there.

alanmaz567 | July 12, 2014 | See all alanmaz567's reviews »

This game has a really long and well written storyline. The game also has a huge open world for you to explore. The Requirements are pretty high for an average computer. The graphics in this game look amazing. The AI at times can get buggy but overall they respond appropriately to the situation at hand. The multiplayer plays exactly as the previous Assassin's Creed multiplayer games do but now with a better looking HUD and different maps, ways of killing people, and characters. I definitely recommend this game to new players of the franchise.