Reviews for Mechanic Escape


Highly Enjoyable Platformer

samtahbou | Sept. 29, 2014 | See all samtahbou's reviews »

I've played some 3+ hours on this games to finish it, I still haven't unlocked all the achievements, but I've played it enough to see that it has some of the best in game jumps I've come across in a while. The game itself is simple, you can play with one hand on your keyboard and the other holding a sandwich or a drink, there is no "attack" you just need to get through the level. The difficulty curve is very well balanced, and so gradual that you feel you know the game quite well by the time you need to pull off some of the more difficult stunts. Without ever being so impossible as to make you quit. Pulling off a perfect score in every level is still a challenge. Pros. Very smooth jumps and well constructed levels through out, the introduction of new menaces is non intrusive, you learn it all on the go. The Big baddy chasing you will keep the game pace and level run speed from dropping and boring you. And the easy controls with both keyboard and controller are excellent. Nice art style. And plenty of achievements to keep people occupied. Cons. There is one issue that I've noticed, sometimes there's a hiccup, or a stutter in the game, which could get you killed since things are very black and white in this game, you either make a jump or you die. It isn't so terrible as to make you not want to play anymore though. And it could just be my pc, although if it runs AAA games at top resolution I would think a platformer shouldn't be an issue. All n' all I'd say the game is an 8/10, great fun, very engaging, challenging yet not overbearing. Hours of good fun, highly recommended.


Quite fun :)

Liverpool1971 | May 9, 2014 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

Mechanic Escape is a nice platformer with a sharp difficulty curve. You play as TV set (seriously!) that go through the levels to save his buddies. There are about 80 levels, and it is getting harder the closer to the end of the game you are. There aren’t any checkpoints, so every level needs to be finished in one go. If you die you will simply have to start over the level (but they aren’t so long, so no worries). If you enjoyed such games as Super Meat Boy or Giana Sisters, give this one a try too. It’s certainly worth it.