Reviews for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction


No longer stealth, more action

subzero89 | July 2, 2013 | See all subzero89's reviews »

I´ve played some hours now Splinter Cell: Conviction. After disappointing Double Agent, it is now the fifth part. It´s not like the earlier Splinter Cell, it´s more action, less stealth. But it´s a new Splinter Cell experience and it is well done. Graphics are very good, story seems to be good (not finished yet), sound is good, it´s fascinating and keeps you playing. In my opinion it´s a new generation Splinter Cell and yes it is fun! For people who like Sam Fisher: Try it, it is worth!


Welcome Change

jackyboi1014 | June 20, 2013 | See all jackyboi1014's reviews »

The newest addition to the Splinter Cell series, features a lot of changes, which in my opinion are welcome. Sam Fisher, now retired from the Third Echelon finds himself working without US support, trusting only friends and wanted by the government, he must fight on against this conspiracy and prove himself innocent. Story mode is quite long and fun, you will be visiting alot of different environments, and using different tactics, some times you must rush, pursue or kill enemies, sometimes you need to go stealth without alerting them, using a variety of equipments and gadgets, the game offers a unique weapon system, where his primary weapon is a pistol, and all others are secondaries, handguns are always equipped. Co-Op mode offers story and arcade style elimination, and its fun to play with friends, developing different tactics and approaches. Graphics are very good, a high-end gaming rig is recommended, Sounds immerses you in, and the soundtrack helps keeping the focus on.


Needs more polish!

Plasros | June 19, 2013 | See all Plasros's reviews »

What could have been a great game is ruined by stiff mechanics and poor controls. For example, if you are crouched next to an enemy and press the melee key, nothing happens. You just sit there like an idiot. You have to press the crouch key first to stand yourself up and THEN press the melee key. This alone will cause you to fail more missions than anything else, because it will throw off your timing. Another great example is the contextual "use" key. If you're standing next to a climbable ledge and there is a weapon on the ground that you want to pick up, you have to sit there for two minutes and rotate the camera just right until the weapon is highlighted instead of the ledge. It is very disappointing how poorly Splinter Cell: Conviction was executed, because it obvious has enormous potential.


Great game

boboinho | June 18, 2013 | See all boboinho's reviews »

Very good game with a nice co-op campaign. More games should have campaigns that can be played in co-op like this


Game which was sadly not about stealth

sonarctica | May 3, 2013 | See all sonarctica's reviews »

Sure it had the well known stealth mechanic from older games but the game didn't exactly let you be completely stealthy. From time to time you would be running after a guy guns blazing and kicking cops down. It was more of an action game than a stealth game, it was good fun and as a huge Splinter Cell fan I could appreciate what they tried to do but does it come near Chaos Theory? Not even close. For a fan like me, it's enjoyable and definitely worth a play. Hardcore fans might disagree.


Great singleplayer and COOP experience

xydanus | Jan. 15, 2013 | See all xydanus's reviews »

Conviction is one of those games that makes me wish there were more games with cooperative campaign. Sometimes cooperative play is not so sneaky as it should be in Splinter Cell but it is very entertaining. Coop campaign is different than singleplayer campaign, but they are both well made. Gameplay is more action based than it was in previous Splinter Cell games. Still there are some maps that must be played using stealthy tactics. In my opinion, Splinter Cell Conviction is worth of trying, especially for those gamers who loves good stories.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - review

carlyle | Jan. 10, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

In Splinter Cell: Conviction innovations jump immediately to the eyes, the difference is that this time will be our view to make us understand if we are hidden or in the open, changing the color palette of what appears on the screen depending on the coverage, when we're in 'shadow colors disappear and turn the game into a noir action in shades of gray, and the last known position: if we discovered once again to evade the attention of the guards our last known position will be specifically marked on the screen as a kind of silhouette transparent to indicate where the enemy will look for the former secret agent. It 'artificial intelligence to represent the real problem of Conviction, extremely smart, intelligent and realistic gameplay in normal situations or during the active search for Sam Fisher in which we can appreciate movements of encirclement and hedging, shelling and more a general ability to cooperate to hit our agent, but not much in the interactions with the dead, with the lights off and especially with the last known location of Fisher. Splinter Cell: Conviction is pretty standard in terms of graphics and never reaches peaks of excellence in the video industry. The models are good but rather skinny and very repetitive, except for the main character who has excellent detail and animation edited down to the bone, the enemies show a significantly lower cure. The level design offers only a few ideas truly remarkable. For the rest evolves through the constant ups and downs where maps nicely laid out and with the right division of the space alternating layers flatter and with less bite.


Good game but this is not a stealth

Zinzun | Sept. 4, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

This game is simply an action,not a stealth.You can kill tons of enemies thanks to mark system,and this is bad.During the game you are never forced to hide you in shadow,you can simply destroy all the enemies and move on. But the really "horrible" thing of this game is the Ubisoft DRM:you must be ALWAYS connected,even to play single-player.And if your connection is not good,the game pause itself,even and even! Cloud system for save is bad implemented,Ubisoft servers deleted mine three times,I completed the game only at the forth try. There is also a coop campaign,but when I selected the multiplayer section,the game crashed for me.


More variety and innovations

panz3r88 | Aug. 4, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Splinter Cell Double Agent is a bit different from the other stealth games dedicated to Sam Fisher. In this title you must infiltrate in a criminal organization becoming one of them and trying to prevent their evil plan from the inside. In this case you must do mission for the enemies and avoid to blow up your cover. In the same time you must spy and discover the enemy plans during time limited mission in the enemies hideout. If you manage to complete all the objectives during these mission you can reach the best game ending This innovative gameplay adds variety and non linearity to the classic stealth action present in all other Splinter Cell titles


Good Stealth Game

nibblemonkey | July 23, 2012 | See all nibblemonkey's reviews »

One of the main points of this game is that in most parts of the game you have a choice as to how you want to handle a situation in the game which is mainly if you use Stealth to get through or if you run in and try to kill all the enemies before they kill you. This is also added to as in some areas parts of the environment can be shot down to either create a distraction or to knock out enemies, an early example of this is there is a large light hanging on a roof of a building, if you shoot at the wire holding it up it falls down and knocks out 2 enemies that are underneath making it easier for you to get through but at the same time this alerts the enemies to your presence so can be a downside too. Overall this game is very good and while it changes the Splinter Cell style of game a bit it is still a fun game to play.


Stealth is not the main selling point anymore

DrHouse | July 2, 2012 | See all DrHouse's reviews »

This is a great Splinter Cell game. The best selling point of it is its story-line, which is just one of best you can see nowadays. And of course there's lots of action. But that greatness comes with some downsides. The most noticeable: it almost lacks any stealth. Not that it doesn't have any stealth at all, but in comparison with the previous Sam Fisher games it's less stealthy. But anyway, it's a great game which is better than many of the games out there. The graphics have a very high quality, and the sound does too. So, if you liked the previous San Fisher adventures you must buy this one too. You'll love the story-line.


It's a great spin off

zhack075 | June 19, 2012 | See all zhack075's reviews »

First of all, I'm a huge fan of Splinter Cell Chaos Theory ( the best one In my opinion ). It introduced the coop part which was really awesome. Even If this one is different, I like it. Of course I regret the fact that now, it's more a question of killing without being noticed more than infiltrate something. I mean you can't drag corpse to hide them for example. But The feeling of being a real predator hiding in the shadow, waiting for his prey to make a mistake is really great ! Moreover, the deniable ops are fun to plus alone or in co-op and they can be re-played over and over. The story is nice and well told. In fact we discover a new face of sam fisher who remains one of the greatest game character to me. It isn't a splinter cell game compares to Chaos Theory and the others, but it remains a great spin off, a different way to play splinter cell.


Great game in a great series

Mattiebo | June 15, 2012 | See all Mattiebo's reviews »

I've been a fan of the Splinter Cell series since I played Double Agent (which made me play the other games and a HD remake of Pandora Tomorrow when it was released on PSN), and I'm very happy with this game. The story is good and is told in an interesting variety of ways (in cut-scenes, interrogation scenes, flashbacks and more) and the gameplay, although quite different from previous Splinter Cell games, is just as fun and stealth-oriented. Conviction also has an online co-op mode and an online vs mode, both of which are fun. The co-op mode doesn't quite match the feeling I had when playing Double Agent, but it's still great and the mode also has its own story line. My only major criticism isn't really to do with the game itself. The game uses Ubisoft's U-Play DRM and if you try to play the game without an internet connection or during maintenence, all of your single player progress will be deleted. U-Play isn't all bad though, as you can unlock new content through achievements. I recommend this game to anyone who likes stealth-based games.


Deniable ops

Dagexon | April 9, 2012 | See all Dagexon's reviews »

The game has the best story line of the splinter cell games, it puts you in the shoes of Sam Fisher (the same character from the previous games), who is desperate to find his supposedly dead daughter. The story line was what kept me playing the story missions however if the story line wasn't good then I wouldn't have completed the first mission even as the game play really isn't that special in the missions. I wouldn't have stopped playing the game though, I would never stop as the game features a deniable ops mode which you can play with a friend or alone. there are different modes in deniable ops however the best is "Hunter", in this mode take down all the enemies in your area and then move onto the next zone. If you are spotted then more enemies will arrive making it more difficult to complete which encourages stealth game play. You can even make deniable ops your own by changing the difficulty, maps and your weapons. The downside to the game is that it's posing as a SPLINTER CELL GAME WHEN IT IS NOT. The other splinter cell games were based on pure stealth yet this is not. If you were hoping for another entry to the splinter cell serious I wouldn't get your hopes up but if you want a fun 3rd person shooter with a gripping story line then you've found your game.


Best of all Sam Fisher

guybrush77 | Sept. 8, 2011 | See all guybrush77's reviews »

For me the best of all Splinter Cell. The graphics are spectacular, everything is very detailed (especially Sam). The story is excellent, our favourite spy seeks to avenge the kidnapping of his daughter and that will take you to the White House. It respects both the gameplay of previous games, but for me it is simple, realistic and fun. We improve our weapons, hide in the shadows, and so on. Best of multiplayer co-op missions are 2 players, very funny. Highly recommended.


Doesn't Deserve the 'Splinter Cell' Title

Mondu | Sept. 3, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

For starters, this looks, feels and plays NOTHING like the previous Splinter Cell games. Stealth plays a minimal part in what should be a stealth game. Instead it's gone from stealth to action, rewarding you for fighting your enemies head-on. In all honestly it seemed like Ubisoft had tried to reach out to other gaming audiences to rake in a bigger profit while completely shafting the lovers of the original franchise. The game itself is not bad if you aren't expecting the traditional Splinter Cell, the action is fast paced and will make you feel like a badass - but the older elements such as stealth and shadow play have been thrown out the window and a new game has been remade from the leftovers. You probably would enjoy this game, just don't go expecting a Splinter Cell game. The reason I am rating this harsly is the fact that the game I played is not Splinter Cell, no matter what it's title says.


Forget the Campaign

Mister_Schmidt | Aug. 28, 2011 | See all Mister_Schmidt's reviews »

As has been stated before, it's not really Spinter Cell like we know it. Little to no stealth, it should have its own genre, OHBMS - "Occasionally-Hide-But-Mostly-Shoot". What is good however, are the AI, they react realistically and smartly to every situation, from the lights being shot out, to finding a dead buddy on the floor. So, forgetting the single player campaign, the co-op portion of the game is by far what's best here. Co-op offers multiple modes, such as a campaign, which in terms of game-play is similar to the single-player one but remarkably more fun since you're playing with a buddy, as well as a game mode specifically catering to stealth, in which you and your partner must work together to silently take out groups of enemies in an area, before moving on to the next one. All in all, if you buy this game it should only really be for the co-op part, which on its own would make a good half-game, but sadly, the singleplayer lets it down.


Not what I expected!

keysersoze16 | Aug. 22, 2011 | See all keysersoze16's reviews »

Having played all the previous games of Splinter Cell I can safely say that this game has to be the worst. I feel that this game has a lack of what all the other previous games had, which was stealth, in this game there is none of it, what does Splinter Cell mean to you? sneaking up on enemies? using the most advanced stealth techniques to put a stop to crime? then you best play the previous games and that this one is not for you because there is none of this! Conviction has the graphics, the storyline, the interaction between family members (the daughter), don't get me wrong, it is a fun game just to kill a few hours, as a solid cell fan I enjoyed it because of that, but there is nothing else other than this, they have taken out of the game what means the most. Not what I expected at all, why have amazing graphics but ruin it with lack of gameplay fun!


This is not Splinter Cell

faraany3k | Aug. 16, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Seriously I am disappointed with this game. Splinter Cell used to be the AAA 3rd person stealth shooter. It single-highhandedly rivaled the mighty MGS franchise on Playstation. Each and every step we use to take had serious consequences. We use to carefully lay traps and took enemies one by one all from the cover of dark. Unfortunately all those mechanics have been removed for the sake of accessibility and attracting wider audience to the series. The SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION is a complete reboot. Gone are the elements of stealth. Game now focuses heavily on taking enemies head on with firearms in broad daylight and has a cover mechanic like all modern 3rd person shooters. Stealth is minimum consideration here. With regeneration health, frankly why would anyone want to stay in the shadows. Game is significantly easier now with 'mark and execute' mechanic which lets you automatically kill enemies just by tagging them. With all these shortcomings I must admit its not a bad game. Its not good but not bad either. Shooting is still fun and cover mechanic works like a charm. My only problem is its not SPLINTER CELL anymore. The game has robust and fun 2player Coop mode. Also has a versus mode which is also fun and let you use all the modern tools of stealth and recon. It must be noted that you need to face UBISOFT DRM here, which is an annoyance and hinders your fun if you are not online only player. Action is fast here and whatever it presents is polished and interesting. Just don't went into the game thinking its your SPLINTER CELL title. Its just a good covered base shooter with minimal stealth elements.


Most impressive of franchise

freelion | July 10, 2011 | See all freelion's reviews »

The latest game of legendary stealth action series . We can see that development experience was rising with new every game and this is best. Most interesting campaign with realistic and dynamic gameplay winch include great high graphic level. There is also a huge amount of content for both singleplayer and co-op and playing through the story or one of the many modes and maps online with a friend or random person is fantastic. So I can say you can't miss it!


Bad for a Splinter Cell, good for an Action Game

bFasoX | July 7, 2011 | See all bFasoX's reviews »

This game provides great graphics, a fast-paced gameplay, and mind-blowing action scenes which will keep you on your seat until you beat the game. That said, I also have to mention that i expected something different from a Splinter Cell game. The old Splinter Cell series concentrated on the stealth factor, where it was sometimes better not to kill several targets. In Splinter Cell Conviction you rather take the other way and kill everybody who gets in your way (well.. not EVERYbody). You do sneak into houses but the ways to go are a tad to obvious for me, since the (awesome looking!) font on every building kind of spoils the way to go. Just like "Arukardo" said, this is not meant as a rant but rather as a disappoint for the Splinter Cell series. If you're not a huge fan of the old series this game is still worth a play-through (for this price!)


Stealth is dead

Arukardo | July 1, 2011 | See all Arukardo's reviews »

This game was in development for so many years and everyone got their hopes too high. Ubisoft aimed for game to be "more accessible", more casual and they did it! 'Conviction' turned out to be so generic and dumbed down action game. Stealth elements were strip down to simply hiding behind covers all the time. Of course, every new game is supposed to have new features, Sam Fisher's new ability "mark and execute" makes your game play itself! You just push one button, aim for enemies, lay down and enjoy auto-shooting sequence. Besides that, shooting part was done good. This game also includes a coop mode, which is a great addition because the story mode is very short and easy! The storytelling is good despite of being very short. While playing game you can see what's on Sam Fisher's mind. Overall, 'Conviction' is not a bad game, well it could disappoint you for not being very stealthy, but action and story keeps you up.