Reviews for Rayman Legends



scottnat | May 28, 2014 | See all scottnat's reviews »

Outside of Mario's, probably the best platforming game (or games, really, Rayman Origins is also stellar). Play it with brother in law and his kids and really is a blast. Is uncomplicated enough for the kids to actually be capable at to - this is age bracket 4.5years. Also, on that front the personally of the thing helps. It graphically beautiful and oozes charm. Oh, and it handles perfectly; never floating or erratic, if you achieve an outcome it's because you've timed it right, if you don't it's because you haven't - no randomness to it.



mansbach | April 21, 2014 | See all mansbach's reviews »

Good old rayman is back again! The winning formula from the previous game is back with lots of more levels. Gameplay is fast paced, full of running, jumping, dodging, stomping and squishing. A ton of levels to play and even includes a few select ones from Rayman Origins. Lots of stuff to collect both within the level and as part of a meta-game. New characters to play as unlockable via collecting stuff or special challenge levels. Also has weekly and daily challenging, compete with your friends and with the rest of the world. Sharp and colorful graphics in 2.5D. Bottom line a solid title, lots of fun, hours and hours of gameplay and high replayability value. Highly recommended to any fan of the game or the genre, and anyone else looking to have fun. On a side note: Works slightly better with a controller rather than with the keyboard.