Reviews for Tropico 5


Tropico made easier

smilzoboboz | March 25, 2015 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

Tropico 5 made things easier and more straightforward. You don't have to worry about things as much as you had to do in Tropico 3/4. While Tropico die-hard fans may find this unpleasant, I (as mostly a casual player) found Tropico 5 more enjoyable than Tropico 3/4. That aside, campaign was really nice (more or less Cuba throughout history) and as already said, overall gameplay is relaxing. Graphics are nice but I have to say I'd like to have multiple models for (for example) houses and such, having every single house looking the same kills a bit realism. On sound compartment I have to say that things are not as good as graphics. Effects are often not good, not as much as unpleasant, but still not good enough; music feels repetitive after really a short time. Recommended for casual players, die-hard fans may get disappointed, wait for discounts (graphic is still better than Tropico 3/4).



Tranya | Jan. 10, 2015 | See all Tranya's reviews »

Having a great predeseccors is the doom of this game. It is actually as great as the previous games of the series. Of course they should have add somethings like detailed economical graphics, reason percentage of the hapiness levels etc. but it is one of the most playable city building game there is. Expansions are expensive but Steam does some great sales so wait for them.


First simulator game, good game !

ForeverYDK | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all ForeverYDK's reviews »

Tropico 5 is my first city simulator game. I have seen several like sim city and others, but never played others. Tropico is the first i played and bought because of the setting (tropical island, humor in the game, grafics). I think if you never played a game like this before you will certainly like it. The ingame music is a bit repetitive but creates a nice caribbean vide. The frame rate does drop a bit when you are later in the game and got a bigger island, but it isn't comming in the way of your gameplay. Last but not least even though it seems in the future you have to pay for add-ons and new buildings, you got a ton of possibilities already and the different era system makes it fun to replay the game. For now I have played the tutorial and it's a good way to learn the game, it doesn't take too long and will get you trough the basics. The campaign gives you the opportunity to explore the different ways you can govern your island. So overall the game is quite nice (i haven't played multiplayer yet not sure if i will in the future). And the game is a nice start to simulator games if you haven't played them yet.


Tropico 5: Still Pretty Good

mrminecrafter1 | June 25, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Tropico 5 is not the best in the series. But that does not mean the Tropico series isn't a great series. The gameplay has been given a few minor changes here and there. Graphics are pretty good considering it's a strategy game. Soundtrack is enjoyable as always. The customization for your dictator has been reduced which seems slightly odd to me. It still feels like a Tropico game but with a few minor changes here and there. Overall I would recommend this game if you are looking for a SimCity-like game.


Tropico 5 is a great game.

jmintuck | June 24, 2014 | See all jmintuck's reviews »

I bought Tropico 5 as I have had great experiences with the Tropico series. I really loved that you could now make your leader fromany of ALL the ethnicities that there are, and just not the Hispanic one that always seemed to come along with the older parts of the series. You can pick the gender and clothing of the leader, which is a cool thing to do. When I bought it, I heard in the days before I bought it, that you could do this. My only criticism is the rebels always get so piled up and it can be hard to point out rebels and bribe or assassinate the leaders in time to keep them under control. I like how you can start in the Colonial era where the island has a part where is isn't covered by a fog, which indicates that the fogged over part of the island is not explored yet and you can send your military to explore it, thus lifting the fog as they walk around. The boats that deliver and export goods also change throughout the centuries. If you start in the Colonial era like I did, you get paddle wheel boats. Those look very accurate to the time of when they are used. These seem to be used to the WWII when the boats update to a boat as we know them today, approximately. Also in the Colonial era, the people don't use cars, and I applaud them for being this accurate. Rather, people are pulling along carts down the dirt roads as there was no paved roads at most times. By the time the WWII comes, it updates to vehicles and paved roads. There are more buildings and evolving technologies enabled as you pass through the ages. I really liked that during the game.


Not What I Was Hoping For...

limbonic | June 8, 2014 | See all limbonic's reviews »

First off: I did not even touch the multiplayer part, so I am not going to comment on that. From what I have heard, it does not run all too well, so I guess I am not missing out on any possibly redeeming aspect. I am a long-time fan of the Tropico franchise and had a lot of fun with 3 and 4. Tropico 5 introduces some interesting new mechanics, which sounded cool at first: For example, there is the ability to fight. Disappointingly, this boils down to building some Barracks, Army Bases and other Military sites, since you cannot really control anything significant during an invasion of your island. Your soldiers move out automatically (following the same annoying pathing that also causes Teamster's Office hickups), the only thing you can specify are priorities (works just as fine as with Construction Offices - for which I would have to be in a super-sarcastic mood to call it good). Then, there is a tech-tree which you can research subsequently using research points generated by various buildings (Libraries, Colleges, you get the idea). The main flaw in tech-progression probably is the fact that you get your hands on most interesting things rather late in the game (but at that point at an incredibly high rate). Have an airport? Well, that's cool, some minutes later, you will be able to build a luxory version of aforementioned. You can destine managers to your production facilities in order to boost efficiency or grant other boni to the laborforce and or building's vicinity. As far as I understand, these managers don't level up (even though a star rating is visible for all of them), unless they are one of your heirs (which you can upgrade spending money from your swiss bank account). However, character progression is not as fun as in e.g. Tropico 3, since the traits are kept very basic in Tropico 5. I have never seen Tropico as a hard-core simulation but rather a feel-good game. Earlier titles did achieve exactly that. Tropico 5, however, does not. Not only because the additions in terms of gameplay mechanics neither feel well thought out nor turn out to be interesting in any way. It is more, because the current iteration offers little to no feedback. Also the prequels did not show all too detailed information on what's wrong or doing well on your island, but this time, the lack of feedback reaches an annoyingly high level: Imagine, you are on a campaign mission, trying to accomplish a specific task when an election comes up. No problem, you think, my supporters greatly outnumber the critics. 1-2 months in the election phase, your ratings suddenly drop from ~60% to 45% - time to act! Opening the score overview, you however notice that all your ratings are well above 50% - too bad, so take a trip into the blue and build a Cathedral, a Hospital and some Entertainment buildings (all that using "quick construct" and taking a money penalty scaling with the building's cost, since Tropicans are still utterly incompetent when it comes to building stuff). "Phew" - you tell yourself, seeing the rating passing the magic 50% threshold again. 1 month before election, Autosave hits. Afterwards you are told that only 49% voted for you. Would this have happend just once playing the career, I would not bother. But things like that keep happening constantly. Even if your island's economy florishes, you provide food through numerous supermarkets, keep crime rates low using police stations, reduce polution,... Problems only rarely amount from a lack of money (you usually have access to some very lucrative products at any point in time, and at a surplus once you reach cold war ages). They result from poor feedback: If you check a police station, an overlay shows you current crime rates. Waste disposal sites show you polution. Religious buildings _do not_ show saturation, neither do supermarkets or hospitals. Then again, Newsstations show a "Liberty"-overlay - is that what you would call consistency? I wouldn't. ...And then, there is bugs. Your game will crash, your game will freeze. Just now, trying to finish the campaign, the game froze, killing the entire progress of that particular mission. Not, that it happens often, but considering other annoyances, this is the tip of the iceberg. Bottom line: It plays like 3 or 4. It looks a little better than 3 or 4. The music is still nice. The game provides even less feedback than the predecessors. The gameplay additions are not worth it. The campaign is comparably boring. The early ages evolve incredibly slow. Just too many flaws to keep the constant "holiday"-feeling up.


Pretty good game

drafek | June 7, 2014 | See all drafek's reviews »

I've never played any tropico games before so this was my first tropico game. I've played this game alot the passed 2 weeks and I can say that it's an amazing game. It took me a while to think what I should write here because it's a huge game. The game is hard in my opinion. If I do everything what my people want after a while I'm rich but I've no army. I just get one rebel thread and I got destroyed. But if you can work out your plans it's an amazing game.


The Greatest Tropico in the series!

XGpredator | May 25, 2014 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

Probably the most innovative game of the series since Tropico 2 with innovations that change the gameplay. The Constitution, the technologies and the heirs gives more depth to the game and increases the control you have over the country. The humor remains. The tutorial is useful for new players and allow fans of the series to see what's new. Where the game prevents a perfect score, it is the sense of repetition: Caribbean dictatorship. Decorations and ambiance too similar to its predecessors.



mikhailk | May 24, 2014 | See all mikhailk's reviews »

Tropico 5 is the best game in the series so far. It is an enjoyable and engaging banana republic simulator, and has been improved in many key regards since the previous iteration, including depth of gameplay, replay value, and graphical fidelity. One of the most obvious improvements over previous installments in the series is the implementation of several different eras, starting in the Colonial period, through your nation’s declaration of independence, the World Wars era, the Cold War, and Modern Times. Each period has a distinct play style, different aesthetics, totally unique building models, etc. The new era system, research mechanics, trade routes, and multiplayer mode collectively make Tropico 5 a worthy successor to Tropico 4, and ultimately it is a very fun game. It is something like a cross between SimCity and the Woody Allen film ‘Bananas’, and despite the realities of the subject matter, the game always brings a smile to the face of the player. If you buy Tropico 5, you will not be disappointed!


a great sequel!

mirta000 | May 23, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

Tropico 5 changes a lot of systems, yet stays familiar. It simplifies some aspects, yet makes goals harder to accomplish. new installations: Humour. This game turned out to be funnier than I expected! Every single line that your Presidente says is quite ridiculous (like for example "finally Tropico is free from modern medicine!" or "Welcome Tropico police force to its new home! You can strip search me any time dear officers, oh and by the way your forgot your handcuffs at my palace"), every single research message is humorous and even some of the mission statements are. You have less base buildings and their functions have been simplified, however the research track provides many many different extra buildings, that you need to spend time on. dynasty system - you get to choose less perks, however each family member of your can carry perks of their own. You can use your family members on buildings as managers, or you can send them on missions. Is the game worth it? Yes. Most definitely yes. The charm of Tropico has not been lost. It's different in many ways to the previous ones, however still worth playing!


Uno Mas Por Favor! Its here!

DrMuffin | May 23, 2014 | See all DrMuffin's reviews »

Its been 3 long years since Kalypso has graced us with this surprising gem. You, the glorious dictator come back again to build your tropical fashion with all the remarkable tools you have had and more with this new entry to the series! Tropico 5 includes a variety of improvements to its well written formula and fans of the franchise will love it. The comedic tone from your people are as humorous as ever and will not fail to keep you entertained even to just listen to them. Get ready for the weekend! This game could not have release at a better time. "Ah lets just install this.." .. "oh crap its dark."