Reviews for The Book of Legends


Did not expect this...

lconanl | Nov. 21, 2015 | See all lconanl's reviews »

Going into an indie RPG, especially one that I knew nothing about, I set my expectations low. Boy, was I wrong! The book of Legends is one of those games that may not instantly impress you, but it certainly gets your attention. Probably the strongest point of the game, the excellent writing is what differentiates this game from most other RPGs (and games in general). While the story itself isn't particularly original, it manages to create a world that feels real, with interesting and unique characters and locations. More specifically, this game has some of the best dialogue -both with NPSs and between party members and villains, which are also very well written by the way- and lore/background I've seen (especially for an indie game). The main character, Jordan, is what should seal the deal for you buying this game, him being the principal source of comedy in this game and a highlight overall (not that there aren't any noticeable others). Also, there are many plot-twists in the story, some more predictable than others. With regard to other elements, the game's soundtrack is quite good, taking advantage of multiple genres such as rock, electronic and ambient, but nothing too amazing. Same goes for the graphics departament (the game is made in RPG Maker after all), but that's not to say it looks bad. There is some very good artistic direction present and it is clear that the designers knew what they were doing. In my opinion, the only part of the game that can be criticised is the gameplay - more precisely, the combat. The limitations imposed by the game's engine can make some battles relatively annoying and repetitive, and considering that there are well over 20 possible party members (yay, variety!), this can prove to be quite the flaw. Still, there are plenty of games out there that have far worse battle systems (including some from the Final Fantasy series that the veteran JRPG player may be reminded of by playing this game), so anyone who likes RPGs shouldn't be affected by the not-so-strong points of the game and look for the highlights instead (and there are much more of the former). If you're looking for fleshed-out characters, an interesting world and lots of fun and challenging quests, then The Book of Legends is definetly the game for you.


Surprisingly great

sycomantis1991 | June 24, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Despite the bland title, this is an excellent game. The battle system is deep, the story is great, and every character is interesting. The art style isn't the best, but there's a lot of creativity to the designs. Overall, this is probably the company's best RPG, and it's a really good indie RPG overall.


Excellent JRPG

penfold82 | Dec. 24, 2014 | See all penfold82's reviews »

I've only played a few of JRPGs but I quite like them. The Book of Legends has a similar style and feel to the others as you would expect. What is different about The Book of Legends is how big it is. There is so much to do in this game. There is plenty of exploration and interaction that you can do while trying to achieve the goals of the storyline. I've played for a few hours and have barely made a dent on it. The combat, which is frequent, can feel quite repetitive as there is little variation in combat as you wander around in a particular area. If this sort of thing doesn't bother you, you'll have no trouble sinking many hours into this game.


The best title Aldorlea has to offer

Androgyn | May 22, 2014 | See all Androgyn's reviews »

3 Stars of Destiny is the first game I played but Book of Legends is probably the best of the lot (I still have some to play though). It might be a little bit difficult but nothing a smart player cannot overcome. I recommend to play in the easiest of the two modes so you can benefit from the auto-save after each fight, a really cool feature. This game is long, very long, and has a pretty epic story with many twists and turns, making it a must-play for most RPG fans out there. Recommended.


A Pretty Good RPG

Almostward | April 12, 2014 | See all Almostward's reviews »

I haven't completed this game yet, but I do know one thing. This game is amazing. The fights are like classic SNES rpg fights, and there are a lot of party members you can get. And if that's not enough you have many decisions to make in the game. Like you can choose to kick one party member for a new on, or spare a life to join your team. Also there are many funny things that have made me laugh. Mostly talks with NPC, but sometimes I find them by walking up to objects and the main character says something. I have 4 hours in this game and I think I may still be in the beginning. If you are a fan of classic RPGs that has some comedy. Then this game is for you.