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Shaun the Sheep game

mahon | June 17, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

Home Sheep Home 2 is a Shaun the Sheep game. And it shows. It shows with a specific but charming visual style, the recognizable humour, and the smile which will remain on your face throughout the game. It is just a puzzle game, but not just another puzzle game. It is funny, amusing, enjoyable, interesting, cute and pretty. Yes, just check the visuals and then plug a large screen to your PC. You will enjoy it. And the game doesn't really require any knowledge of Shaun the Sheep, it can be enjoyed even without it. The levels are well designed and even though they require some thought and brain exercise, they're not very difficult or complex. They're pretty short, so you can enjoy the game in smaller chunks. If you have a short break, why not spend it playing Home Sheep Home 2 :)