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A blast from the past

WraithFluX | April 15, 2014 | See all WraithFluX's reviews »

As a huge fan of Commando series (and anything Pyro devs came up with) back in the day, I remember waiting eagerly for this game to release. It broke the mold of conventional RTS games which focused on base building and resource gathering more than the actual strategy itself. Pyro threw all of that stuff out of the window with Praetorians, and deliberately broke down the RTS formula into its single, fundamental element....the battle strategies! This made the game highly action-oriented and challenging. There is no base building or resource gathering, you just control the soldiers in your pack and rely on battle strategies to win the game. Each and every soldier can be controlled individually, so there is lots of room for careful and minute planning and execution of your strategy. Combined that with the 3D graphics (which were not ground-breaking, but pretty good-looking at that time), easy controls and addicting gameplay, it became one of my favorite strategy games of all time. Though the game has its fair share of problems and glitches, fundamentally the game is fun enough for me to recommend it to every strategy game fan out there. Do give this a try!