Reviews for Pixel Puzzles: Japan


Relaxing jigsaw puzzle game.

Furrek | Jan. 9, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

The last time when I saw real jigsaw puzzle was... wow, I don't remember when. Even thought these are still popular, I just can't find a time to look around to find something interesting and buy it. This is where games come and save the day! To be honest I didn't had any intention to play jigsaw puzzle game - the feel is just different, it's same when you read a real book and an ebook. When I finally tried it... I miss old times. It was so relaxing, but also different. If you don't have a time for real ones, or you just want to try if you will have fun doing it on PC game - trust me, it's fun. The only thing that can make it experience a little less fun is that you can't save game in middle of puzzle - since it's not problem on puzzles with less pieces, then later it get tough and you will need to start again, or just leave a game running. There wasn't any word of it from devs so I think it won't be "fixed". If you don't mind this, buy Pixel Puzzles: Japan. It's a fair price for an amount of fun it offers.


This picture was worth a few hundred pieces

Baha | April 28, 2014 | See all Baha's reviews »

Pixel Puzzles: Japan is somewhat solid jigsaw puzzle game.

There are 19 puzzles in total and overall playtime will depend on whether or not you use a power up for assistance (I played without using it so my complete playtime was roughly over 8 hrs).

There are a few shortcomings, however, such as the inability to save your progress during a puzzle which means you need to complete it in one go or start over if you quit out. The Developers have stated that in puzzle saving is a feature they plan on adding in an update but for now you'll have to make do. Also noticeably missing is the ability to make your own jigsaw puzzles from images on your PC. It's been done before and it's absence restricts replay value. That said, there is a decent amount of playtime here for any jigsaw enthusiast out there and the price is about what I would expect to pay for the advertised features.

There is planned paid and free DLC updates which I'm looking forward to. Not the best but certainly not too shabby either.