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Leave this one unplugged

sweetcuppincake | June 14, 2014 | See all sweetcuppincake's reviews »

Chip is a robot with a chronically low battery. His girlfriend is kidnapped and he is put in prison. Every level of this puzzle game consists of sending a charge to Chip. I guess this helps him escape? There is a lot to Chip in the puzzle sense. Bounce the charge off mirrors and around obstacles. Shift and rotate objects. Collect prizes mid-level. Do it all in the fewest moves or shortest time possible. The problem I had with this game was that this didn't amount to much fun. The design ascetic is fine, but not much is done with it. Chip is rather boring as a character and there's no real reasoning behind what you're doing. I feel like the concept of the puzzles was created and then a character added. There's a big disconnect between the two. These might seem like minor gripes, but with so many puzzle games out there doing these things better, the problems I have with Chip really stand out. Also, for no reason you can unlock outfits for the characters. Why? Like so many other aspects of this game, this was the question I kept asking myself.