Reviews for CHIP


Not an amazing game, but...

Deluxer | July 16, 2015 | See all Deluxer's reviews »

CHIP is a game with a very simple premise: get the electricity to the robot, preferably in as few moves or as short a time as possible. I was very hopeful when I saw it, but after playing it, I honestly can't recommend it based on my experience. It plays like a mobile port, with massive round buttons on the menus, mouse controls that would feel a million times more at home on a touchscreen, and image artifacts everywhere. This isn't always a detracting quality, but in CHIP it is the cherry on top of the mediocre whipped cream: The game is tedious. I'm not a big puzzle game fan for puzzles' sake, I just like the way a lot of puzzle games today present themselves - see the Portal games, Quantum Conundrum, etc. - and CHIP does not attempt to actively engage the player in any way. However, the reason I am not giving this game a rating of 60 or below is that I think it has potential, especially for diehard fans of puzzle games. I know I will be returning to it just to 100% the achievements, but I can certainly see many gamers return just for the puzzles - which are good, but feel too restrictive to the average player. If you're somebody who likes puzzles for the sake of puzzles, this game might be for you despite the bad reviews.


Chip In!

AkiMatti | June 24, 2015 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

At first I was thinking that this was just another indie puzzle game with not much to offer, but Chip is actually quite charming little game. This came to my knowledge when I started playing the game with my kids. The aesthetics of the game cater very well to kids, being cute and cuddly. Also, the possibility to dress Chip in different funny outfits was funny in its own right to them. The puzzles themselves are too hard for kids to solve so that is where parents need to help them. Gaining all the stars on all the levels is very hard, also, since the time limits are so demanding. Negative things about the game are the difficulty curve and sometimes the interface does not respond like one would think. For example, moving platforms around is unnecessarily hard sometimes, and seeing the angles of the bouncing walls correctly is prone to error. Preferably this should be purchased on sale, since 7$ seems a bit much. Under 5$, though it is a good value for money. There is enough content to puzzle your brain to get your money's worth, then.


Just another puzzle game

AJ1AJ | June 9, 2015 | See all AJ1AJ's reviews »

This game is a good game but really, its just a puzzle game. The game is Fairly fun if you like puzzle games and the storyline is classic. There is some customization with the character but apart from that it is like many other puzzle games. In the levels there are achievements you can get by doing the levels in a certain way (time limits, moves e.c.t.). Unless your aim is to complete every puzzle game in existence or you just really like playing puzzle games, you might as well skip this game. Although personally i like playing this game a little since I am a very small fan of puzzle games but this one just isn't that exciting.


Leave this one unplugged

sweetcuppincake | June 14, 2014 | See all sweetcuppincake's reviews »

Chip is a robot with a chronically low battery. His girlfriend is kidnapped and he is put in prison. Every level of this puzzle game consists of sending a charge to Chip. I guess this helps him escape? There is a lot to Chip in the puzzle sense. Bounce the charge off mirrors and around obstacles. Shift and rotate objects. Collect prizes mid-level. Do it all in the fewest moves or shortest time possible. The problem I had with this game was that this didn't amount to much fun. The design ascetic is fine, but not much is done with it. Chip is rather boring as a character and there's no real reasoning behind what you're doing. I feel like the concept of the puzzles was created and then a character added. There's a big disconnect between the two. These might seem like minor gripes, but with so many puzzle games out there doing these things better, the problems I have with Chip really stand out. Also, for no reason you can unlock outfits for the characters. Why? Like so many other aspects of this game, this was the question I kept asking myself.