Reviews for Dark Souls II (EU)


You will die and enjoy doing it again and again

uef1234 | July 25, 2014 | See all uef1234's reviews »

This game and its prequel are ones of its kinds. While they can be quite hard for beginners when you die a few times from bosses or traps you will start understanding how to dodge them properly. This is a game that rewards players skills and patience above everything else. Atmosphere in this game is very good and helps you immerse yourself into a broken and dying world of dark souls 2 Combat is really fluid and very soon you find yourself dodging bossess 10 times your size. What sets dark souls 2 apart from its predecessor are graphics. While Dark souls 1 was direct port from console, Dark souls 2 was made to work on pc and it shows. Game is constantly running on 60 fps and graphics are realy pretty. Overall, dark souls 2 is one game you dont want to miss.


Not as entertaining as DS1 but still a good game

Ma3a | July 23, 2014 | See all Ma3a's reviews »

Expectations were high since From Software released one of my favourite games of all times with Dark Souls 1. Although the new iteration of the souls saga catches the spirit of its predecessor it doesn't quite catch up with it. While movement and precision in battle might be better in DS2, level and enemy design lacks in innovation and depth. There are few hidden passages that connect the places in the world because you can always teleport to the bonfire you want. Speaking of bonfires: There are now more bonfires in DS1 and what bothers most many times there are placed in a way that you can get to boss by just running through the enemies. With regard to the difficulty level it's easier and harder than DS1. Easier because in mid-game you have more ways to heal, leveling happens much faster and enemies disappear after you killed them 8 times. It's harder because some enemies and bosses kick your ass hard time. In case of level design and environments: Most of the places you visit in Drangleic look very beautiful, but they cannot shine because so way you walk towards these areas is so linear and disrupted by bosses that after you've acclimated yourself in one region it's already over. All in all DS2 is still a great game, but cannot reach the level that DS1 has set!


Above the average RPG, awesome.

KingArthas94 | June 19, 2014 | See all KingArthas94's reviews »

Dark Souls 2 is an RPG with hack and slash mechanics developed by From Software, a Japanese studio that became famous for its Souls franchise. Dark Souls 2 stands on the same roots of Dark Souls, but with some differences. Firstly the game is now created to run in a flawless way on PC (you won't have so much trouble playing with mouse & keyboard, you'll just have to practice) with new graphics, upgraded with some nice effects like Depth Of Field and SSAO (Ambient Occlusion), so the game is really pretty. You will love the rock solid framerate (60 fps). Then, they took the combat system of the first game and made some balance changes. I didn't like all of its new aspects, but it's still far superior than the combat system used in all the others hack and slash games. I think it's more "action based" that the one in Dark Souls. There are also more spells and miracles. But you will continue playing Dark Souls 2 for its extremely inspired world. A lot of long levels with one of more bosses, you will have a lot of fun trying to kill them and EXPLORING, the most important thing to do in this huge world. The game is not only single player, but you will have the chance to summon your friends (or random people from the Internet) to kill the bosses and explore the world, and this is awesome. Multiplayer is not only coop, but also PvP, so you can invade another world and have a duel with its owner. The franchise is famous for its "toughness", with the spot "prepare to die, again", but I didn't find DS2 as punishing as Dark Souls, the first... even so, you will have to study your enemies, their habits and the environment to "win the game". Final comment: buy this game, it's awesome, mostly after playing Dark Souls 1.


Take notes, this is how sequels should be made

Balrock168 | May 14, 2014 | See all Balrock168's reviews »

Dark Souls II is the perfect example of how a working concept can get carried over into a Sequel without simplifying it to cater the masses. Even better, it's success should show modern developers and publishers to not be afraid of creating a complex worlds full of consequences, a game without micro-transactions and shortcut DLC. More of that please! Now to the game itself: Graphic wise it's certainly not on par with other recent titles, but it nevertheless manages to convey different atmosphere's of different locations very well and the great artdesign easily makes up for it. What about the Gameplay now? well you will die. a lot. For those unfamiliar with Dark Souls, it's a game where literally any encounter can mean your death if you are careless or make mistakes. You progress more or less linear from area to area, with a fair bit of exploring and secret treasures in most of them. Some parts can be really tough, but the fact that you can summon up to 2 human players to assist you on your way to the area boss as well as in the bossfights themselves makes it a lot easier and less frustrating. I have only 2 points of real critique on the game, firstly a lot of things remain unexplained in the tutorial, How does dualwielding work? how can I level up? And other stuff that should really be clearly mentioned in the ingame tutorial, a part of this is that the keybinds aren't adjustable as much as one would like. The other one is that some bossfights feel a little off balanced when comparing fighting the boss as a team of 3 to just yourself. I tried most bosses by myself first to see how I'd do and what to look out for, but for some bosses getting 2 players to assist me would morph a horribly hard fight into a relatively relaxed fight. While in my opinion the difficulty should be somewhat similar, wether you now choose to take bosses on yourself and play the game as a Solo-RPG or battle alongside friends or strangers. Other than that there's little left to say, if you are looking for an action-, roleplaying title and you are ready to be challenged by a game and it's difficulty than Dark Souls 2 is the game for you.


Looking for this

Sephir6 | May 6, 2014 | See all Sephir6's reviews »

You will die and you will see a lot of deaths. If you didn't play Dark Souls first, I woul recommend it, they are both incredible games with his own settings. And for me that's the point. I have read many people who didn't like the new atmosphere, the design level, the bosses, etc. saying that they were much better in the first one. Well, for me actually I'm liking more the exploration of this one, I think they have made an improvement, with more secrets, more rewards and more fun. The first one was like "everything is connected", it was very very cool but after played that, I want something new, and I like much this new one, you can teleport, which doesn't mean more easy, but more free level design and much less time walking. The atmosphere is mainly subjective, I love this one because is different from the one, it's more open and big, with more light some times, but also has darkness. One point that I like is the torch system. From the bosses, well I think that having played the original it loose a little because you expect somethings. But there are some unique bosses very funny too. I would not say they are better but they are also very good. One thing is there are MANY people now playing and it's too easy to get help if you want. There are a lot of things really new, and I love that, is Dark Souls but new, just perfect. It's not just the same like an expansion. Maybe you don't like all the new things but they are well choiced. For example, Soul Memory, I remember that in the first I had more invasions in the first part of the game from people with all the gear maxed when I started the game, what's the point? Every decision design they made is perfect, it's Dark Souls but with a lot of new things to learn so is being new too. Just what wanted. Also, online is much better, playing the first day and there is help everywhere if you need.