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Honest Dark Souls 2 review

d2cmp | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all d2cmp's reviews »

On the technical side DaS2 is superior to its predecessor in almost all aspects, graphics, framerate, sounds, etc. The port is almost spotless the only criticism i could give it is that there isn't an option to display keyboard buttons inputs on screen Content wise the game has MORE of everything, more weapons and weapon classes, new magic for the old schools and hexes, more levels, more bosses, etc Improvements include a netcode that lets you summon almost instantly, covenants that work properly, dual wielding, easier upgrading, more pvp areas, etc Not everything is better soul memory is a worse system than SL for matchmaking because it eventually forces you to play with people on higher tiers whether you like it or not, the AMAZING lighting system that was promised on the trailers is nowhere to be found and the game has a few bugs caused by the game running at 60fps. Despite all that the game is still superb and worth buying


Not As Good As Dark Souls 1, Nowhere Near Demon Souls

DBOT187 | Aug. 10, 2014 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

I would recommend it as its an improved PC port over number 1, but compared to Dark Souls and Demon Souls it's nowhere near the calibre. I enjoyed Demon souls and finished it twice, got about halfway through Dark Souls but couldn't get into Dark Souls 2, it just felt soulless.


Less Punishing, Still lots for fun

leelaw | Aug. 5, 2014 | See all leelaw's reviews »

Ever since the first installment of the "Souls" series has been released, it's has been the ultimate RPG ever. Making a player more discipline in terms of item management, combat, and survivability. And now, with the sequel of Dark Soul, it gained a lot of improvements. One you will notice with the game, is that, it is now more forgiving than the first Dark Soul. The grinding mechanics has been toned down a lot, it means you really don't have to grind a lot just to progress the game. The NPC now gave you more hints and tips to where to want to go next. The bosses are still hard and challenging, even though some of the bosses may be defeated easily, if you know it's combat pattern. The battle system has been improved by a bit, in which you can feel the difference when running, jumping around. Overall, Dark Souls II is still the best RPG out there, it still gives you the thrill and excitement that you experienced with the first one.


Challenge vs Reward done right

ekolite | July 25, 2014 | See all ekolite's reviews »

I've played through Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, and even did SL1 runs. I've played only a couple of hours of Dark Souls 2, but let me tell you, the game's alright. For Dark Souls 2, they changed the director, and it really shows in the level design. The previous Souls games weren't intended to be masochist games. The difficulty was not the main focus, and interviews with the director shows that. The director of Dark Souls 2 took a very different approach, and it shows in even the dialogue of the game. In the first few cutscenes, the player is told "you're going to die and lose souls over and over again", it is almost like that is coming from the developers. This wasn't seen in the previous games. The gameplay suffers from this too. The game tries way too hard to surprise you and punish you. with very predicable surprises at almost every single corner. An example of this that is very evident is the first level of the game. I'm not going to spoil it, but i'll just say that in the previous Souls games, the first levels were pretty good tutorials with fair enemies. It isn't like that in this one, you'll see what I mean if you play it. The new mechanics the game throws at you are a different, fresh, new experience. Stats are distributed differently, movement feels different, healing items are awful now, and enemies have different movesets. It's interesting to play, and in some aspects, much more difficult. I was kind of worried this game would be a casualized version of the first, I can say that I'm not dissapointed. Overall, I'd recommend Dark Souls 2. It's decent, but I still like Demon's Souls the best.


Solid and enjoyable, though has some cheap moments.

JURGMANDR | July 24, 2014 | See all JURGMANDR's reviews »

Dark Souls II is good. Not as good as the first, but still damn good.It's basically Demon Souls 1.5 |(which isn't necessarily a bad thing). For people who didn't get to play Demon Souls but played Dark Souls you're probably in for some nasty bumps. Losing health each time you die (with the effect only being reversed by using a human effigy/ being summoned and helping another player defeat a boss) is the biggest change from Dark Souls. I'd recommend using the small white soapstone a lot since it's an easy way to get a couple kills and regain your humanity. The level design is more like Demon Souls in that there's a main hub world and all the other worlds are connected to the hub. Pros: +Excellent enemy designs +The game has some standout environments (Majula, Forest of the Fallen Giants, Iron Keep, No-Man's Wharf, Dragon's Aerie) +Tons to explore +Melee combat feels as meaty as ever. + Fighting the Mirror Knight in the rain is easily one of the coolest moments imo +Retains the ambiance/atmosphere of previous games Cons: -Some areas are just plain cheap. There are a few bonfires where enemies are directly positioned outside (Straid's Cell, The Sinner's Keep bonfire, one of the Earthen Peak bonfires).Granted, enemies despawn after you've killed them a few times. -Certain levels make it harder to get to the boss than actually fighting said boss. -The game sometimes relies on overwhelming you with enemies to increase the difficulty (which limits certain playstyles like dual wielding at times). -Keyboard and mouse controls are doable but not great. I'd recommend a controller. -The guard break is changed from a kick to a swipe with your weapon (which is much slower and way shorter range). This sucks for regular gameplay but makes PVP less of a kicking match :P -Still basically a console port :(


Hard, challenging and beautiful . . .

barrera77 | July 22, 2014 | See all barrera77's reviews »

Despite the reviews I have seen so far on how hard the bosses and the overall game are, I still consider this game to be just fine, I have played 80 hours and I just keep finding it more fun, through the game if you join the champions covenant it will raise the difficult even more, all games I have played I always go for the highest difficult and I love it. In this game took me close to an hour to defeat the pursuer, what a drag but still for me a difficult game is a good challenge. Also the random enemies don't seem to get weaker as you lvl up they still put up a good fight even though I'm lvl 110. The graphics are just amazing well elaborated and detailed, after I clear one area I spend time taking a look to the landscapes, got to hand it to the designers. Then the game play is simple and easy, controls are just fine now because I remember playing the pc version of dark souls 1, man the It just sucks, the controls are really bad, first getting the game to work on steam, then the mediocre control set up for the keyboard; that was a really bad experience, now they have improved the pc version what makes it easier for pc gamers. I love melee fights especially with big swords and dark souls 2 offers you a nice variety of weapons that you can upgrade and make them more powerful, like the set of boss’s weapons I love the arced sword which is a humongous scimitar way too heavy but still packs quite a punch, or the Drangleic sword I have maxed it out to lvl 10 and it is a very reliable weapon against the bosses. The only thing I don’t like about the game is that the human effigies are very scarce and after killing certain number of times the enemies won’t re-spawn, I have died with 100 k souls a few times during the game and that’s a big loose cause if you die gain you are pretty much screwed cause those souls are lost. Anyway, in conclusion I would say that Dark Souls 2 it’s a fine piece of art in most senses, awesome graphics, great storyline, right amount of NPCs for interaction, simple controls, challenging, and lots of fun, what else could you ask for?


Still as satisfying as it is Punishing!

khawaja07 | July 21, 2014 | See all khawaja07's reviews »

So, after a lot of months and years of waiting i finally got my hands Dark Souls 2 when it released. I was expecting it to surpass Dark Souls 1 in almost every aspect which unfortunately didn't happen but it was also thankfully more of the same when it comes to the basic plus points of Souls games which are accurate & exquisite combat,challenging bosses and the interconnected world although the immersion does break when you have to go to a single place to 'level-up' every time unlike in Dark Souls 1 where you can level up at any 'Bonfire' you came across while venturing through different areas. Thankfully, the story is still told to the player through discreet hints hidden throughout the world and Lore is still more or less interesting than it was in the previous entry. Normally, sequels tend to change more and more mostly for the worst as the series progresses but its not the case with Dark Souls so you can rest assured. Graphically its really better looking than Dark Souls 1 in every possible way, the textures, the environmental effects, lighting, game Resolution, etc. Unlike the last game, this game is incredibly well optimized for PC and can scale pretty well ranging from a really low-end PC to a really high-end one with much ease and most importantly it incorporates STEAM rather than G.F.W.L which is Great news for Souls fans. The Multiplayer component however, i didn't found as much fun as it was in Dark Souls 1. It is filled with a big amount of Lag, somewhat ridiculous hit boxes and it feels a lot 'slower' in combat than what i was used to in Dark Souls 1 which i found rather boring really. The two arenas are a really good addition when it comes to duels plus there are also regular random invasions. Co op is also a bit changed so is the Matchmaking mechanism which is Soul Memory And Soul Level, which i found complicated and not fun at all. However, keeping notes of all the Cons, the basic game structure is still intact which is what i mostly wanted out of a sequel and what i got in the end. It was an extremely fun experience, playing a Dark Souls II for the first time but maybe not as much of a wonderful experience as Dark Souls 1 was. But overall, i came out Satisfied with it, but spending full price on it wouldn't be a very good idea, i'd suggest that people buy it when its at a lower price than its Launch one. Hopefully Fromsoft can improve a lot in the next Souls game. Personally can't wait for it due to it being Next Gen hopefully!


Challenging and Fun but....not as good as the first

DragosLoL | July 16, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

I love the dark souls/demon souls series. It's a long, difficult, and learning experience. Dark souls 2 does bring back some core elements of its predecessors but some of the changes really impact the gameplay in a slightly negative way. Firstly, I found the boss fights to be epic but.....not as challenging as dark souls 2. It probably took me average 5-6 min a boss because of how easily they were to read. Second, From Software nerfed some of the classes and made it "harder" to level up because the amount of souls required was at such a high scaling. Third and last, the game just doesn't have that "dark souls" feel. It feels like you're just browsing through free souls when killing enemies, rather than knowing that each enemy could kill you. If you're just stepping into the realm of dark souls, then you might enjoy this but if you're a hardcore dark souls fan, then unfortunately, you might be disappointed.


Decent game, but mechanics are lacking in depth

kevin6040 | July 15, 2014 | See all kevin6040's reviews »

(I have copied this from my review on steam) When i bought this game i saw good reviews. Trust them. Bad decision. Dark souls 1 features realism into the game, and made all monsters hard, but most of all, they are unique and fair. Dark souls 1, huge monsters who hit hard have attack animations which are fair, and can be dodged. In this game, everything has auto target, and focuses on making things hard, rather than unique. They also tossed out the fair element. An enemy with a giant club could pivot 90 degrees (almost as if standing on a record player) half way during their attack animation and whack you. all bosses are pretty much humanoids. Dark souls gameplay is meant more for 1v1 combat , but now you just walk into 1 way tunnels with 7-8 of the same guys grouped together. Pvp is pretty broken. You get can get invaded by MORE than 1 person at the same time, all whilst you are attempting fighting off mobs which only target the host. Also lag makes it so you could slice and dice a person, and even hear the sound of metal on metal, but a quarter of a second later they roll away and are still at full hp. would i recommend this game? probably not. If u want to understand and play the true legacy of the dark souls games, play demon souls or dark souls 1. 2nd one was badly designed.


Prepare to be Disappointed

Mrfoxhound | July 6, 2014 | See all Mrfoxhound's reviews »

I'm a huge fan of the Souls series. I played and beat Dark Souls over 25 times including an SL1 run and a Sorceries only run that I took deep into NG+5. I then played and subsequently loved Demon's Souls. Needless to say, I bought Dark Souls II day one. Wow, what an utter disappointment. This game is hard. The first game was marketed as hard, but it wasn't really hard. It was challenging. A lot of gamers these days equate challenge with hard, but they are two different things. Dark Souls is challenging. The entire game seems meticulously crafted by Miyazaki down to item placement, bonfires and the fantastic level design. Dark Souls II has none of that and is hard. But it's never a rewarding "Yay! I just beat that boss!" that the first game runs rampant with; instead, it's a cheap hard. This giant boss that is supposed to be like the Sif fight from Dark Souls isn't hard enough on his own, so let's throw in 5 tiny rats that inflict curse and toxic. We already did two bosses with the Maneater's and Belfry Gargoyles, so let's throw in multiple bosses all throughout the game. That would be fine if the action was upgraded to suit the new action oriented play style, but it's not. It's actually been slowed way, way down and without pumping valuable points into the Adaptability stat to get back to how the character moved in Dark Souls, you'll be very, very slow. Even if your equip burden is within normal range. Another cheap way they tried to up the difficulty is by making boss arenas very small. So now you are fighting more and more enemies in boss encounters, including adds that some bosses can spawn at will, in a very tiny arena. Some bosses can only take two steps to clear from one side of the arena to the other. The first time I played Dark Souls was on the 360 and I didn't have an Xbox Live subscription, so I couldn't summon or play online with the game. I still managed to beat that game and get all 1000 achievement points while doing so without the aid of summoning other real life players. That is impossible in Dark Souls II. Not only is summoning a must (either NPC or other players) for bosses, but the increase in enemies in each level from Dark Souls to Dark Souls II is staggering and you may find yourself summoning just to GET to the boss. Of course, unless you just ran right to the boss door (and have 8-15 enemies following you) you can't even stop to summon and you are forced to just go into the boss door. The other issue with the huge increase in regular enemies is that your weapons degrade much faster than in Dark Souls (sometimes you'll get the message that your weapon is about to break and you'll have no idea why) and the items to repair it are very few and far between. Of course, you can always repair and restock spells by sitting at a bonfire, but then you're not at the boss, so you waste your spells and equipment by fighting the tons of enemies on the way to the boss. Another thing that was removed was the player's careful use of the Estus Flask because now you get an amalgamation of the healing systems from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls combined. In addition to the Estus Flask (the upgrade system of which is vastly different from the former game), you get healing items that pretty much drop from every enemy guaranteeing that you never need to be less than full health for any length of time. A welcome addition is that spells can now be restored the same way as in Demon's Souls by using items. This is a great addition though, and I liked it in Demon's Souls, because I like being a sorcerer and I hated pumping useless points into STR and DEX because I was required to use a weapon as the spells were mainly just saved for bosses or until you got enough of the spell(s) to use it whenever you wanted. I went for a glass cannon approach to Dark Souls II. I put on whatever would increase my INT and give me more casts and sacrificed hit points. So, by the end of the game, I was able to spam soul spear as much as I wanted and had the items to replenish my casts when I ran low. Of course, one hit from any boss was enough to kill me. Overall, Dark Souls II is not a worthy successor to the Souls franchise, and it is not the sequel I had hoped for. Instead it suffers from typical sequel-itis that I had hoped this franchise was immune to, but, sadly, it is not. I did beat Dark Souls II before writing this review, and the score is reflective of it's score as a Souls game and the disappointment that I had by playing this game. It took me 45 hours to beat it, and never produced a joy moment like tackling O&S provided in the first game. When I finally beat the game, I was just happy to have it over and wasn't actually focused on my satisfaction of actually beating the game. Two of my best moments in gaming were 1.) Beating Dark Souls and 2.) going back and doing it as an SL1. I have no such desire to replay Dark Souls 2 and have already deleted it from my HDD. In fact, the first game I played after beating that one long 45 hour chore called Dark Souls 2 was Dark Souls.



dustinhxc | June 30, 2014 | See all dustinhxc's reviews »

This is the only game I've been hooked on playing every single night since it came out. It is filled with beautiful graphics and a beautifully dark storyline. If you love dark magic and steel weaponry mixed with sorcery this is the game you will enjoy. 10/10 Would buy again and again.


They learned from their mistakes.

Jamfrost | June 26, 2014 | See all Jamfrost's reviews »

(Don't be scared off by the game's difficulty or afraid to use a guide to help you. There are dedicated wikis with hundreds of pages of information out there to aid you.) This is a much better pc port than Dark Souls 1. I'd still recommend a gamepad over M&KB for this title, but they really took the time to make this the superior version of the game by utilizing the power of the pc. 4-5 loading times with a smooth 60fps to see yourself die gloriously. The game runs very well, especially when compared to Dark Souls 1. 16:10 resolution users will need to take some time to consider if they like having black bars on their screen (letterboxing). It didn't bother me too much since my screen is a good size, but maybe there are some mods out there to help you like GeDoSaTo. Being a fan of the first that I grabbed on consoles, I went into the sequel optimistically. I quickly found myself compelled to complete the game twice. The magic in the game, while pretty, just isn't as satisfying as the melee. Certain spells (lightning spears) can trivialize the game which can be managed so long as you don't give in to the temptation too often (use 'em for problem areas like Shrine of Amana). I had a grand ol' time using maces, swords, and the occasional halberd and make it a goal of mine to try out different weapons. You can even dual wield shields if you really, really want to due to power-stancing which allows for alternate move sets if you wield two similar weapons while have 150% of the required stats. You can do that with shorts swords, daggers, ultra greatswords, and gigantic clubs (and more). It's a lot of fun with a lot of risk and reward involved since you'll probably rely solely on your dodge for defense. I found the combat to be satisfying and enjoyed both pve and pvp. Learn how to dodge through spells for those naughty casters and don't be discouraged if you run into the occasional hacker. There are also some memorable boss battles to be had in Dark Souls 2. And some gross ones. I'm not too sure about how the overall story was handled, but I definitely enjoyed specific characters in the game. Some of them are quite tragic and interesting. And finally, I'll mention a couple things that are important to know about this entry if you played Dark Souls 1. Agility is a fairly important stat that increases your invincibility frames for your rolls. Shields work differently here, get used to how they work. Enemy groups are more common, learn to manage groups of enemies. Ambushes. That's it. Have fun!


Dark Souls Is Amazing!

DarkSparda | June 25, 2014 | See all DarkSparda's reviews »

Dark souls 2 gets a ton of stuff right.It is definitely more accessible than the first dark souls but that's not because they turned down the difficulty.You will still die from careless falls,seemingly dead enemies,bosses who destroy you because of one mistake Dark Souls ll is one of the best games I've ever played in my entire life. I love the fact that you start off as a weak, pathetic character who has basically nothing and is thrown in a world you know little about. Dark Souls Is Amazing!



lTony_Kl | June 25, 2014 | See all lTony_Kl's reviews »

The 1st thing you are going to want to do when you get in game is configure your controls, due to the fact that whoever came up with the default bindings apparently has 3 hands so they can perform some actions. A helpful tip is to put your left hand strong attack to "Tab" or "1" so you can parry easier (btw its very tough to parry comparatively to the other souls games). The game feels focused on pvp, which extends its playtime (currently on 300+ hours playtime) but does not take away from the single player. Once you beat the game, you unlock NG+ which does not just make the enemies harder, but adds additional enemies, changes drops of enemies and adds new challenges to boss fights. All-in-all, the game is very well rounded, but it does require some balancing tweaks atm (wrath of god 1-shotting 3 people, etc), though, Fromsoft does like to take their time on balancing, I'm sure like in previous souls games, they will fix some aspects of imbalance.


Dark Souls: Story Time

AHordeOfJuice | June 23, 2014 | See all AHordeOfJuice's reviews »

While the first Dark Souls was focused on delivering a story through the environment, this game kind of just shoves it down your throat with dialogue and the occasional cutscene. The story is much more about why you, the player, are in this land rather than why the country/continent is in the current state it is in. This isn't a bad thing, and it seems almost necessary to avoid the story telling from feeling stale and being a repeat of the first game, however it pulls a lot of the exploration of story elements from the items and landscape and strips away a lot of the personal speculation about what happened and why. Overall though the gameplay is great and there are considerable graphical and control improvements over the first game and even though it's not perfect, it is a wonderful sequel to a fantastic game.


You don't know pain until you die. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

MafuMafu | June 17, 2014 | See all MafuMafu's reviews »

The first game was amazing. I doubted if this game could be as good as the first one was or even better. And, I was wrong. SO VERY WRONG. This game is one of the best RPG's. Some parts are frustrating. I mean, no one likes to die thousands of times. But, that's the good thing about this game. Every death gives you a little knowledge about what you should do the next time to achieve victory. Decent graphics, great story and an amazing gameplay. Hundreds of hours await you as you jouney to your own death.


Addicted to Dying

BlowitAllUp | June 10, 2014 | See all BlowitAllUp's reviews »

They put more effort into the PC port this time around and it shows. Dark souls 2 has ditched GFWL and multiplayer works as it should. I was able to fully complete and enjoy the Dark souls 2 experience due to higher resolution and steam achievements. The game itself is appealing due to a semi-realistic approach instead of a hack and slash bore like most other games nowadays. The only flaw I find in this game is that they could have added a larger variety of weapons and armor with progressive drops. I found myself using the same weapon until the end although you can alter your weapon's properties. I usually do not play through games a second time but I would not mind doing so for Dark Souls 2 which provides successive ng+ modes which increases difficulty, additional enemies, and better items.


The dark fantasy adventure sequel you've been waiting for

Dustymech | June 7, 2014 | See all Dustymech's reviews »

I've spent a fair amount of time with this game; around a hundred hours. I can say without a doubt that it's one of my favorite games of 2014. Fluid and precise controls with an amazing array of weapons, armors, spells, miracles, pyromancy, and hexes, this game is sure to please any that have played the original dark souls.Those the narrative falls a bit short, this game isnt about an in-depth story, it's about the discovery of dark twisted world infested with creatures and monsters eagerly waiting to tear you to shreds. That being said, there are certain issues that kept me from giving it a perfect score. Though the graphics are atmospheric, there are times that I felt the previous dark souls actually looked better. Multiplayer can also be a hit-or-miss for some. Overall a fantastic game.


Rectal tears

FuriousGeorge31 | May 28, 2014 | See all FuriousGeorge31's reviews »

The game is difficult but i feel it's being difficult for the sake of being difficult unlike Dark Souls or Demon Souls which were difficult for different reasons and actually made you have to think about every move while this just seems like it's had it's difficulty setting turned up. Great game. Great art style and all but disappointing in the respect it doesn't feel as much of a souls game as the first 2


Amazing sequel to an amzing game

TheZehta | May 27, 2014 | See all TheZehta's reviews »

Well worth the wait and cost, Dark Souls II doesn't dissapoint fans of the Souls Series. For newcomers, the game is easier to get into, but no less forgiving as any other in the series.


Great game with some minor flaws, patches will come

jackalerick | May 26, 2014 | See all jackalerick's reviews »

The gameplay is similar to the other souls games, though it seems they removed the difficulty of singular enemies in lieu of clustered ambushes and traps. Not a bad change, but makes a challenge for players who wish to utilize a weapon such as a spear (excluding santier's). As always, there's more than 1 way to handle every situation, be it head on with a greatsword, Aoe spells to even sniping out enemies with poison arrows. The 1st thing you are going to want to do when you get in game is configure your controls, due to the fact that whoever came up with the default bindings apparently has 3 hands so they can perform some actions. A helpful tip is to put your left hand strong attack to "Tab" or "1" so you can parry easier (btw its very tough to parry comparatively to the other souls games). The game feels focused on pvp, which extends its playtime (currently on 300+ hours playtime) but does not take away from the single player. Once you beat the game, you unlock NG+ which does not just make the enemies harder, but adds additional enemies, changes drops of enemies and adds new challenges to boss fights. All-in-all, the game is very well rounded, but it does require some balancing tweaks atm (wrath of god 1-shotting 3 people, etc), though, Fromsoft does like to take their time on balancing, I'm sure like in previous souls games, they will fix some aspects of imbalance.


Great game and excellent port!

InsaneHien | May 24, 2014 | See all InsaneHien's reviews »

Despite Dark Souls PC and its issues, it was a great game nonetheless. Sure, it was not a good port and From Software even said it was not gonna be a good one due to being inexperience with PC. Because of this, DSfix was highly recommended by its community to make it look better and possibly run better. This has led to the developers in making its sequel better by having Dark Souls 2 for PC as the lead platform. Dark Souls II is an excellent game, so I will be forward with the PC version. It's much improved than its predecessor. Most graphics options are present as you would expect in a PC game; that includes anti-aliasing, SSAO, motion blur, DoF, texture quality, shadows, water. The keyboard and mouse controls have also been improved, but I still use a controller. Applause to From Software on a good job of the PC version. For those who've never played Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, they are fun and challenging games that will make you frustrated at times. Newcomers, prepare to die.


A game that will tear you to pieces, in a good way

Kevduit | May 17, 2014 | See all Kevduit's reviews »

Dark Souls has just always been that game where you'll die over and over, but it never really matters because you just come back. Usually people will laugh and say "I can handle dying over and over, it's fun!" but soon they are raging and shutting down the game, that's just how Dark Souls works. The graphics are pretty good, similar to the first one, and has some Skyrim looking graphics, but altogether its a very pretty game. The gameplay is fine, it seems a little bit difficult to handle, and can lead to frustration of difficulty. Altogether, it's a pretty good game. Definitely not a favorite though


A game for specific players

AmusedAgder | May 14, 2014 | See all AmusedAgder's reviews »

I found this game to be fairly hard. But no where near as hard as the first one. The graphics is a big reason I do not continue to play this game. If it had even 25% better graphics then I would rate this game 80.


Amazing game

rstokes | May 13, 2014 | See all rstokes's reviews »

If you enjoyed demon's souls, or dark souls you will love this game. Its more or less more of the same in a more refined package. The game is imo more difficult, but it is FAR easier to co-op this time around so you have tons of people saying the game is super easy because they just have other people beat bosses for them. It takes alot of elements from both previous souls games and combines them into a very well made medley of concepts and mechanics. Shields are not all 100% block anymore so evading is more important in the beginning of the game, endurance no longer raises both equipment load and endurance (they are two separate stats now), and now death has a mix of demon's souls and dark souls mechanics. Instead of a flat 50% hp death penalty or no penalty at all, you now lose small chunks of your total health the more hollow you get. I could go on about the game but the short version is this. This game is absolutely amazing and Ive enjoyed every second of the game thus far.



cfour | May 13, 2014 | See all cfour's reviews »

First dark souls game and the control scheme is shocking for PC using mouse and keyb, seems more inclined for a gampad. GFX looks so dated even at 1600p with everything on max. Should have done my research, before purchasing this game, oh well a lesson learned.


Good game, bad port

nightassassin1 | May 13, 2014 | See all nightassassin1's reviews »

The game is fun and interesting, but I have a few problems with it. AMD graphics is giving me an odd pink texture where finer areas of dynamic lighting is located. This is caused by an incompatibility with the AMD driver set and I am using the latest driver. I will be testing this with the beta driver later and hope that fixes it. The port is quite bad simply because it still shows all the controls for the game as if you were using an Xbox controller, so the keyboard and mouse setup takes a bit of getting used to right from the start. The controls are also a little at times and the mouse controls aren't as smooth as they could be. Other than the problems above, the game is pretty nice. The graphics are decent, it doesn't put a heavy load on the PC, it has some interesting mechanics and a few differences from the first game. Out of the two I think 1 is better, but this game is pretty solid on its own. The game is difficult, but not impossible. It also has a relatively linear design that I am not too fond of, but works for the game. If you are a big fan of RPG games and miss when you had to actually try to win, then this is definitely a good one for you. I recommend this, but I will be removing a large amount of points for not correctly configuring this for PC. It is not that hard to change interface buttons from Xbox to PC, which shows that the developer was just lazy.


A Definite "Love/Hate" Relationship

g0dOfpwn | May 10, 2014 | See all g0dOfpwn's reviews »

The game itself doesn't look that bad and the gameplay is what you would expect of a Dark Souls game so I'm not going to go on saying what makes this game great. My main issues with the game are the somewhat "meh" and not all that appealing and the horrible control scheme. The game would be better played using a gamepad, and the menus show icons for a gamepad even if you play using a keyboard/mouse. This led to a pain in the @%$ feeling when playing the game and trying to figure out what the specific inputs were for the simplest of tasks. It's a great game, but sometimes controls make it a hassle versus an enjoyable game.


Prepare to die

Payaso109 | May 9, 2014 | See all Payaso109's reviews »

Play Demon's Souls and Dark Souls masochism may be considered by many, is that the series created by From Software is characterized by requiring the player far beyond just hang out. Dark Souls II is no exception, and arguably is the perfect union of its predecessors, fulfilling its mission and offering many more difficult enemies to defeat. This is my review of Dark Souls II. When I met the first Dark Souls I immediately fell in appearance; nobody introduced me and therefore I only saw a RPG game full of fantastic creatures, swords, shields, spells and dragons: "Oh, I look like a little Skyrim, I must have it"; I thought, no one told me anything about this game and generally if I was walking on Metacritic notice a very high note, what promised enough. Also, I was wrong, that it was no Skyrim was a game like no other he had played.


More(but not as good) of the same.

Pr1mus | May 9, 2014 | See all Pr1mus's reviews »

Dark Souls II is exactly what anyone would expect. More Dark Souls. It plays similarly, looks the same and progression is fairly standard for a Souls game. It is also a lesser game. A lot of the environments are uninspired, the world is not as interconnected as Lordran was in the first game. It feels flat, stale and a bit boring by comparison. Lots of boss encounter also heavily recycle designs and mechanics from the first game, more so than was the case going from Demon's Souls to Dark Souls. It all feels a bit lazy. It is not a bad game per se, it is more Dark Souls. Competently made and if you want more Dark Souls this is it. There is still nothing else quite like it. The PC port is very solid this time. Of course the bar was as low as it gets when considering the sorry state the first game shipped it on PC but they weren't lying when they said PC was a priority this time. Most of the graphical options you expect in a PC game are there. It's stable and runs great even on older machines. My PC is 4 years old and my GTX 460 falls just a bit short of the recommended hardware and i can still run the game at max settings and maintain a silky smooth 60 FPS.


Fun, but slightly disappointing

Cagedyew | May 9, 2014 | See all Cagedyew's reviews »

Let me preface this by saying I am a big fan of the original Dark Souls. The graphics have been greatly improved from the first game, but still could be improved upon. The soundtrack seems less memorable than the first game but is still decent. The gameplay is tight and there is a wide variety of weapons for any build you desire. Now for the negatives: As much as I love the Souls Franchise, I can't help but feel a but disappointed. Rather than put you into tough situations, the game simply throws several enemies at you at once. The bosses are new but still seem inspired. Great game. Easily worth the money.


Dark Amazing

Assorted_sp | May 7, 2014 | See all Assorted_sp's reviews »

I love the Soul's saga, but this reach another point, despite the fact that is probably the easier in combat (parry and bosses) is more intelligent than the others, the administration of farming, and the death penalty makes the game really hard. The structure of the world is bigger and the PvP is more interesting. My only complain is the great number of items who make the game easier, and the boss difficulty (Miss Ornstein and Smaug), but overall is better than dark souls 1 (personally demon souls still the best). About the port, and already playing the PS3 version, this version is the best in all, FPS, textures, illumination, and the mouse+keyboard control is pretty good, despite that I prefer play with joystick, no doubt worth buy it.


Dark Souls 2: Fun but Quite Unforgiving

JaviDoubleOh7 | May 6, 2014 | See all JaviDoubleOh7's reviews »

Dark Souls 2 is unforgiving and you will likely die immediately after your adventure begins. My adventure as of late: Walk down the hallway. CHECK. Turn left. CHECK. Ambushed by many enemies. CHECK. YOU ARE DEAD. CHECK. Go back to retrieve souls. CHECK. Die by the hands of your enemies or your own undoing just before retrieving souls. CHECK. Frustration ensues. CHECK. I love the challenge that Dark Souls 2 brings to the table, it never holds your hand, you choose the path you want to take, and you can expect to see these words many times over, "YOU ARE DEAD". I play the game with the Xbox Controller and it works great, not sure about keyboard. I didn't care for the lack of customization options when creating a character, quite bland and meh, even the graphics at its highest fails to impress, but perhaps my expectations are too high in regards to graphics. My personal rating system goes from a "low meh" aka CRAP, to "meh" aka OKAY, to "awesome" aka AWESOME. I give it an Awesome out of an Awesome. Seriously. What the heck are you still doing here? Stop reading this and get the game. Awesome/Awesome


Dark Souls 2 Is Unforgiving

JaviDoubleOh7 | May 6, 2014 | See all JaviDoubleOh7's reviews »

Dark Souls 2 is very challenging and fun to play. My adventure as of late: Walk down the hallway. CHECK. Turn left. CHECK. Ambushed by many enemies. CHECK. YOU ARE DEAD. CHECK. Go back to retrieve souls. CHECK. Die by the hands of your enemies or your own undoing just before retrieving souls. CHECK. Frustration ensues. CHECK. I love the challenge that Dark Souls 2 brings to the table, it never holds your hand, you choose the path you want to take, and you can expect to die countless times. I play the game with my Xbox Controller and it works great, not sure about keyboard. I didn't care for the lack of customization options when creating a character, quite bland and meh, even the graphics at its highest fails to impress, but perhaps my expectations are too high in regards to graphics. My personal rating system goes from a "low meh" aka CRAP, to "meh" aka OKAY, to "awesome" aka AWESOME. I give it an Awesome out of an Awesome. Seriously. What the heck are you still doing here? Stop reading this and get the game. Awesome/Awesome


Easier than DS1?

EdElric12 | May 4, 2014 | See all EdElric12's reviews »

I've just clocked 28 hours in the game, already beat 9 bosses: Last giant, Pursuer, Dragonslayer, Dragonrider, Flexile, Sentinels, Chariot, Skeleton Lord and Gargoyles... my character is SL70. At the moment I have a feeling that the game is much easier than the first Dark Souls. Perharps I got used to the game mechanics, or I'm not too far into the game. That's just my observation.


Satisfying, Hard, but a bit more till a great PC port!

Ryukrieger | April 30, 2014 | See all Ryukrieger's reviews »

Dark Souls II? Hard? Check. Punishing? Check. Want you to die? Check. Prepared you for dying? No! You'll suffer! Dark Souls II is a satisfying sequel to Dark Souls (and Demon's Souls), it's hard, it's punishing, and oh it requires some observations and skills, I'm going to be frank, you'll die, a lot, within the first 10 minutes (not counting the cutscene), you'll probably die already. And how does it feel when you customize your character for an hour then you die and turn into a green zombie anyway? Well, good luck! Gameplay wise, still quite the same old. You'll still die, yes. Story wise, mysterious as always, yet it is interesting, indeed. Graphics, it may not be impressive for the games you've been looking at, but it still looks better than Dark Souls, and still looks good in my opinion. Atmosphere is quite.... nice, I must say, quite fitting, too. For Dark Souls II, there's not much to say, it's quite the same yet it is not, if you like Dark Souls, you'll like the sequel, nothing more! If you consider yourself patience, observant and like punishing game, it's for you. One warning, sometimes the game can be dull and boring as there's nothing much going on most of the time beside you going around, killing and getting killed. This one gets a 75 from me, I enjoyed the game somewhat, but it is just not my type of game, I like hard games, but I also like them to be a bit more engaging instead of going around (almost) aimlessly, but that also has its charm, you won't know where to go at first, but... you just have to go there, if you don't know where to go, whichever way you take will get you there. That's why a 75! It has its charms! But remember, this is just a personal opinion! A personal review!


The Tops!

ChazCheeto | April 30, 2014 | See all ChazCheeto's reviews »

Dark Souls 2 is, in my opinion, the high point of the series. It's brutal, but fair. The bosses and foes are creative, indicating the minds at From Software have not begun running out of ideas. Best of all, it is an impressive PC port, compared to what we're getting from a lot of companies these days! This is worth any amount of money, whether you're buying it on sale or for the full price (less than console for the definitive version!)


Die, die and... die

johansdr | April 29, 2014 | See all johansdr's reviews »

Dark Souls 2 is a game where you can't win, you just have to suffer all the way because there is always a monster (or another online player) who wants to kill you. But, It is a good game (if you liked the first just like me) and graphics are better than Dark Souls 1, but still I don't see an awesome transformation between the two games. This game is harder than any game you have played before, but the story, the ambient and the deads (you're dead again) make it an nice game.


Dark Souls 2 Review

tonyz3t | April 29, 2014 | See all tonyz3t's reviews »

What can I say about dark souls 2? It is a great game that challenges gaming prowess and pushes you to the limits both mentally and physically. Dark Souls 2 has interesting level design, difficult challenges, and even more difficult bosses, but is this game superior to its predecessor? Dark Souls 2 is an action adventure, RPG game that tests your patience. There are a multitude of different classes in the game to start off with including a knight, swordsman, warrior, sorcerer, and some others which I cannot remember. If you are new to the series, I would suggest playing as a sorcerer as it gives you more freedom while fighting enemies and bosses and allows you to create distance between them to practice your dodging skills. The game is extremely difficult and unrelenting , but not impossible. With every agonizing death there is an even more satisfying victory lying ahead. The boss battles in the game test your might, but are defeatable if you memorize there attack combos. However, if you become greedy even in the slightest while fighting the bosses, you will be punished. Dark Souls is all about the difficulty, and it delivers effectively. Although Dark Souls 2 is a difficult game, it is not as hard as the first one. However if you do find the game a bit easy for your liking, you can always burn a bonfire ascetic at the bonfires to increase the difficulty of the immediate area. The Dark Souls series has always been about facing dangerous bosses and overcoming difficult obstacles, but this game isn't that difficult. Save for a few bosses, including the Smelter Demon, the bosses in the game were pretty forgetful and easy. I managed to clear a majority of the bosses on my first attempt. Most of my deaths in this game also came from me trying to make impossible jumps and falling, or accidentally rolling off the map while trying to dodge. However there is an area late in the game that is so painfully difficult, that it will potentially cause the arteries in your brain to burst. The story in this game is also forgetful. To be honest, I don't even know what the story in this game is, but I don't care because this game is really fun and all I came for is the challenge. In the end, the game is great and still difficult, especially if you're a beginner. There were a few changes that I liked in this game, for instance being able to teleport from bonfire to bonfire in the beginning, and some things that I hated, for instance only being able to level up by talking to the emerald herald. Other than that the game is excellent and delivers well. If you're new to the series or even veteran, I suggest you pick up this game.


Better for PC than the first Dark Souls

SigmaInigma | April 28, 2014 | See all SigmaInigma's reviews »

Dark Souls was a great game and Dark Souls 2 is as well. The first Dark Souls however was badly ported to PC and required mods to game the game look better. Dark Souls 2 is a much better PC port but the controls on keyboard and mouse still kind of suck. I would recommend playing with an Xbox 360 Controller. The fast travel through the Bonfires are convenient but it sort of ruins the connected world. Each zone feels like a level instead of one big connected world. With these small issues aside Dark Souls 2 is still a great game that will give you hours upon hours of challenging combat. It is very fun to level your skills up and multiplayer is great unlike the first Dark Souls. I would recommend buying this game.


First timer impression

thealbertjen | April 28, 2014 | See all thealbertjen's reviews »

Note: I have never really played a Souls game until now. I dabbled in about the first 10-20 minutes of Dark Souls, but got distracted by other games, so this is the first time I'm investing a lot of time and effort into this franchise. If you've never played a Souls game, then the first thing you should know is that this is a very different game than you are probably used to. If there's anything that I am going to complain about regarding this game, it's that there really isn't anything provided to help you understand crucial mechanics and the interface is pretty obtuse for new players (Google is your friend, but beware spoilers, etc). That being said, once you get the hang of things, like weapon swing arcs and attack ranges, the game starts to get really fun. You start to see a lot of the meticulous design that's gone into the game, with that comes a better understanding and assumption of the mechanics. This game really just is a Japanese take on the roguelike, and once you see that, the game gets a lot easier and a lot less frustrating.


The souls are back

TehChipdip | April 27, 2014 | See all TehChipdip's reviews »

The Souls series has been a staple of my gaming addiction. It started when I went to import Demon Souls, and the merchant told me to just hold off as he heard rumours of a import. Now we are here with this rabid western audience of fan-boys, and the director has taken note. With some iconic bosses, and NPCs returning to please the masses. Dark Souls 2 definitely has its audiences attention. The sequel has really only improved on the engine, and the animations. If you're not keen on re-used content, you might be a little put off by some enemies, and bosses, and move-sets. I am definitely impressed by the visuals, and the level of detail the PC version offers. And for such a perfect series, an improvement so small is a huge reward. There are a lot of quips with the game involving hit-targeting, where enemies will rotate while their moves are being animated in order to artificially increase the difficulty, the change of a torch dynamic from a E3 video, and a few other things the souls fans are so passionate about that could potentially make-or-break the game for you. I personally felt a little disheartened, but after trying a copy for a few hours I was immediately in love with the game again. The difficulty is still fair, and the game is still what we love. I definitely suggest buying it, while the game is still fresh, and I would have to suggest you expedite your purchase so you don't have to deal with online hackers in a few weeks/months.


A worthy sequel and a damn good PC port

WraithFluX | April 26, 2014 | See all WraithFluX's reviews »

Fear not PC brethrens, if the first Dark Souls scared you not because of the punishing difficulty but the very mediocre PC port, From Software has learned the lesson and provided us a port that we deserve! High texture quality, infinite resolution support, many tweakable graphic settings and 60 fps! Its all there! As for the game, its more dark souls. That's what we wished for, that's what we get. They improved the graphics a lot (the lightning is especially fantastic) and some greater balances in skill system and weapons, and now it has become a better game. The trademark difficulty is still there, along with the unique PvP duel elements of the first game, now more refined. Friendly to new players unlike the first game, its easy to pick up but difficult to master! Also the dreadful GFWL is gone, now replaced with dedicated servers and steamworks integration. So if you are a fan of dark souls, this is a must buy. If you haven't tried it before, this is one of the best RPGs out there that everyone should give a try! Buy it, well worth the money!


More of the Same

CoillyZ | April 26, 2014 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

I've been hyped for Dark Souls 2 for a while. And, while I've got to admit, it doesn't live up to the hype, it's still a good game. The biggest flaw with the game is it's lack of originality. It copies a lot of the things from the first game, even some of the bosses. This isn't always necessarily a bad thing. Dark Souls was an amazing game, and it carries over to the sequel. The copying from Dark Souls 1 isn't done on the scale of something like Call of Duty, but you can tell stuff was carried over.